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Police warn Fuel stations urged to tighten up security over night robberies
The police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, reported two more aggravated robberies committed by criminal gangs targeting fuel stations in the previous week.

Police have advised fuel station owners to tighten up their security more so during the night hours following an increase in attacks by criminal gangs targeting fuel stations.

Following increased direct attacks by criminal gangs targeting fuel stations, the police have urged owners to tighten up their security agencies more so during the night hours saying that is when most attacks happen.

According to Fred Enanga the police spokesperson, two more aggravated robberies were witnessed in the previous week by criminal gangs targeting fuel stations. 

Enanga said the robbers like they always do, disguise themselves as clients branching to refuel their vehicles, then round up the private security guards and other staff on the night shift, before robbing them.

He said at times they also carry out direct attacks on workers at these fuel stations deep in the night, especially between 1-4 am, while armed with weapons.

“For instance, on the 28.04. 2022, at around 1 am, Total Fuel Station, Semuto Branch, in Nakaseke District, was raided by 5 suspects armed with guns and iron bars. They rounded up all the guards and staff and tied them up. And then broke the door to the offices, where they robbed all the money in the safe,” Enanga said.

He added that they also stole goods and commodities from the supermarket which they boldly loaded into a waiting motor vehicle.

“The suspects also robbed a motorcycle bajaj boxer, registration number, UDM 829F, ridden by Sembajjwe Charles, who had branched for fuel. They seriously beat him and robbed his motorcycle. Again, on the 30.04. 2022, at around 2 am, a group of thugs attacked Seka Energy petrol station in Kayunga.”

”They attacked and killed a private security guard, identified as Waiswa John aged 36. His colleague Kasonga Suleiman, aged 37, was tied with ropes and found unconscious. He was rushed to Kayunga Regional Referral Hospital for further treatment. The thugs also vandalized two motor vehicles that were parked at the petrol station,” Enanga added.

He, however, called on all proprietors and dealers of fuel stations to ensure they thoroughly audit the security processes, at their business premises, so as to enable them to fill the security gaps in place.

The police spokesperson also urged all supervisors of private security organizations to increase their level of inspections, at all guard points to help enhance the levels of alertness. 

He mentioned that the fact that most guards usually fall victim during these attacks, at fuel stations is proof of low levels of vigilance and alertness at their specific guard points.