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Who is Peter Sematimba?

Who is Peter Sematimba?: Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, family, wife, tribe, net worth, children, housemaid, Super FM, work and experience, political career, early life, education and relationship with Namatovu Joan.

Peter Sematimba is a Ugandan Politician, Pastor, Businessman, former Member of Parliament for Busiro County South and artisan who has served in various offices of elective politics in Uganda. 

Sematimba is one of the richest men in Kampala city, Uganda’s capital. He is also best identified as a smart man who is so passionate about his looks, for he never leaves his house without wearing make-up and moving along with a make-up kit as well as cleanliness and cooking.

Early Life and Education

Peter Sematimba was born in 1961 to Fredrick George Sematimba and Mary Margaret Sematimba (R.I.P). Sematimba lived in the United States of Africa where he spent most of his youthful life.

Sematimba is a USA citizen with a home in Los Angeles California State where his wife and children live. He always refers to Los Angeles as his home town and Uganda is his work station having lived in the US for years.

Sematimba holds a certificate certified by the East African Examination council which is an equivalent of an A-Level Certificate. He has been using this qualification while running for political office but recently Sematimba’s academic papers were challenged in courts of law. 

Following his dissatisfying academic papers, Ssematimba returned to school and obtained the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) at Kakoola High School, in Luweero district where he passed with 13 points in 2019.

Sematimba holds a Diploma in Electrical and Computer Technology from the Pacific Coast Technical Institute in the United States of America (USA).

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After it was renamed KCCA, Sematimba ran for Lord Mayor on NRM party ticket but lost to Erias Lukwago. FILE PHOTO

Work and Experience 

In 1993 Peter Sematimba relocated to Uganda and left his family in the USA. He began working as a DJ and a producer in Kampala city at Dungeon Studios and this was the time Ugandan music was just taking off commercially.

After a while, Sematimba became a Born Again Christian pastor until today. He’s the proprietor of Super FM, a radio station based in Uganda including various real estate’s properties in Kampala city and Busiro County, Wakiso District.

Political Career

In 2006, Peter Sematimba entered elective politics and contested for the Lord Mayoral post for Kampala City Council (KCC) currently Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). 

However, Sematimba lost the race to the late Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala with 40.3% of the Democratic Party (DP).

Later, Sematimba contested for a post of the lower rank seat as a mayor/chairperson Rubaga Division in a bi-election and he won the race serving in that capacity until 2011.

Again in 2011, Sematimba contested for the post of Lord Mayor after it was renamed KCCA on the National Resistance Movement (NRM) the ruling party in Uganda but lost the race to Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.  

Peter Sematimba again in 2016, contested for Member of Parliament position Busiro County South parliamentary seat, Wakiso District on NRM ticket and he won the race. 

However, his election to parliament was nullified by the High Court Judge Hon. Justice Lydia Mugambe following a petition filed by Steven Sekigozi of Democratic Party (DP) Uganda

In the petition, Sekigozi stated that Sematimba’s academic qualifications presented before the Electoral Commission (EC) were lacking. So, following his nullification, Sematimba returned to school and acquired the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE), the minimum requirement for the MP race in Uganda.

In 2021, Sematimba again contested for the Busiro South County still on NRM ticket but lost the race to Matovu Charles, of the National Unity Platform (NUP)

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Sematimba owns the radio station Super FM, based in Uganda. FILE PHOTO


Peter Sematimba is married to Juliet Sematimba and together they have children. Sematimba is a public man but he prefers keeping his family life out of the limelight. 

He has two residences one in Rubaga Kampala, Uganda and another in Los Angeles, California State in the USA.

Although Sematimba is married, he was involved in an extra-marital affair with his then housemaid Namatovu Joan with whom he has a 10-year-old daughter. This was revealed in June 2021 after Namatovu filed a complaint accusing Sematimba of taking away his daughter n blocking her from seeing the child.

According to Namatovu, Sematimba filed for full custody of the child at Makindye Family Court which was not pleasing to her. 

In the petition, Sematimba states that his ex-lover Namatovu is unable to provide and render the necessary support to their daughter, a statement Namatovu downplayed saying she solely raised their daughter for the 10 years so far and as a result, she’s able to raise her daughter.