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Keane criticizes Manchester United players for the loss to City (1)
Roy Keane, who was left fuming at Ralf Rangnick's attitude following the team's performance, said he could overlook the team's lower quality in comparison with City, but could not endure their lack of effort. PHOTO/AGENCIES

Roy Keane has criticized Manchester United players for their lack of desire in their defeat to Manchester City by a score of 4-1.

Manchester United legend Roy Keane has slammed Manchester United players for lack of desire in their 4-1 defeat to Manchester City.

United seemed to perform alright in the first half, going into the break 2-1 behind after two Kevin De Bruyne goals on either side of a Jadon Sancho equaliser.

However, they badly fell away in the second period, with City completely dominating the contest and finding the back of the net twice more as United struggled to even touch the ball.

Speaking on Sky Sports about the team’s performance, Roy Keane who was left fuming at the attitude of Ralf Rangnick’s players said he can forgive a gulf in quality to the excellent City side, but cannot accept a lack of effort by most of the players to put up a fight.

Keane said it’s normal for any club to lose a game or games but the manner in which games are lost says a lot about the teams’ efforts.

“You should play with a bit of pride, it has to kick in at some stage. I forgive mistakes but you have to run back. They did give up. For a player in a derby or any game, it’s unforgiveable really. The beauty of top level sport is that there’s no hiding place. We saw all United’s shortcomings today,” Roy Keane said.

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“There’s ways to lose football matches, but the way United lost it today, they stopped running, gave up. Players not running back, that’s what I don’t understand. The manager will be criticised for the tactics but players not running back when playing for Man United, it’s really unacceptable, it really is. They threw the towel in, it’s shameful.”

Keane in addition, pointed out names of five players who he thinks should not be playing for the club. He said besides their less impact in the game, they did not look like they were involved in the game.

“It’s hard when you’re out there against a really good team. But you’ve got to run back, got to tackle. It’s a reflection of where the team is and where the club is. It’s so far behind the other teams. I could write down five or six players who I think should never play for Man United again. Just shameful, shameful,” he added.

“Subs coming on and you hope they’re going to have an impact but they’re not prepared to run around. A couple of lads in midfield, Wan-Bissaka, Fred, Maguire, Rashford came on, I could go on. The old saying of men vs boys. They gave up and shame on them.”