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Who is Jackie Chandiru?

Who is Jackie Chandiru? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, husband, songs, Education and early life, and music career.

Jackie Chandiru is a Ugandan female recording and performing artist who is always described as the Queen of the Nile. She does various music genres including pop, RnB, dancehall and afrobeat. 

Jackie was the lead member of a famous girl group called Blue 3 with members such as Lillian, Cindy later Myra who replaced Cindy when she left. In 2014 Chandiru was one of the artists that featured in the second season of Coke studio. 

Jackie has had a successful musical journey with hits such as Gold digger, wokute, Agasi and many more hits. Of late her career is in a music limbo after drugs ruined her life and she had a lapse after returning from rehab.

Education and early life

Jackie Chandiru was born on 13th September 1984 at Nsambya Hospital to Felix Eyaa who is the father and Josephine Ayaa who is the mother. Jackie’s father traces his ancestry to Kijomoro Village, Maracha District. 

Her mother is a Muganda from Buganda.

Chandiru attended Nakasero primary school for her elementary schooling after her primary Jackie joined Nabinsunsa Girls secondary school for her O level and she joined Vienna College International for her advanced level which is located in Kira Municipality in Wakiso District. 

She joined Makerere University where she studied Industrial Fine Art and she graduated with a Bachelors degree of Arts in Industrial Fine Art. Chandiru says at all these stages in her education journey she was singing and she could win most of the competitions.

Jackie Chandiru was battling songs
She has had a successful musical journey with hits such as Gold digger, wokute, Agasi. Photo/Chano

Music career 

Jackie Chandiru started her professional music journey in 2002 at the age of 18 and she did this by participating in the Coca- Cola pop star competition where she came out as a winner. 

After winning this competition she was joined with other two girls known as Cindy and Lilian and this led to the formation of a girl group called Blue 3 which was managed by Steve Jean.

While at this group Jackie found a musical success including winning the Best Artist /Group from Uganda and Best Music Video from Uganda in the 2005 Kisima awards, Video of the year Hitaji in the 2005 Pearl of Africa music awards. In 2007 she won video of the year in the Pearl of Africa Music Awards and the song was Burn ft Navio. 

Blue 3 was nominated in the 2004 KORA awards as the Best East African group. This same group was nominated in the Tanzania Music awards in the category of Best African Album in 2005 {Hitaji].

There video Frisky was nominated in for the Best East African video. Later in 2009 Blue 3 was nominated for the Best Performer and Best Group in the MTV Africa Music Awards and for Best East African Song Where you are.

In 2008 one of the strong pillar of Blue 3 Cindy left after working closely for five years. She launched a solo career. The remaining two members Jackie and Lilian recruited a new member called Mya Baganda who critics described as a dance major and her vocal power was not present and she couldn’t sing.

In 2010 Jackie Chandiru embarked on a solo career and in mid-2010 she released her first single track called Agassi in both her native language Lugbara and English.  

This song earned her recognition in the DIVA awards as the Best RnB single. In 2011 this song was nominated in the category of the Best video in the Pearl of Africa Music awards in 2011.

Jackie Chandiru went ahead and released other singles such as Gold digger, overdose, Gwoyagala, For all the time, Don’t call his phone, Bakusigula. She has also collaborated with Sami from Eritrea, Jose Chameleon and Navio. In 2010 she released her first album To live or die and it had songs in Lugbara and English.

Jackie performed at the Pearl Rhythm Festival at the Uganda National Theatre alongside musicians such as The Magic, UnderCover brothers, Cesar Kajura, Arpeggio, Charles Obina and Matata Kabwondera junior Raymond Parwot and Watmon Troupe. Her performance was however not welcomed because she is more of a recording artist, not a live performer.

After five years of music break because Jackie Chandiru was battling a drug addiction problem. But in 2019 with the help of her friend Bryan Morel Muhumuza and she released songs such as Mi Ora Ku and Whine it featuring Jose chameleon but she later suffered a lapse and she was taken back to rehab.

chandiru biography
She launched a solo career in 2008 after leaving Blue 3.


  • To live and to die, 2010


  • Pearl of Africa Music Awards, Video of the year, 2011
  • Diva Awards, Best RnB single¬†


  • Buzz Teeniez awards, Best female artist, 2013
  • Affrima Awards, Best East African artist, 2014
  • Buzz Teeniez awards, Best female artist, 2012

Jackie Chandiru Songs

  • Agassi, 2010
  • Gold digger, 2011
  • Wotuuse, 2016
  • Gwoyagala, 2015
  • Mi ora Ku, 2020
  • The one, 2020
  • Shamim
  • Come on baby
  • Champion¬†
  • Overdose
  • Paloke
  • Ikumabo
  • Ayi
  • Toil superman
  • Ngenze noono
  • Bakusigula nyoo
  • Afii
  • Obulungi buli mumutima
  • Wind it up
  • Nawe
  • Stand together¬†
  • Weta
  • Jangu eno
  • Baazi nyoo
  • Salawo
  • The one ft Arrow Bwoy
  • Going on ft Jose chameleon¬†
  • For all time ft Sammi
jackie chandiru on drug rehab
Chandiru outstanding controversy has been that of drug abuse.


In 2013, Jackie Chandiru was in a relationship with Caleb Alaka, a city lawyer and she was severally attacked by Linda Namuli who was Caleb’s wife with three children. 

The couple’s relationship didn’t last for long because of unclear reasons and after their separation, Jackie replaced Alaka with a white man who was called Nol Van Vliet and news started making rounds that they had got engaged.  

When Jackie‚Äės drug situation got worse they both separated.


Jackie Chandiru outstanding controversy has been that of drug abuse. Jackie disappeared from the music scene because she had started abusing a drug which was prescribed by her doctor to act as a painkiller. 

In the long run, she became addicted to the drug and the drug caused side effects on her body. Jackie‚Äės body had started rotting because it could not withstand the various injections she was applying to it and she was admitted to Mulago Hospital.¬†

Then to a rehab where she spent most of the time and early last year, she resurfaced last year but she didn’t last for long and she had a lapse which affected her and she was taken back to the rehab. 

Currently, news has it that she flew to the United states where her family is.