Pricing and packages for StarTimes Uganda (1)
Chinese-owned StarTimes Uganda offers affordable entertainment, from decoders to bundles, to Ugandans at the best prices. FILE PHOTO

Also, StarTimes recently released a decoder for UGX 8,000, and here is a list of their packages compiled by Flash Uganda Media.

StarTimes Uganda is a Chinese-owned pay television provider that offers entertainment at the most cheap prices, from decoders to bundles for Ugandans. 

StarTimes provides access to world-class entertainment in the genres of sports, movies, sitcoms, music, and more, with a large variety of channels from several bouquets.

The company produces a wide range of content for Ugandans as well as other nationalities such as Indians and Chinese. It lowered its costs even further in June of this year to accommodate users’ budgeting concerns.

The decoders are reasonably priced, with the terrestrial package requiring no dish costing UGX 85,000. It comes with a one-month subscription to the traditional package. The satellite dish and decoder cost UGX 155,000 for individuals interested in the satellite version.

In addition to the decoder for UGX 8,000, Flash Uganda Media has compiled a full list of the packages available from StarTimes.

Terrestrial bundles from StarTimes Uganda

There are several packages available from Star Times Uganda. There is no need for a dish with these packages.

Unique Package

Over 74 channels are included in this package. It is merely UGX 49,500. Customers should expect their subscription to end within 25 days of signing up.

Classic Package

The classic plan costs UGX 33,000 and includes over 61 channels. It has a 25-day subscription period after which it expires.

Basic package

This package includes over 40 channels and is available for the low price of UGX 16,500. Once a consumer has subscribed, it will expire in two months.

Nova Package 

In addition to the local channels, the Nova bundle includes ten international channels. It is the most cost-effective of the packages, costing UGX 6,000. It has a 7-day expiration date.

Uganda StarSat bundles from StarTimes

Even though the company began by providing services that did not require a dish, it eventually transitioned to satellite services known as StarSat. The prices for these one-of-a-kind bundles are listed below.

StarSat Nova

The package includes over 38 television channels and 25 audio channels for UGX 13,500.

StarSat Smart 

Over 37 television channels and 25 audio channels are available with the StarSat Smart package. Customers can purchase this package for UGX 20,000.

StarSat SuperSat

This package costs UGX 54,000 per month and includes over 21 channels.

StarSat French 

It has a total of sixteen channels. This package costs UGX 72,000 per month to purchase.

StarSat Chinese 

On StarSat Chinese, you may watch over 21 different television channels. This package was purchased for only UGX 80,000.

StarTimes Mobile App 

The StarTimes ON APP is a video streaming service that allows you to view live TV and other entertainment content on your phone. Live football is one of the app’s most popular features. 

This free software allows you to view thousands of TV shows, blockbusters, local programming, breaking news, and the most anticipated football matches in real-time. 

Plus, with a ton of educational and children’s programming, your kids will enjoy StarTimes. Google Play Store is where you can get the StarTimes app.

Customer service at StarTimes Uganda

StarTimes Uganda can be contacted through a variety of channels, including social media and the actual call centre number.

The StarTimes Uganda customer service number contains two phone numbers that are available from 9:00 a.m. to 12 a.m. throughout working hours. 0417117700 and 0317117700 are the two phone numbers.

You may also contact them through email at You can acquire the most up-to-date information on upgrades and deals by following the company’s social media accounts.