Museveni says Private cars will be allowed
Private cars to resume operation on May 26, says Museveni. PHOTO/TWITTER

Mr Museveni says Private cars will be allowed to move starting May 26 while restrictions on the public transport will be relaxed starting on June 4.

Private cars in Uganda will return on the 26th May 2020 and they should carry only 3 people including the driver, wearing of face masks in the private means of transport will be compulsory.

Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni returned on a Tuesday night following his earlier address on Monday to clarify on his issued guidelines that had caused a massive uproar and confusion in the general public.

While addressing the nation in his 15th presidential address at the statehouse in Nakasero he clarified on many issues which now gives a clear picture on the way forward.

“Don’t start moving tomorrow because we have to prepare,” the president cautioned the private car users.

On Tuesday morning many private car owners had hit the road claiming that the president had allowed them to move freely and this led to the impounding of the private vehicles and some being arrested by the security operatives.

Museveni says Private cars will be allowed
Private cars to resume operation on May 26, says Museveni. PHOTO/TWITTER

In his earlier Monday night speech, the president had only allowed government masks to be used by the public and the process of distribution was to take place in the two weeks but in yesterday’s speech, there was a shift when he allowed people to use their masks as long as there of quality.

“Those who can get and use their masks we don’t mind provided thereof a right type and quality,” the president said.

Public means of transport is set to resume on 4th June 2020 after the distribution of government face masks and will they allowed to carry half of their normal capacity as a measure to cut off the spread of COVID-19.

Public transport in the border districts of Uganda won’t be allowed for the next 21 days and the president said there 30 in number which includes the following; Amudat, Bududa, Kyotera, Rubirizi, Rukungiri, Zombo, Rakai, Kitgum, Isingiro and many more.

In the new measure hotels, merchandise shops and restaurants will resume on the 26th June 2020 and they should be able to maintain social distancing but food markets will continue to deal in only food for the next 21 days.

“Market women who stayed in markets, for now, two months can go back home.” the president said.

The president also opened candidate classes including p7,s.4 and s.6, undergraduate and postgraduate finalists plus finalists in tertiary institutions.

He also asked the ministry of education and sports to come up with a program to effect this before 4th June 2020.

Students at border districts will be allowed to walk to their schools but he said the government plans to come up with a special way on how to transport them.

Night clubs, gyms and bars to remain closed for the next 21 days since they cannot implement the social distancing rule.

“I showed you how to keep fit a home and that’s a gym that doesn’t close but night clubs are opposite of social distancing,” President Museveni said.