President Yoweri Museveni promises to punish army who flogged journalists

While Speaking at celebrations to mark the International Youth Day in Kampiringisa, Mpigi, president Museveni said that once more resources are available then government shall have money to invest in income generating projects for the youth and creation of new districts.

“On the question of capital, I urge MPs and ministers to support me in emphasizing some expenditures, like creation of new districts, so that we make more money available for the youth to use as capital,” president Museveni said.

President Museveni attacks members of parliament over new districts
President Museveni says he needs support fro MPs and Ministers

President Museveni has previously justified the creation of new districts as a way of “liberating” some ethnic groups and bringing services closer to the people.” At the time he took power in 1986, Uganda had 33 districts, today; Uganda has more than 120 districts.

“We have a factory in Luzira which makes drugs but they are importing starch as an ingredient for tablets. With such capital, we could support those young people to make pharmaceutical grade starch for making medicine,” he said.

He said government will embark on a campaign to sensitize people about value-addition, which will make our goods competitive.

“Everything is now in place, we just need to focus. Again, I congratulate the youth celebrating this day and hope that when we meet next year, there will be no more importation of maize, sorghum, shoes, etc and we shall be exporting fish, flour and many others,” president Museveni said.

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By Paul Wetaase


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