Roni Banton biography
Who is Roni Banton?

Who is Ronnie Banton? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, music, family, the early life of Tomusange Bantoneire Ronald.

Ronnie Banton simply Roni Banton is a veteran raga and dancehall artist who also doubles as the CEO/ founder of Monster studios. 

Ronnie joined the music industry in the late 90s but his first breakthrough hit called Kawuuna came in 2007 after joining City Limit crew with the likes of Dr. propa, Witty Witty and more other artists. 

Currently is no longer musically active but his studio still stands out and it has mentored many producers including Nash Wonder who started his career from the same studio.  

Ronnie Banton’s Monster studio has also produced many hits including Ice cream of Sheeba, Magnetic of Radio and Weasel, Ndabilawa of Khalifa Aganaga and this was Aganaga breakthrough hit single.

Education and early life 

Tomusange Bantoneire Ronald also known as Roni Banton was born in 1982 at Namirembe Hospital. He comes from the family of Mr Vicent Tomusange and Mrs Aisha Kababikira who is the mother.  

Ronnie Banton is a fourth born with eight siblings and he was raised from the slum ghettos of Bakuli Katale village deep down in Kabawo and according to him, life wasn’t easy at all. 

According to Ronnie, his family used to have g nuts and posho as their daily meal and this was because the family never had enough money to afford better meals. In 1996 Banton started washing cars in Bakuuli to earn a living and also to be able to pay school fees. 

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Ronnie spent most of his time with his mother who was encouraging to him and at times she could wake him up and tell him how dirty his dreadlocks were and she could find a solution and fix them.

During this time Ronnie started doing karaoke shows which gave him a chance to meet various artists who were big at the time and exposed him more to the music industry.

Ronnie joined the music industry
He joined the music industry in the late 90s but his first breakthrough hit called Kawuuna came in 2007.

Music career 

Ronnie Banton started singing in 1996 when he was still working at the washing bay and he derives his inspiration from a Jamaican dancehall artist Buju Banton who was popular in the 90s and he inspired most of the youths to join the music industry and no wonder Ronnie chose Banton as his last stage name. 

With the help of his friend Roni Guns another music artist, Ronnie Banton recorded his first single called Abantu Baluno in 2001 which didn’t get any airplay because of its poor quality. 

In 2002 Banton released another single titled Nankonkona and it was the same case it wasn’t played on air because of its poor quality. 

He didn’t give up he went ahead and released another song called Engatto in 2003 and this was produced by his Godfather producer Cool Cadino and after the release of this track, Ronnie started seeing light at the end of the tunnel though this song was only played at the famous East African Radio.

In 2006 Ronnie Banton joined a group called City Limit Crew which was had other members such as Bella, Dr Propa and a former member of Firebase crew the Late Dizzy Nuts Galiwango.  

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After a long struggle, Ronnie Banton’s breakthrough through hit titled Kawuuna came in 2007 and it was produced by Henry Kiwuuwa in Kee Note studios. Kawuuna was a raga song composed of a little bit socca from the Caribbean and upon its release, it made it to the top charts and it proved how talented Ronnie was. 

In 2008 Ronnie released another club banger titled a Pilingisa and because of these two singles City Limit crew became a force to reckon with in Uganda’s music industry. The group managed to get a trip to the USA and performed in various states such as Boston. 

By the end of 2008 City Limit crew had developed wrangles and the beef was between the two to musicians of the group and these were Ronnie Banton and Dr Propa. The centre could no longer hold and Ronnie left the group who was the name big in the group and because of his departure, the group collapsed. 

In 2009 Ronnie decided to travel to the states and have greener pastures and he almost didn’t release any music while in the states. His song Tonywa novuga was used by the Uganda police in the fight against drink and driving campaign.

In 2011 Ronnie Banton returned from the states and opened up a studio called Monster studios with the help of a businessman called Godfrey Mugalu. After the opening up of Monster studios, this studio established new musicians and new music producers. 

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Ronnie Banton employed a then-new producer who was called Nash Wonder and he produced various hit songs which had a different flavour of sound and touch. The list of Monster hit singles includes Ndabilawa of Khalifa, Ice cream of Sheeba, Magnetic of Radio and Weasel. 

Ronne also opened up a video production company at Monster and he mentored a then musician called Witty Witty in music production.


  • Pearl of Africa music awards, best new artist, 2007
  • HiPipo awards, best dancehall song, 2015
Ronnie Banton recorded his first single
Ronnie Banton recorded his first single called Abantu Baluno in 2001.

Ronnie Banton Songs

  • Kawuuna, 2007
  • Pilingisa, 2008
  • Tonywa novuga, 2007
  • Ladies night ft Dj Shiru, 2013
  • Endongo
  • Engato, 004
  • Kagologosi, 2011
  • Ngenda mponye, 2011
  • Munange ensi tekungulwa
  • Baibe, 2009
  • Subiira, 2014
  • Abafumbo, 2011
  • Mukilo, 2009
  • Burn dem, 2018
  • Tumutende, 2010


Roni Banton has involved himself in a lot of controversies and they all started in 2008 when he was separating with City Limit crew and he ended up beating Dr Propa who was his colleague for a long period.

Ronnie banton arrested
Ronnie was also arrested after causing an accident while driving, police arrested him saying he was drunk while driving.

In 2014 Ronnie beat up a radio presenter known as Jacob Omutuuze of Dembe FM. According to Jacob, he had gone to Ronnie Banton’s Monster studios to pick Bella’s song and while at the studio Ronnie came out and punched Jacob accusing him of stealing a phone from the studio. 

Jacob responded by reporting the case to a police station and Ronnie was put behind bars for a while and was later released.

Ronnie was also arrested after causing an accident while driving and the police arrested him saying he was drunk while driving. He was later fined 200,000 and released.