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Who is Rabadaba?

Who is Rabadaba? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, Age, music, wife, family, songs, film, early life and education of Faisal Seguya.

Rabadaba (born Faisal Seguya) is a Ugandan musician and actor who played in Beneath The Lies as Suna/Simon Kintu. 

He became popular to Uganda’s music industry in 2009 after the release of Bwekiri song. 

Rabadaba also produced other songs like Oli Mubi, Mukyamu and this prompted him to make music collaboration with the Good Lyfe crew in Ability or Opportunity where he sang the first part. 

He was among the most sought artists in Uganda; he had won the Ragga Artist of the year Annual PAM Awards.

Early life and Education

Faisal Seguya commonly known as Rabadaba was born on 5 February 1987. He had his general education and also went to Makerere University (according to Wikipedia).

Music career

Rabadaba’s music journey started back in 2006 when he was under the local music crew spontaneous which included other artists like Gatimo, Grace Nakimera and Paragon. 

The group anonymously separated and each member started up solo projects in 2008. Rabadaba however, began his solo music career in 2009 where he released his hit song dubbed Bwekiri and it was a breakthrough to the music industry of Uganda.

His versatility in music helps him to mix music lyrics in hip hop style in which he also adds Ragga and Luga flow styles and from a local music style Luga-Ragga. He had a collaboration with don mc in a song called Love portion.

Faisal Seguya aka Rabadaba was in 2010 among the artists who were competing for the Buzz Teenz Awards with Navio, Bebe Cool, and rapper GNL Zamba for the artist of the year. His breakthrough banger Bwekiri Vumilla and Mr Dj competed for the song of the year category.

However, Rabadaba in the 2011 BTA Buzz Teenz awards nominations did not appear on the list as he was topped by other musicians like Keko and Sizzaman Dictionary.

rabadaba family wife house songs
Rabadaba’s music journey started back in 2006 when he was under the local music crew spontaneous.



  • 2017 UE Awards – Collaboration of the year (Body ft Jody)

Rabadaba’s songs

  • 2017 Katononyo
  • 2017 Nzuuno
  • 2016 Happy Day
  • 2016 Body
  • 2015 Somako
  • 2015 Turn me on
  • 2015 Come over
  • Mukyamu 
  • Musanvu kitundu
  • Olimubi
  • Love portion
  • Mr Dj
  • Silubala
  • Searching
  • We done
  • Ye gwe
  • Nsuula Olunyiriri
  • Dem can’t stop we
  • Mbalagala
  • Angelina
  • Byanema 
  • Pretty girls
  • Numba
  • Me love you
  • Angaliya
  • Ondeeze
  • Byange
  • Nkawegobako
  • Balu
  • Shoot em all

Rabadaba’s Collaborations 

  • 2009 Ability – Radio and Weasel (GoodLyfe Crew)
  • 2010 Side Dish – Cindy
  • 2010 Gwoyagala – Jackie Chandiru
  • 2011 Intego – Urban Boyz
  • 2011 Uganda Nka – Batabazi, Navio and Ragga Dee
  • 2011 Campus girl – Mun G
  • 2013 Love Portion – Don Mc
  • 2014 You Know – Lydia Jazmine

Film career

Rabadaba joined the film industry when he was involved in the star-studded cast of Beneath The Lies in 2014.

2014 Beneath the lies – acted as Simon/ Suna Kintu.

Condom O Ambassador 

Rabadaba landed the deal with new O condoms and he was appointed the ambassador of the campaign where he worked with the Maisha Dance group for all O condom events. 

Rabadaba was again sighted by Orange telecom for their Gyekiri campaign.

Condom O Ambassador
He landed the deal with new O condoms and he was appointed the ambassador of the campaign.


Faisal Seguya aka Rabadaba with his spouse/wife Sheila Ferguson have two children mentioning Faheem Kyle Seguya who live in London.


#Thaddeus Saga

In 2011 there was distrust between Rabadaba and a member of the Good Lyfe Crew called Thaddeus. Thaddeus was a silent backup artiste or member of the Good Lyfe Crew. 

The mistrust resulted in a fight, however, in the due time; Rabadaba stabbed Thaddeus with a Benet in the stomach.

Due to this antagonistic action, Rabadaba was arrested and jailed the whole weekend. 

Though he was released on a police bond, the singer was supposed to appear at Makindye magistrate court on Monday morning to answer cases of attempted murder and aggravated assault and if found guilty, he was to spend not less than 10 years in prison.

Uganda police visited the scene of the crime at De Posh Bar in Kabalagala in search for exhibits though the pinned victim of Goodlyfe was admitted in theatre four times in a row in less than 24 hours unluckily he died.

#Rabadaba becomes a father

Rabadaba, a Ugandan Luga Ragga star became a father when his UK-based girlfriend (former) Sheila Ferguson gave birth to their son. It was shortly before Musanvu Kitundu album.  

The Mukyamu singer would travel to the UK after the concert to see his only child.

Nonetheless, it’s alleged that even after his concert Rabadaba has not flown to the UK to see his child. The reason established was not lacked the money to pay the air ticket or failure to get a UK VISA or anything else but the former girlfriend didn’t want to see his man after they fell out over infidelity allegations. 

The mother to Sheila who also stays in the UK warned Rabadaba never to face her daughter.

#Sheila Ferguson dumps Rabadaba

In 2014, social media was awash with news of the collapse of the exquisite couple of Uganda Luga Ragga artist Rabadaba with spouse Sheila Ferguson who has two kids at the time.  

The couple has been having marital issues with Sheila accusing Rabadaba of repeatedly cheating on her.

That was the core reason why she dumped him the first time and even banned him from seeing their child when she relocated to the UK where she stays with her mother. 

The two, however, renewed their love story and painted Kampala city with idealistic moments.

Immediately Sheila boarded plain to the UK, her fiancé (Rabadaba) resumed from where he stopped with his cheating saga. Sheila Ferguson is now tired of his mean actions and so has thrown in the towel for good.

 It’s said that Sheila has severely excused Rabadaba to reform but instead he cheated more with various city babes.

Sheila took it to her social media platforms and posted, “No one ever gets tired of loving but everyone gets tired of waiting, assuming, lies, saying sorry and hurting. But people r funny… so now u have screenshot my relationship status and sent to my ex hubby and then what?? Btw before ur stupidity overcomes u remember he moved on first so abeeeg make I tell u… omaaala budde… I know who u r and please keep it up… if u care abt ur friend stop sendin him plainful screenshots!!! Kulaaaa bambi kulaaaa… meanwhile ama stil do me.”