Minister David Bahati speaks out on UTL scandals
Minister David Bahati speaks out on UTL scandals

The State Minister for Finance in charge of Planning David Bahati has issued a statement defending State Minister for Investment Evelyn Anite, following Uganda Telecom scandal.

Bahati says government and the entire Finance Ministry is behind the sacking of the UTL Administrator Bemanya Twebaze.

David Bahati said that Minister Anite’s statement that instructed sacking of the UTL Administrator, represents Ministry of Finance.

“The ministry leadership is fully behind what she (Anite) has been doing and we shall continue to support her until the process of administration of this company, the confidence of this company is restored,” Minister Bahati said.

“As the government, we are going to sit because we are one government, and ensure that this confusion which has been created by the Administrator melts down,” minister David Bahati added.

Bahati says their instructions to the Attorney General still stands and the government will intervene in the matter.

“We have put our facts clearly to the Attorney General that it’s time to have another Administer. And as government, we will sit down and see how to move forward with this matter.”

This followed a standing warning stopping Minister Anite from interfering into UTL matters issued by the Deputy Attorney General on Friday 28 June 2019.

Uganda Law Society President, Peter Kinobe, however, disregarded the Finance Ministry’s claims stating that the grounds based on to sack UTL Administrator are weightless.

“We have seen all these letters flying around, and all of them are devoid, are devoid of reason as to why he (Administrator) should be removed. And that’s what we are saying give us the reason, take it to court,” Kinobe said.

Earlier statements regarding the matter issued by Uganda law society stated that shareholders have no say on the operations of UTL under Insolvency Act 2011.

Kinobe, however, warns that they will act accordingly if the ministry continues with the move to evict UTL Administrator Twebaze.

“We trust that we have lawyers in government that will record sense in the ministry of Finance. If you work outside the provisions of the law, we shall still come with the force of the law to bring you to order,” Kinobe said.

Bemaya Twebaze, Administrator UTL is required to make periodic reports about the Telecom Financial performance every six months to the High Court, not the Ministry, by law.