in Robert Aguma Murder Investigation (1)
Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, said the task team tracked down the principal suspect, Bwambale Sunday Swaib, a herbalist and best friend of the deceased.

Together with CMI and the Flying Squad, the Homicide Department has made a major breakthrough in the investigation of the murder of Aguma Robert Kifunga, a well-known lawyer and district registrar for the NRM in Bundibugyo.

The Homicide Department, working closely with the CMI and the Flying Squad, secured a major breakthrough in their investigations into the murder of Aguma Robert Kifunga, a renowned lawyer and NRM district registrar in Bundibugyo district.  

According to Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, the task team tracked down the prime suspect, identified as Bwambale Sunday Swaib, a herbalist who was also a best friend of the deceased. 

He was arrested at his home in Rugendabara Town Council, in Kasese District. Enanga said facts gathered so far indicate, that on 25.03.2022, the deceased was escorted to Centenary Bank, Fortportal Branch, by the suspect Bwambale Sunday Swaib, in motor vehicle registration number, UBL 885F. 

At around midday, the two entered the car, after the victim withdrew 42m shillings from the Bank, and they drove towards Bundibugyo.  

“The unfortunate part, is that the suspect, Bwambale Sunday, had alerted his accomplices in Bundibugyo, who lured the victim into a gold transaction. The duo arrived in Bundibugyo at around 8pm and proceeded to meet with the suspected gold dealers.”

“The suspects immediately grabbed and strangled him to death, and thereafter, shared the loot among themselves. They eventually dumped the body of the deceased at Bimala Cell, Kanyasimbi Ward, in Bundibugyo District,” Enanga said.

In addition, Enanga said the suspect initially denied any involvement in the murder of the victim, claiming the deceased was one of his best friends. 

He revealed the suspect also participated in the burial and paid an emotional and sorrowful tribute to the deceased, before making a cash contribution towards the funeral expenses. 

“He however, broke down when the task team showed him private CCTV footages, from Centenary Bank and other venues, where he was captured in the company of the deceased. Efforts are now in place to track down and arrest his other accomplices, for Aggravated Robbery, Murder and related conspiracies.”

The police spokesman warned that homicides by friends who have frequent, direct and personal contacts are real. He cited that the suspect was very close to the family and could even attend family events, celebrations and holidays, with the deceased.  

“After his murder, he attended the funeral so that the family, friends and the police would not suspect him. His arrest and involvement in the murder added shock to the bereaved family,” Enanga added.

“Therefore, let each and everyone be careful with the friends they make or choose. Ensure you always watch your back, because some friends who claim to have your best interests, could have other ulterior motives of murder and hatred. The act therefore, was not spontaneous, but a planned and pre-meditated murder, by a close friend, whose motivation was money totaling to 42m.”