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Who is Rebecca Jingo?

Who is Rebecca Jingo? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, husband, age, relationship with Joel Isabirye and Roy Kapale, family, songs, early life and education.

Rebecca Jingo is a female radio presenter on Kampala’s Beat FM where she hosts a mid-morning show that airs from 10 am to 4 pm. 

Rebecca started as a musician in the early 2000s before joining the media industry and she is the voice behind songs like; pilot, mwebaza, kambe nono, sigwe anondera and many more hits. 

Rebecca has over 40 hit songs and she started as a backup artist in the Kato Lubwama band called diamond productions. She was once married to her former boss Joel Isabirye but they later separated after Joel claiming that Rebecca had stolen his 200k. 

She is a sister to Paul Jingo who is commonly known as Barnabas.

Early life and education

Rebecca Jingo alias Becky comes from the family of the late salongo Samson Jingo and the late Zawedde Jingo in Kasanga. 

Jingo attended Buddo preparatory school, she then joined Nakivubo Blue primary, Kasanga primary school where she finished her primary seven from. 

After her primary, she joined Nakasero senior school and later Mengo secondary school for her A level. 

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Rebecca comes from a family of entertainers and she recalls her father singing in the choir. He also sang for the three days before he died according to Jingo. Rebecca is also a sister to Paul Jingo commonly known as Barnabas.

Music career

Rebecca Jingo joined the music industry in her senior six vacations and with the help of her brother Paul Jingo who was playing the guitar at the National Theatre in the times of the famous Jam session. During one of her performance, Kato Lubwama noticed her talent and he started nurturing her. 

From here she became a backup singer and dancer for Sylver Kyagulanyi, Betty Mpolongoma, Phoebe Nassolo, Kabuye Ssembogga, Gertrude Nalule, the late Martin Angume and the late immaculate Nabiryo among others. 

Upon that background, she was taken to a studio in 2001 where she recorded and released her first song Omutunzi. 

She was earning around 15k but after releasing her first album she started getting 25k per month. She has gone ahead to release more songs.

rebecca jingo married joel isabirye
She was once married to her former boss Joel Isabirye but after spending a few months in the marriage the two got a misunderstanding and Joel opened up a police case against Rebecca saying that she had stolen her 200k shillings.

Radio career

Rebecca Jingo had gone to beat FM to promote her latest song known as sweet baibe and during the interview, the manager of the station liked the voice and character to fit a certain show and that’s how she ended up becoming a radio presenter. 

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When asked about the challenges she faced when she had joined the media she says most of the individuals she meant were hypocrites but with the help of Mukunja, she managed to overcome. 

Another challenge she says is the people they present for who always compare you to a certain presenter you have replaced. They belittle you and compare your presenting skills to anyone. 

Currently, she hosts a mid-morning show on Beat FM that airs from 10 am to 4 pm.


Rebecca Jingo was once in a relationship with her former boss Joel Isabirye but before that, in her early days, she was in a relationship with Roy Kapale who was a singing partner in the Kato Lubwama band Diamond productions

She has a child with Alyosious Matovu junior but they divorced. 


  • Simuta, 2015
  • Sweet baibe, 2015
  • Obwetowaze
  • Nonya musajja
  • Nyongera omukwano
  • Toyoonoona makago
  • Nafuna ekipya
  • Tonangira
  • Pilot
  • Naabanga nawe
  • Mwebaza
  • Kambe noono
  • Mutujooze ekimala
  • Ssigwe annondera
  • Ndi mupya
  • Aya baasi
  • Omutunzi
  • Kwisha


  • Talk show program of the year, RTV awards, 2015


Rebecca Jingo was once married to her former boss Joel Isabirye but after spending a few months in the marriage the two got a misunderstanding and Joel opened up a police case against Rebecca saying that she had stolen her 200k shillings. 

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Joel also went ahead and attacked Rebecca saying she refused to travel with him to the states after he had got an opportunity to become a university professor. 

Joel says Rebecca refused to travel because she could not speak English and she was worried about how she was going to survive in the states. 

In the times, diamond productions Jingo was accused of being in a relationship with his friend Roy Kapale before he travelled to the states but Rebecca still denies that she has never been in a relationship with Roy Kapale.