Rema Namakula Chris Evans apologize
I cannot apologize to Chris Evans, says Rema Namakula. File Photo

Rema Namakula – I have no reason to apologize to Chris Evans because I didn’t do anything

Singer Rema Namakula has insisted that there is no reason as to why she should apologize to fellow musician Chris Evans Kaweesa because whatever happened on her show at Hotel Africana on Valentine’s Day was a joke

Chris Evans was forced off stage by Rema as the two were performing their duo song titled ‘Linda’ after the former jokingly mentioned Kenzo’s name in the song lyrics which was not well received by the latter.

Kenzo is Rema’s ex-lover, the two parted ways publically towards the end of last year after Rema traditionally introduced husband Hamzah Ssebunya.

Chris Evans who felt disappointed towards his treatment on stage earlier this week, issued a five-day ultimatum to Rema Namakula to apologize for embarrassing him.

Evans claimed that Rema dragged him all over the stage like some non-living thing even after he had apologized to her on stage.

‘’She dragged me all over the stage like some non-living thing, trumped the respect out of me. I apologized on stage but still, she showed me an attitude and abandoned the song on stage. I felt terrible and Rema should apologize to me in not more than five days and publicly,” Eva

Evans advised that Rema should have let his comments pass unnoticed but she was determined to impress the audience by embarrassing him in a manner that was uncalled for.

“When performing at concerts, we usually joke around to entertain our fans and that’s why Rema also joked about how I was clobbered by thugs. It excites fans. The energy she used was uncalled for. Moreover on stage,” Evans added in an interview after his conflict with Rema.

Rema Namakula Chris Evans apologize
I cannot apologize to Chris Evans, says Rema Namakula. File Photo

However, the ‘’sili muyembe’’ hitmaker Rema Namakula has insisted that she will not be apologizing to fellow artist and friend because they always joke about and she didn’t see anything wrong with that.

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Rema who was very first to request fans to go back and re-watch her videos with Chris Evans further implied that she takes him as a brother who they always joke about with.

“We joke a lot with Evans. Go and re-watch our videos together. I take him as a brother and I know he was not embarrassed. That is all joking. I have no reason to apologize because I didn’t do anything,” Namakula said.

Rema who also explained her decision to leave Chris Evans alone on stage performing their Linda song added that she was rushing to change an outfit for her next stage performance.

While performing that day, Namakula first tried dragging Evans off the stage, she then visibly showed anger and ended the song prematurely, leaving Evans embarrassed but she insisted that many people in Uganda like misinterpreting whatever they see.

‘’People misinterpret things and you stop pushing Evans to say these things because he is a good boy. You put him on camera and he talks things he doesn’t know,” the ‘sili muyembe’ hitmaker added.

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By John Dalton Kigozi