MTN MoMo to be offered free to Ayoba users in 'Life Inside Ayoba'
Ayoba, the African superApp, was introduced to the Ugandan market last year.

Customers of MTN can now send free MoMo to their ayoba friends with a new campaign called ‘Life inside ayoba’ via the ayoba app.

As part of a new campaign dubbed ‘Life inside ayoba‘, MTN customers can now send MoMo for free to fellow ayoba users using the ayoba App.

ayoba, the African superApp, was introduced last year (2020) to the Ugandan market as the first ever instant messaging app to offer its users digital cash transfer while chatting, allowing them to seamlessly transact without having to drop their conversations.

This campaign will allow all users of Ayoba to send MTN Mobile Money for free in-app for a limited period while integrating the many exclusive features of the ‘SuperApp’ including chat, voice and video calls, music and playlists, games, and more.

Ayoba’s Head of Customer Marketing, Olivier Prentout, said that the ‘Life inside Ayoba’ campaign will appeal to many consumers as it provides effective solutions to the day-to-day life needs of consumers in an affordable and practical manner.

“In building the ‘Life inside ayoba’ campaign we looked at what unites our African users, With Ayoba, users can find everything they need in our all-in-one app, This approach has brought us a textured and innovative campaign, and we are very proud of it, We are excited to launch the campaign with the full support of MTN” Prentout said.

He noted that the app has been hailed for its uniqueness and practicality since it brings everything users need in one simple app, which is available on both Android and iOS.

The MTN Group reported 8 million monthly active users for ayoba in July 2021, with 400,000 active ayoba users in Uganda. Ayoba recently received the Marketing World Awards 2021 Best OTT Brand of the Year award.

Ayoba also won Best Mobile Application at the 2020 Africa Digital Award in November.

Susan Kayemba, MTN Uganda’s Senior Manager of Digital Services, said Ayoba underscored the goal of bringing more people into the digital world by providing them with affordable, straightforward, yet inclusive and functional communication services.

According to Kayemba, even though ayoba can be used by anyone across all networks, MTN customers automatically receive free data to use ayoba.

All activities can be done with free data – messaging, browsing, gaming, and listening to music – and you can also download the app free of charge at

The free data plan does not cover voice or video calls.

In order to send Mobile Money for free using the Ayoba app, go to chats, select the person you want to chat with, choose the attachment icon, then tap the money icon, then select Send MoMo.

Once you enter the amount and reason, you will be prompted to enter your MoMo pin. Once the transaction has been completed, you will receive an SMS notification.

Users of Ayoba have access to an in-app assistant called ‘Aya’ who guides them on how to use the instant messaging app. Aya appears automatically in all chats and can run various interactive tutorials for the key services within ayoba.