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Police step up the fight against drug trafficking

Uganda police says they are still incapacitated as far as counter drugs trafficking is concerned. Drug trafficking is one of the transnational crimes the world is battling with, and Africa is believed to be one of the transit routes due to existing check points weak rules and regulations and innocence.

“Many times drug laws are being seized. You are also aware the press; tourists have died in Ugandan hotels after consuming drugs. Marijuana is nearly native in the region Africa and elsewhere. And the biggest producer of marijuana in the world is actually in Africa and that’s Morocco,” Okello Francis Chief Officer in Charge of training CID stated.

Andrew Solowen, the Assistant General of Police, said that it’s tremendously becoming hard for them to detect drugs, because they don’t have the required technology and capacity to carry out the exercise.

“Equipment and tools for detection of drugs. These drugs are smuggled in different shapes, so it’s a challenge that we need machines that can detect in whatever shape they are in. inadequate training, I am happy we are embarking on this.”

Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson said that police are holding 78 suspects in custody, including illegal immigrants from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who were arrested for alleged terrorism. The police say, the group led by the one Simon Achille, their lead member who is now on run, is believed to have been a road side robber, land grabber who used killer threats in their raids.

“Now, we’ve noticed that we have people of Congolese origin, the Aluu, the Kebu and the Lendu who had consolidated false control over the entire neighbourhood.”

Relatedly, Enanga says among the detainees 11 of them will be charged with murder of police constable, Talemwa, 40 will be opened up to the public and 27 armed suspects with illegal Items including pangas, arrows and bows prosecuted.