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Using your mobile phone or other devices, you can access and transact with Centenary Bank using CenteMobile. FILE PHOTO

Centenary Bank’s CenteMobile is a service that allows you to transact and access financial services using your mobile device or phone, anywhere, at any time.

CenteMobile is a product of Centenary Bank that allows you to transact and access financial services from anywhere, at any time, using your mobile phone or device. 

There are no lines or traffic jams. Cente Mobile Loan is a microloan service that can be accessed by USSD (*211#) and the Cente Mobile App. In the article below, Flash Uganda Media examines the CenteMobile service from Centenary Bank.

If I forget my Cente Mobile PIN, how can I reset it?

Dial *211#, select 2 to reset pin, enter ATM Card Number, Account Number, and ATM PIN Number, or stop by any branch with a valid ID for help.

What is the process for obtaining a CenteMobile loan?

*211# is the number to dial. Enter your PIN, choose CenteMobile as an option and click OK. To proceed, enter your PIN and select CenteMobile loans as an option. 

Check your loan limit (to see how much you qualify for), then choose the option to apply for a loan (once you’ve determined your limit), then choose a loan account and enter the amount you wish to borrow (The loan terms will be displayed), Accept the terms (for the loan to be disbursed into your account), and you will soon receive an SMS confirming that the funds have been successfully placed into your bank account. 

You’ll be able to withdraw funds from your bank account after that.

How do I check the balance of my CenteMobile account?

To check your balance, dial *211#, choose CenteMobile, then enter your PIN. If you signup for the service, you will be charged 600/= for every transaction.

How can I transfer money from my mobile money account to my bank account?

For MTN, dial *165#, then option 6, then option 1 for bank deposit, then option 1 for Centenary Bank and then follow the steps. 

Dial *185# for Airtel. Follow the steps to select option 7 and then 1 for banks, and option 2 for Centenary bank. The service provider determines the fees.

What should I do if my mobile banking PIN is disabled?

Send an email to info@centenarybank.co.ug with scanned copies of your Visa page and passport, as well as your complete account information.

What are the fees for various transactions?

Withdrawals through CenteAgent range from 600/= to 3,500/=, while utility bills cost anywhere from 1,000/= to 5,000/= per transaction, depending on the amount. 

Any service accessible through alternative channels is charged, and the fee varies depending on the channel. For example, a CenteMobile account balance query costs 600/=, whereas a visa card costs 600/=.

Why is it that my money is constantly deducted at the end of the month?

You can withdraw money from your account at any time using your Visa card for only 1,000/=, the counter for 4,600/=, or CenteMobile for 2,200/=.

What are the requirements for opening a Centenary Bank account?

To start a savings account, go to any branch and meet the following requirements: two (2) photographs of passport size

  • A valid identification document (either a copy of a national ID card or a copy of an employer’s identification card)
  • Card, Voter ID, Driver’s License, or Passport)
  • Opening UGX 10,000 cash deposit and a new Visa card
  • One referee (either a Centenary Bank customer, an employer, or a lawyer, Attorney, Clergyman, Doctor, Headmaster, or any other suitable Local Authority.