Rema introduces Ssebunya to family
Singer Rema Namakula introduces husband Hamza Ssebunnya

Singer Rema Namakula introduces husband Hamza Ssebunya to family in Nabbingo

After nearly two months of eagerness and preparations, Singer Rema Namakula officially introduces Dr Hamza Ssebunya in a million-dollar ceremony to family in Nabbingo.

Just as it had been anticipated earlier, the lavishing ceremony that was held in Nabbingo was a joy to watch as Rema hugged his new man Hamza in style.

Both Rema and Hamzah were dressed in dazzling outfits, the latter wore a beautiful shiny green court on top of a white kanzu while the former wore a green gomesi to match in colour with the latter’s coat.

Meanwhile, after the first session that was coupled with lots of greetings for the elders and other relatives, the two changed to other clothes.

Rema Ssebunya family Nabbingo
IN PICTURES: Rema introduces husband Hamza Ssebunya

Dr Hamza later changed into a brown coat but maintained the white kanzu while Rema changed to a sparkling colourless gomesi with pink stripes.

At the same ceremony, Hamzah gifted Rema with two guitars personalized with their photos to congratulate her for loving him so much.

Singer Rema introduced Ssebunya

Unlike most ‘kwanjula’ ceremonies that have an open invitation for the village mates of the bride. However, for Rema Namakula’s it was different as the doors were only open to those invited.

Some of the celebrities who attended

The queen of Buganda Sylvia Nagginda 

For Sylvia Nagginda everyone got to know about her presence today as she was announced to be the chief guest of the day and she didn’t disappoint as she was one of the first guests to turn up for the occasion.

Omuyimbi Chris Evans

It’s very obvious Chris Evans could not miss the party. Evans is not only Rema’s friend but also featured her in a song titled Linda that the two released last year in 2018.

Dr Jose Chameleon

Dressed in a brown coat, Chameleon turned up ready to send his best wishes to fellow singer Rema Namakula.

Social media comedian Sesa Bat

Before he had even reached the venue for the introduction, social media comedian Sesa Bat was one of the first people to alert the media about his presence

He took to his Facebook to show off his excitement about being invited to the ceremony.

Naava Grey

Naava Grey did not miss either, she was one of those that sang at the ceremony. 

Just like other artists, Naava also posted on her Facebook page about her desire to attend the introduction.

These among other artists like Winnie Nwagi and media personalities including NBS TV’s Zahara Toto showed up to give respect to the ceremony.

In August this year, information circulated on different social media platforms indicating that the singer had parted ways with her long term boyfriend, Eddy Kenzo.

Coupled with photos that showed her hugging with new husband Dr Hamza, Eddy Kenzo released a statement confirming the information and wished her well in her new marriage

Kenzo and Rema had dated for five years before they decided their destiny and were blessed with a five-year-old daughter, Amaal.

By John Dalton Kigozi