who is vinka
Who is Vinka?

Who is VinkaFlash Uganda Media looks at her biography, songs, music, education and background of Veronica Nakiyingi Lugya.

Vinka is a Ugandan female recording pop dancehall artist who broke through the music industry in 2016 and is signed under Swangz Avenue. 

Firstly Vinka was a dance major and she featured in various music videos of Ugandan artists especially those affiliated to Swangz Avenue. She worked closely with artists such as Irene Ntale, Zulanda, the late Sera and many more artists. 

Vinka was later promoted from a dancing video vixen and became a manager of Irene Ntale which job she did for a while until Irene left Swangz and they officially signed her as an artist.

Early life and education 

Vinka birth name Veronica Nakiyingi Lugya was born on 27th June 1994 in the family of Mr and Mrs Lugya. She grew up in Kazo and Bweyogerere and in primary five she started staying with her mum. Vinka has two siblings from her mum and dad but with half-siblings like eight. 

She started her education journey from Hormisdallen primary school Mawanda and after her primary school, she joined Rubaga girls’ school for her secondary education from senior one to senior six.

Vinka is a catholic by religion and she spent her entire education journey in boarding schools which taught her to deal with situations in life as a kid and teenager. 

She picks her stage name from her real name Veronica and according to her and her management, they chose to use k instead of c. Vinka later enrolled to Makerere university for a bachelor in Tourism Administration.

vinka music industry
She joined the music industry in her senior six vacations.

Music career 

At the start of her musical journey, Vinka says she faced challenges most upcoming artists face and she recalls going to stage and people could shout vaayyo literally meaning go off the stage. But after making it to the top of the chart the public started appreciating her music.

Vinka joined the music industry in her senior six vacations and she started as a dancer for artists like Maurice Kirya, Cindy and Jackie Chandiru and she did this for two years. She worked as an intern at Uganda premier entertainment company, Swangz Avenue and by this time she was a still at the university. 

Vinka rose through the ranks while at Swangz Avenue and was tasked to work as an artist’s manager to artists signed under the record of the label. At the time she managed Irene Ntale, Zulanda, Black skin, Winnie Nwagi and many more. She worked in this position as manager from 2013 to 2016. 

She was also a dancer who worked with several artists like Sera, Jackie and Maurice Kirya. One of the challenges she faced while still an artist’s manager was lack of the respect from artists she was managing and because she was small and tiny at times she could raise her voice to be heard.

After falling out with Irene Ntale, the record label started to prepare for life without Irene and because of this reason the record label asked Veronica to convert into a musician which she did after considerations. 

The label was interested in a female dancehall artist so they have decided to give the first opportunity to her since she was doing jingles and voice over’s at the record label. In late 2016 she signed with the record label and in 2017 February she debuted with a single title called Level followed by a collaboration with Irene Ntale called Stylo. 

In 2017 she released another title track called Malaika which was produced by Nessim pan production this was officially her breakthrough hit and was followed by Love doctor which was a bigger hit.

In 2018 April Vinka released another hit single called Chips and Ketchup which was produced by Nessim pan production and this took her places and this made it to the top Nigeria music charts. 

Other big hits include overdose featuring voltage music which was also a big hit song in Kenya and Tubikole Fik Fameica. Vinka became a youth favourite and recently won the award for the Breakthrough artist at the Buzz Teens awards 2018.  

2019 was the best year for her because she signed with a South African based record label called Sony music and this opened up collaboration with an international artist called Bebe. 

vinka at Sony music
2019 was the best year for her because she signed with a South African based record label Sony music.

In 2019 Vinka became the brand ambassadorship of the UBL Red card drinking campaign.


  • Stylo ft Irene Ntale 
  • Level 
  • Chips and ketchup 
  • Malaika 
  • Overdose ft voltage music 
  • Love panic
  • Mapozi
  • By the way
  • Omukwano gwo
  • Bigambo
  • My baibe
  • Sure
  • Nja kusitula
  • Oluyyimba lwo mwaka
  • Only love you 
  • Nkubika
  • Your body 
  • Sweet love
  • Goodie goodie
  • Yo body
  • Tubikole ft Fik Famaica 
  • Koona
  • Amaaso


  • Zzina awards, best female artist, 2018
  • Buzz Teeniez awards, breakthrough artist of the year, 2018
  • Nomination 
  • African music magazine awards, best female artist east Africa, 2019
  • Hipipo awards, artist of the year, best female artist of the year, video of the year and, 2019

Best dish

  • Rice and beans


Vinka says she is not dating anybody and she is currently dating her music.

vinka on stage2
She recalls going to stage and people could shout vaayyo.

Controversy – Relationship with Irene Ntale 

Vinka had started as the manager of Irene Ntale and she decided to pursue a music career as after Ntale quit the music label. They acted like best friends all years they were together but the two broke up and controversial stories and allegations went viral on social media. 

The two attacked each other and accused themselves of different kinds of allegations. Vinka accused Ntale of snatching married men and she says this came to her notice when she was a still the manager of Ntale and up to now the other two don’t see eye to eye. 

Vinka says Irene developed an attitude after she joined the music industry and at one moment she left her at a video shoot and she didn’t push the video and song on its release which hurt her so much. 

After the release of their hit single overdose featuring Kent and Flosso, it was rumoured that Vinka was dating the same duo but Vinka refuted the claims saying these were just friends and she was neither dating Kent nor Flosso.