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Police in search for Chairman Kakooza killers
The late Chairman James Kakooza.

Luke Owoyesigyire, deputy police spokesperson, said James Kakooza was killed as he approached Yusuf Lule along Centenary Park on Saturday morning.

Police at Jinja Road have announced they have started investigations into circumstances under which James Kakooza, an LC one chairman was murdered on Saturday while doing a morning jog.

In a statement, Luke Owoyesigyire the deputy police spokesperson said James Kakooza was killed on Saturday morning as he did his usual morning run while approaching Yusuf Lule along Centenary Park.

Owoyesigyire said allegations indicate that Kakooza was hit with a blunt object by two yet to be indentified individuals who were travelling on a boda boda.

“The incident happened today 16.07.2022 while he was on his usual morning run as he was approaching Yusuf Lule road along Centenary Park. It is alleged that two unidentified men moving on a motorcycle hit him with a blunt object on the head and later fled the scene. Police was informed about this act of murder and responded immediately,” Owoyesigyire said.

“With the help of CCTV cameras both private and public, we shall be able to trace the culprits and bring them to book. One person has been arrested to help police in the ongoing investigation,” he added.

He however, mentioned that the body of the deceased had at the time of reporting been conveyed to the city mortuary Mulago with more details on the matter set to be communicated in due course.

Who was James Kakooza?

Kakooza has over the years been instrumental in fighting criminal gangs in his area but it is still not stated any where that murder was related to the same.

According to an article by Whisper Eye, before he was elected Kamwokya II B councillor, Kakooza was L.C 1 chairman of Church Area Zone and later L.C II chairman of Kamwokya Parish.

According to residents of Kamwokya, Chairman Kakooza became a household name in Kamwokya when he took it upon himself to fight criminal gangs that had started killing residents of Kamwokya.

“Chairman Kakooza at one point knew all spoilt boys in Kamwokya and would speak to their parents or warn them to leave Kamwokya for their own good,” Whisper Eye quotes a one Mr Dennis Tumuhairwe a resident of Kamwokya.

“He would patrol the whole of Kamwokya at night hunting for thieves as we residents slept in our beds,” he added.