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Who is Derrick Ddungu aka Rickman Manrick? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, songs, music, wife, girlfriend, family, tribe, net worth, relationship with Sheila Carol Gashumba, Patrick Kabuye, Frank Gashumba, God’s Plan, Sävedalen IF, Eddy Kenzo, Enjoyment, early life and education of a Ugandan artist and football player.

Derrick Ddungu commonly known as Rickman Manrick is a Ugandan artist and football player.

Rickman Manrick is also a rapper, songwriter and recording artist who produces the dancehall, reggae and R&B genres of music. 

Early life and Education

Derrick Ddungu aka Rickman Manrick

Rickman Manrick was born on 25th December in Bakuli, Mengo, Kampala District in Central Uganda and was raised there by his family. His father Patrick Kabuye is a former KCCA FC player and coach. Rickman is a Muganda in the tribe. 

Rickman Manrick is in a relationship with Sheila Carol Gashumba, a city socialite, media personality and TV presenter, the daughter of Frank GashumbaThey started dating in April 2021, a month after Sheila and God’s Plan separated

Rickman Manrick completed his Ordinary Level Education at Old Kampala Secondary School and then enrolled at St Juliana for his Advanced Level education.

From childhood, Rickman Manrick has shown an interest in football. He ended up living in Sweden for more than seven years and playing football for one of the clubs there. He continued to be based in Sweden even after stopping to play football there until the beginning of 2022 when he fully relocated to Uganda.

Career and Professional Work Experience

rickman manrick

Rickman is a professional football player who played for Sävedalen IF, a second-division tier club in Gothenburg city, Sweden. He formerly also worked as a student teacher at the Kvarnbyskolean School for Children with Autism in Gothenburg city.

Rickman started making music out of boredom after getting a football injury where he tore his Anterior Cruciate Ligament in the knee and received surgery in 2016. 

Since he was going to be out of the league for a full year, he decided to return to Uganda and start doing music in the meantime. 

Rickman Manrick started his music career in 2018 under the management of DT Timo also known as Geoffrey Timothy and debuted in the Ugandan music industry with the release of his first single, “Naki,” on January 23, 2018, and his second, “Wakanda,” in April 2018.

2019 saw the creation of the song “Ebango Waliwanika,” in the honor of DT Timo which became incredibly popular.

In August 2022, Rickman publicly declared he was taking a sabbatical from music to focus on resuming his football career. 

He claimed that he had enough unreleased music to last him three years without going to the studio since he used the time away from the field to record enough music.

He currently plays football for KCCA Football club which he joined in December 2021 on a short-term contract.

Achievements and Awards

sweden rickman manrick

Rickman Manrick was named the Most Promising Artist in 2019 after the Ebbango hit became popular. He went on to make collaborations with different artists including the BET award winner Eddy Kenzo.

Rickman was nominated for the Most stylish Male Artist of the year category in the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards. And for the Best LugaFlow/Rap Artist category in the 2022 Zzina Galaxy awards from which he emerged the winner. 


  • Naki
  • Ayizulu
  • Tunyumirwe
  • Katono
  • Munfo
  • Tusimbuude
  • Kampala
  • Okilinamu obuzibu 
  • Minns Du


  • Ayizulu (2022)
  • Cinderella (2023)
  • Bango (2019)
  • Naki (2018)
  • Tusimbudde
  • Hangover (2022)
  • Tunyumirwe (2019)
  • Okilinamu Obuzibu (2020)
  • Galiwa Gwe (feat. Galiwango) (2020)
  • Basumbuyi (2018)
  • Peaky Blinders
  • Bestie (2022)
  • Love Me
  • Goodnight, Part 1
  • Katono (2022)
  • Tekako Ka Radio (feat. Ang3lina) · 2019
  • Tum Tum (2019)
  • Again
  • Wakanda MunaUganada (2018)
  • Luga Pandemic (2023)
  • Tuula Wansi (2018)
  • Kampala (2018)
  • Kasonso
  • Goodnight, part 2 (feat. Lydia Jazmine) · 2020
  • Vänner Rickman (feat. Ahmed the Hood) · 2017
  • Enjoyment (with Eddy Kenzo). 2022
  • My Baby (feat. Galix Future) · 2020
  • Party o’clock (2022)
  • Minns Du (feat. ITriisha) · 2020
  • Munfo (2018)
  • Wakanda
  • Red Flags
  • Byankukutu


rickman manrick and sheilah gashumba
Rickman manrick and sheilah gashumba

Frank Gashumba was heard accusing Sheila of spending money on young males like Rickman Manrick in an audio tape that quickly became popular.

A week after her father accused her, Sheila Gashumba escalated her spending spree with an expensive trip to Dubai with Rickman. She spent over 15 million Ugandan Shillings on their holiday together, with her covering all costs, including lodging, transportation, and meals.

Despite their close bond, Rickman Manrick claims he is not yet prepared to start a family with Sheila Gashumba. The musician admitted that his inability to provide for his children as he would like is why he is currently waiting.

Rickman expressed his displeasure on social media in response to Dr Jane Egau Okou’s letter, which was distributed to all private and public schools in the nation and forbade all performances and concerts that use secular music in 2022.

He claimed that many artists and entertainers had been unfairly affected by this restriction as some gave respectable and decent performances in schools. 

He believed that the prohibition of music in schools would surely present many difficulties for the educational system. It denied school-aged children the ability to express their joy, relieve their tension, and deal with their anxieties, as well as the chance to hear inspirational remarks from artists. 

Also, it would lead to more incidences of indiscipline, like students skipping class to attend concerts by their favourite artists.

When Rickman published his list of the best artists in Uganda, social media went crazy. He also left off Eddy Kenzo, with whom he collaborated on the song “Enjoyment,” causing some confusion among the general public.

He clarified that it was his list and that he had a right to his view, Rickman then went ahead and retweeted the same list without making any modifications, suggesting that he was through.

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