Prophet Elvis Mbonye biography
Who is Prophet Elvis Mbonye?

Who is Prophet Elvis Mbonye? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, house, wife, family, net worth, cars, education and relationship with Stella Nantumbwe.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye is a Ugandan flamboyant, soft-spoken and self-proclaimed modern-day prophet. He’s the founder of Zoe Fellowship Ministries (ZFM) which he leads today situated in Lugogo.

ZFM accommodates over 7,000 people and holds fellowships every Tuesday. Zoe is a Greek word for ‘Divine Life’ and this fellowship attracts people from all corners including pastors from various churches.  

Early Life and Education

Prophet Elvis Mbonye was born to the late Leo Ntiru and Teddy Ntiru of Bugolobi, a Kampala neighbourhood. He was born to a family of 7 children and his parents died in 1990 and 1996 respectively, leaving them orphaned.

Mbonye went to Mbuya nursery school and Kiswa primary school for his primary education. Later Mbonye went to Kigezi College Butobere for his O-level and Standard High School in Zana for his A-levels. 

He then proceeded to Makerere University Kampala where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Development Studies in 2004.

Mbonye Zoe Fellowship Ministries
He’s the lead prophet and founder of Zoe Fellowship Ministries.

The Church Ministry

Prophet Elvis Mbonye is the lead prophet and founder of Zoe Fellowship Ministries based in Uganda. He is a self-proclaimed prophet that claims that he has ever gone to heaven and interfaced with God, “I have seen God and I will be answerable to him. I do not know people’s faces; as a prophet, I decree the final thing,” he said.

Mbonye claims to have prophesized the 2004 Asian Tsunami but he only told his close friends. He’s an expensive prophet, one time he had a function where VIP tickets were sold at $300 whereas normal tickets sold at $100 and at one time he was criticized for a pledge cards his team released which had 200.000Shs as the lowest amount one would pledge. 

His Church is usually attended by most politicians in Uganda as well as very wealthy people.

In response, Mbonye said “I do not design my pledge cards. Most of the time I do not know what my staff is doing, i only know up to minister, but I’m in agreement with what they do. I do not answer to people who talk about me yet they know nothing about me.”

He also predicted the 2012 UPDF chopper crash and reached out to UPDF officials who ignored him. “From that time, government officials attend the fellowships and many approach me for guidance.

However, Mbonye sounds hesitant to talk about Uganda’s political future. “I would not to propagate anxiety, although what I can say is that what is coming is setting the stage for what no will of man can stop. Man an only fight so much. Let me stop there.”

Mbonye does not credit any Ugandan pastor or prophet with mentoring him. He says he was mentored through the books of Kenneth Hagin and he only respects Rick Joyner and the later Kim Clement. 

Today Mbonye is prominent and sells like a hot cake because of his political, spiritual, national and international prophecies. 

Although Mbonye responded to God’s prophetic call, he says there are challenges associated with the ministry for instance; he would prefer to be a free man, but he cannot sit in one place without being accosted by people either to pray, make prophecy or just meet and talk to him.

While ministering, Mbonye endeavours to check things to find out if they are in line with God’s message he receives.

mbonye kiss his feet
Mbonye’s followers usually bow down to kiss his feet as a sign of respect and praise to God.

Kissing Mbonye’s feet

Reports say Prophet Mbonye’s followers usually bow down to kiss his feet as a sign of respect and praise to God. Among these included his associate Joseph Kabuleta, the aspiring presidential candidate who kissed his feet. 

The prominent prophet lives an expensive life; he does not shy off from letting it be known that he leads such a showy lifestyle. According to him, that is how life in heaven is, owns a fleet of high-end cars that he changes whenever he wants to and wears expensive outfits.

In his church’s altar Mbonye seats on a chair that is made out of pure gold and wears a golden ring. He has bodyguards as well as chauffeurs that are always at his beck and call.

The Spiritual journey 

Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s journey began in 1998 during his first year at Makerere University. Mbonye had returned home only to find his sister had invited her friends to pray in their home in Kitintale. He says he could not stop mocking the group as they prayed in the living room.

“When it was time for them to leave, I also bowed down to pray. I remember asking the Lord to forgive me, and seconds later, I started speaking in (tongues) a language I didn’t know,’ he recalls. 

With his sister watching, Mbonye remembers what seemed like an electric shock shooting through him and the entire family was caught up in prayers that attracted neighbours one at a time. The next day, Mbonye had the power to prophesy, starting with his family members.

One Sunday, Mbonye thought of going to church. When he was about to board a taxi, he says the Lord told him to instead walk towards Crane High School in Kitintale were a service for Victory City, he stayed there for some time until the Lord directed him to start his ministry.

“The Lord started meeting me on a personal level. I used to go in isolated places to pray on the hills just to avoid interaction and understand more of the Lord,” he says.

The next day when he returned to school, the Makerere University student of Development Studies had supernatural knowledge about friends and family. 

However, it would be two years before God appeared to him again. “I attended Victory City Church, Kitintale where the pastor and elders noticed my gift and put me in leadership. After campus, I had a job offer but after fasting and praying for three days, the Lord showed me my destiny as a prophet.”

From then on, it was a lonely life of praying on hills and deserted houses and having a supernatural meal every day. His first international prophecy was the 2004 Tsunami. Many argue that in these times of economic strife, Mbonye’s prophecies are immaterial

However, he counters it saying, “If you are negative, forget about the good that comes from anything. Some of these prophesy are signs that it is the spirit talking. If you believe, you will benefit from the entire spiritual package the prophet brings. Once you believe, supernatural forces take charge of your life – what some people call luck or fortune. The Bible tells you to believe your God and you shall be established; believe His prophets and you shall prosper.”

In 2012, he secured a place in Kamwokya where he prayed and prophesized to people before starting the Tuesday fellowships, a day he says was suggested by God.

Mbonye’s Tuesday fellowship began in 2014 at Hotel Triangle in Kampala where he used to organize quarterly conferences. “But when we started the Tuesday fellowship, the place which started with about 150 people flooded so fast, we had to find another place,” he says.

ZFM moved to Open House near Watoto Church along Buganda road and later to Theatre La Bonita and Imperial Royale Hotel in the year 2015 as numbers increased consistently and in 2016 the fellowship shifted to Aya Hotel which was not enough again and currently the fellowship is held at Lugogo.

Mbonye as well writes spiritual books like “Tasting the Powers of the Age to come.”        

Mbonye’ prophesies that came true

Prophet Mbonye’s prophetic anointing has caught the attention of many people and whenever he is preaching, believers pull out their phones to record the sessions lest they miss his prophecies. 

However, it is not that at every fellowship he will prophesy.

“I remember the previous day I had been in bed praying, and later caught up in a trance. There were three things; the re-election of former US President George Bush, escalation of global terrorism and the third, was the Asian tsunami,” he recalls. “I told my then two friends about this (vision), but when the tsunami came to pass, I had forgotten about it.” 

Other prophesies that reportedly came to pass include the Mabira forest wrangles in 2007, the anti-gay bill, exposure of some Pentecostal pastors’ dealings, the 2010 Kampala terrorist attacks, crashing of three UPDF choppers in Kenya and the latest being the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union (Brexit).

Following these prophecies, Mbonye says churches and individual abroad have invited him to prophesy but has turned them down because “the Lord has not told me to do so.” He said he’s off international ministry, but he has huge work that’s dealing with Uganda’s pastors and other religious leaders who attack his ministry calling it satanic. 

Most of Mbonye’s prophecies are dire, but he is quick to say God never intends evil to happen, so he always prays against bad prophecies. “Some change and the effects are not so adverse. However, it is a mystery to me why even after praying against them, many of those prophesies actually happen.”

Prophet Mbonye says sometimes he misinterprets the messages. “Prophesies come on different levels and there are some which did not play out the way I said they would. The truth is that the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet. I may be in favor of an event happening, so I subject the spirit of prophesy to my desire.”

Nevertheless, Mbonye says the misinterpreted prophesies may give a bad image, but he doesn’t mind what people say “There is nothing that paints a bad picture of me because; I do not care about man’s opinion. I have seen God and I will be answerable to Him. I do not get into people’s faces; they come to me.”

mbonye teaching tuesday
ZFM accommodates over 7,000 people and holds fellowships every Tuesday.

Mbonye summoned by Police

In 2019, Prophet Elvis Mbonye was interrogated by the police for three hours on allegations of misinforming the public on mass immunization exercise of polio, measles as well as Rubella. He was summoned for sabotaging the national immunization drive and other offences as provided for in the Act.

Mbonye committed the offence on October 9 and October 10, 2019, following a post he had posted on his Facebook account, “The current vaccination really misinformed.” 

Section 23 of the Immunization Act, it is an offence for anyone to publish misleading information about vaccines. That is, “a person shall not make, cause to be made or publish any misleading statement or information regarding the use or effect of any vaccines.”

This led to Obwana sending him a letter, directing him to report to the Acting Commissioner of media crimes for an interview at CID Headquarters, Kibulli, Uganda.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye warns Museveni

In December 2018 while speaking to his followers at KCCA grounds, Prophet Elvis Mbonye of Zoe Ministries issued a warning to President Museveni in what he termed as a ‘last warning’. This followed Museveni’s remarks in which he said that churches are exploiting their believers and fraudulently taking their money.

Mbonye in this regard said that his followers are not exploited because they come by their will and many even endure the heavy rains to listen to his prophecies.

“My last message shall be a prophesy may not be predictable by now. Mr President, have you seen people that are being exploited gathered in rain by the thousands? How can people gather in rain by the thousands and you hear a lie that you are being exploited? What manner of rubbish is that/ he questioned.

Mbonye also commented on the reports that the government is going to enrol all religious leaders through theology courses before they are allowed on the pulpit.

“If the state has plan to subject every belief to the Anglican setting and the catholic setting, whether we will listen to you or to God, you be the judge if the state is going to determine who is going to heaven and who is going to hell,” he shouted, as his followers cheered on shouting ‘Papa akaaye’ (loosely translated to mean ‘our father is bitter’).

But social media users got confused wondering what exact warning or message Mbonye was trying to send to Museveni because his statements didn’t make much sense to them.


Ever since Prophet Elvis Mbonye rose to fame, he has been in the centre of controversies. His revelations and utterances draw public attention and criticism. 

Mbonye in early 2020 became the subject of online debate after he claimed that God had told him about the Covid-19 crisis months earlier, but he had chosen not to tell his followers nor warn the world about the pandemic before it started ravaging many countries on earth.

“When I got this prophesy about this Covid-19 pandemic that we are facing, I thought to myself ‘won’t followers think that it’s a virus just like many others in China,” the Zoe Ministries lead pastor said in a video that went viral.

In an interview with the NBS journalist, Solomon Sserwanja, Mbonye again made yet another strange claim. He said he had fought with Lucifer (the devil) and that he (Satan) was afraid of him after he floored him in a fight.

Also, Mbonye once revealed that Hell is stuffy, poor, sickly and degrading. He says he has been to Heaven and its glamorous place bearing golden streets adding that all attributes of God are glamour and beauty.  

Prophet Elvis Mbonye current net worth
Mbonye current net worth is still under review, at one time he was quoted saying he doesn’tknow his worth.


Prophet Elvis Mbonye is married to Harriet Mbonye, who is a businesswoman. Mbonye’s wife has surprisingly never attended any of his sermons and fellowships. When asked, he says that his wife follows his fellowships on TV at home.

“But she (Harriet) follows the fellowships on TV at home. She may want to be public but I think this is not the right time. The Lord has not shown me that,” he says, bursting into laughter.

Mbonye was rumoured to be Stella Nantumbwe Ella’s secret lover. Nantumbwe is a former Miss Uganda. According to reports it’s claimed that Mbonye was the main sponsor of Nantumbwe’s glamorous birthday party and the Lexus that was worth Ush200 million. 

The two are said to have met during a charity with her foundation christened ‘Spruced Foundation’ in Kisoro, which is Prophet Mbonye’s district.

Mbonye has spiritual children whom he considers to be his real children and one of them is Simon Ssenyonga, a city lawyer and right-hand man of Prophet Elvis Mbonye. He is similarly known for leading the showy lifestyle that his father does. He is widely known for showing affection and love to his lover, Sharon Kyomugisha, who is a news anchor at UBC TV.

Although he is viewed as ‘extraordinary’, Mbonye has a life outside Zoe fellowship and he says there’s nothing extraordinary about him.

On a lazy day, you will find Mbonye at Good African Coffee in Lugogo but in the company of bodyguards, whom he says are for precautionary measures.

Going by his popularity, he can no longer move unguarded, without an overzealous believer trying to corner him for on-spot ministry! Mbonye plans to construct a permanent home for his ministry – not a church, he emphasizes for more in-depth Tuesday fellowships.

“God is not (distant) like He has been presented. He is closer to anyone no matter what someone has or has not done; his mercies are always new every morning. Your life can just turn around and there is no one destined for a dark future,” Mbonye’s encouraging message.

Likes and Preferences

Elvis Mbonye is a staunch Arsenal fan. During his free time, he enjoys watching movies, especially detective movies, comedy and thrillers.

Mbonye loves living an expensive lifestyle. He has a fleet of expensive cars ranging from Range Rovers to Mercedes Benz. He owns a Range Rover Vogue 2017 model. Towards the end of 2019, he purchased a brand-new Mercedes-Maybach Benz. Rumours have it that his Maybach S-650 was worth $200,000 and an expensive home.

Elvis Mbonye net worth

It is no secret that he leads a very showy lifestyle. The fleet of expensive cars he owns plus a very affluent home speaks much about his pocket. 

He also has lots of followers in his church. Prophet Elvis Mbonye current net worth is still under review though unconfirmed sources report (estimated at $115 million).