Prince Nakibinge asks Gov't to tighten security following the increased murder cases
Prince Nakibinge asks Gov't to tighten security following the increased murder cases

The Titular leader of Muslims in Uganda, Dr Prince Kassim Nakibinge Kakungulu, has called for the tightening of the intelligence system to tackle the recent murders happening in different parts of this country.

Prince Nakibinge was speaking at the ceremony that marked 124 years of Nuuhu Mbogo’s return from Zanzibar, held at his house in Kibuli a Kampala suburb on Sunday the 30 2019.

“As Muslims, we call for an urgent and thorough investigation of the increasing murders so that the masterminds and perpetrators of violence can be brought to justice,” Nakibinge said.

He says guilty suspects after prosecuted should be remanded to serve their sentence.

“Police should not cover the faces of the suspects so that even others who have plans to become criminals can learn from them,” Nakibinge added.

Prince Nakibinge, however, asked Muslims to honour the legacy of late Mbogo, who promoted Islamic religion in the country.

“It’s now more than 10 years since we started celebrating the return of Mbogo from Zanzibar and this gives us the courage to lift the flag up and no one will fight Islam again.”

He also said that Mbogo made structures that have supported Islam after his return.

2018 police report as regards to homicide cases 4,497 cases were recorded while in 2017 there were 4,473 cases indicating an increase by 0.5%.

Reasons for the killings noted include; Land wrangles, dissatisfaction with delayed justice, business rivals and family misunderstandings.

Prince Nuuhu Mbogo was born in 1835 to Kabaka Suuna II who reigned between 1832-1856, brother to Kabaka Mutesa I. Mutesa I initiated modern civilisation in Buganda region.

Prince Mbogo was forced into exile in 1892 and returned to Uganda in 1895.