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Who is Sylver Kyagulanyi?

Who is Sylver Kyagulanyi? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, Age, music career, wife, family, early life and education plus songs written.

Sylver Kyagulanyi is a Ugandan musician, songwriter, music producer and a lawyer by profession. He is the founder and CEO of Sikia media services which also had a boy group called Big TYMS and had members like Larry Charry, Ray Signature and many more. 

Kyagulanyi‘s first album was called Ekyasa kya bakyala which was released in the early 2000s and it was the most successful album that year. He is among the best successful songwriters if not the best and he has inspired a generation to start singing and writing music. 

He has won five awards including three PAM awards and two VIGA awards. His most successful song is called Omuzadde which is off his second album in 2002. 

Kyagulanyi is the man with versatile vocals and they change in tone, aggression, warmth and intensity depending on the message.

Early life and education 

Sylver Kyagulanyi was born in September 1979 in Kireka Uganda. He attended Nswanjere junior for his primary education. He then joined Kisubi Seminary for his secondary O level education and St Charles Lwanga secondary school for his A level education. 

According to Kyagulanyi, his father wanted him to be a priest and that’s why he took him in catholic schools. After his secondary education, Sylver was admitted at Makerere University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. 

But changed and did Music, Dance and Drama but specializing in music. He later returned to Makerere and pursued another law degree and majored in intellectual property which deals in fighting for the works of the artists including musicians, composers, music writers, authors, actors, and more.

Music career 

Sylver Kyagulanyi started singing in the 1990s under the soprano in the Christ the King church and according to him, he derives his inspiration from musicians like Elly Wamala and Jimmy Katatumba

In 1995 his song won the Youth Alive National Music Festival and he was in his senior three. Sylver continued to develop his talent and in his senior six vacations, he started singing professionally by releasing his first album called Ekyasa kya bakyala which was produced by Dr Tee of Kasiwukira studios. 

Ekyasa kya bakyala was a song fighting for women emancipation.

Kyagulanyi returned with another successful album in 2002 called Omuzadde and this time around he was under Diamond production of Kato Lubwama.  

Sylver also ventured into music writing and his outstanding hit song was Nabikowa of Juliana Kanyomozi which was released in 2005 and he later teamed up with Iryn Namubiru and wrote for her a love ballad called Nkuweki which was released in 2006 and this was Nmubiru’s breakthrough hit and this song earned her a female artist of the year in the PAM awards of 2006. 

kyagulanyi author with books
His first album was called Ekyasa kya bakyala which was released in the early 2000s.

In 2008 Sylver Kyagulanyi released another successful gospel song called Olunaku luno which topped the charts and it’s taken to be among the best gospel songs of all time. He was nominated in PAM awards for the same song and earned him various awards and recognition. 

The following year he released another title track called Guma which was telling married women to stay and stick to their marriages. This also topped most of the music charts and it was among the most selling singles in 2009.

Kyagulanyi’s Christian grounding is evident from some of his songs, such as Katonda Gwensiza and Tondeka mukama, that strikes a spiritual chord in the heart of his fans.

Sylver Kyagulanyi has been nominated in many music awards including PAM awards, Hipipo awards and VIGA awards. He has written music for a lot of artists and below is the list and songs written by Sylver Kyagulanyi.

Songs Written

Juliana Kanyomozi 

  • Nabikoowa
  • Kanyimbe
  • Kibaluuma
  • Nkyanonya
  • Essanyu lyange
  • Tobanakutya
  • Omutima oguluma

Iryn Namubiru 

  • Nkuweki
  • Nsonyiwa
  • Nkwagala nyoo
  • Omukwano gwaffe
  • Essimu ye kiro
  • Y’ani 

Blue 3

  • Nsanyuka nawe
  • Mutima gwange
  • Ndibeera nawe
  • Nzijukira
  • Akayimba

Desire Luzinda

  • Baswaze


  • Jangu
  • Weekume
  • Jukira
  • Mariam Ndagire 
  • Kiki onvuma

Sofia Nantongo

  • Wansumulula album
  • Ekisanja album
  • Amagwa album 
  • Nakulinda album 

Julie Muteesarira

  • Gwenjagala
  • Saraah zawedde
  • Kambere nawe
  • Ebizibu byo omukazi

Bebe cool

  • Tofayo


  • Co-writer befula
  • Co-writer Basima ogenze

Ronald Mayinja

  • Co- writer tulibunkeke

Lady Mariam

  • Sirikusula

Sylivia Namugenyi

  • Mukazi mufumbo

Catherine Kusasira

  • Wafuuka bikadde


  • A little bit of love 

Apart from music Sylver Kyagulanyi is also an author with books such as The First American president and if love is good then why does it hurt.

In 2011 he opened up a studio called Sikia records and signed three singing boys which included Larry, Ray signature. He brought them under a group called Big tyms and released songs such as winner. 

The group didn’t last for long since its founder was busy and the boys decided to start solo careers.

sylver kyagulanyi song Olunaku luno
Kyagulanyi released another successful gospel song called Olunaku luno which topped the charts.


  • Ekyasa kya bakyala
  • Omuzadde katonda
  • Abaana bo
  • Congratulations
  • Tebalemwa maka
  • Olunaku luno
  • Nkuuma


  • PAM awards, best songwriter, 2006, 2010, an album of the year, 2007.
  • VIGA awards, the song of the year 

Sylver Kyagulanyi Songs 

  • Olunaku luno, 2007
  • Webale
  • Guma
  • Tebalemwa maka
  • Tondeka
  • Tongoba
  • Abafumbo 
  • Nzikiriza
  • Kankusize
  • Nkuzudde
  • Omuzadde
  • Topapa
  • Nesiga mukama 
  • Nafuna
  • Tonefulira
  • Teri yali akisuubira
  • Ekisa ekinondola
  • Olwaleero
  • Ekisa ekinondodola
  • Mba muzibe
  • Onyambanga mukama 
  • Namulondo
  • Congratulations 
  • Tambula
  • Obisinga
  • Muzudde 
  • Anakusigula
  • Gwe wange
  • Onzijukiranga
  • Ebyokulwanisa
  • Mwagala naye
  • Olunaku olulunji
  • Bogere
  • Nandibadewa
  • Wamalayo
  • Katonda gwesinza
  • Nkuuma
  • Abagalana
  • Mwesige
  • Yimusa omukono gwo
  • Olunaku lwe mbaga
  • Bituteganya
kyagulanyi married a one Jalia Namazzi
He had married a one Jalia Namazzi in 2007 but their marriage hit the rock.


Sylver Kyagulanyi is a father of two children namely Harvey Zion and Harold Ethanel Kyagulanyi. 

He had married a one Jalia Namazzi in 2007 but their marriage hit the rock. Jalia accused Sylver Kyagulanyi of infidelity. Namazzi currently lives in the UK but Kyagulanyi still lives in Uganda.

They had celebrated a decade in their marriage in 2017 but Jalia has come out to refute the reports saying that she can never leave Sylver for any woman and that although she is in the UK there both happily married and their marriage is moving on smoothly.


Sylver Kyagulanyi leaves a private life and it’s very had to dig up any controversy from his life apart from his marriage scandal with his wife Jalia Namazzi.