Who is Shamim Malende?
Who is Shamim Malende?

Who is Shamim Malende: Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, work and experience, political career, early Life and Education of the National Unity Platform lawyer.

Shamim Malende is a Ugandan attorney, Commissioner for Oaths, Notary Public, Member ULS, EALS and Salam Charity Foundation, politician and community activist. 

She is a member of the People Power, Our Power Movement in Uganda and of the National Unity Platform political party (NUP). She is the only woman on the legal team of Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu.

She describes herself as being ethical, reliable, credible, trusted above all a God-fearing woman. 

Malende is versatile and can associate with every person because she has been raised in all spheres of life from the upper class, middle class and the ghetto.

Early Life and Education

Shamim Malende was born in Kawempe, a Kampala City suburb, in December 1986, to AL hajj Ahmed Jamal Sebuta Malende, an attorney, and Jane Francis Nasunna, a school teacher.

Malende was born to relatively well-off parents but she did not indulge in luxurious while growing up. Her parents only ensured that she got the basic needs and instilled in her self-reliance, hard work and the ability to relate and work with people from different backgrounds. 

Malende attended Busaale Church of Uganda Primary School in Kayunga District, where she completed her primary seven in 1994. After, she joined Buziga Islamic Theological Institute in Bbunga, a neighbourhood in Makindye Division, Kampala for her O’ Level obtaining her Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) in 1998.

Then she went to Aisha Girls High School Mbarara City, in the Western Region of Uganda. Malende emerged the best student in the Western Region in her Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE), scoring 25 points and among the top ten students in the country. 

Malende then joined Makerere University in 2001 to study a Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LLB), graduating in 2005. She proceeded to the Law Development Centre (LDC) and achieved a Diploma in Legal Practice in 2006 becoming an advocate in 2008.

malende lawyer of bobi wine kyagulanyi
She is the only woman on the legal team of Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu.

Work and Experience 

After graduation from university, Malende first worked at her father’s chambers after she graduated from the University before opening her law firm in 2014, Malende & Company Advocates.

In her line of work, Malende has so far handled nearly 200 pro-bono cases of Ugandan citizens imprisoned for various political offences from 2018-2020. The majorities of her clients are urban, young, poor, and subscribe to the People Power, Our Power Movement and to NUP party. 

Malende soon after opening up her legal firm secured a job as legal counsel. However, she narrates that although it was a well-paying job she did not enjoy her job because the department she worked for was involved in persecuting hawkers and vendors. To her, it was a bad experience.

Malende was appointed as the Commissioner of oaths in 2014, Notary Public in 2016. 

Political ambitions

Shamim Malende is a contestant Kampala City Woman Representative in the 2021 Uganda Parliamentary elections under NUP ticket. 

Political Career

Shamim Malende was compelled to join politics and particularly People Power because it is more inclusive, as long as you believe in change. They as well denounced all forms of violence and demeaning people. 

NUP also plays politics of reconciliation and forgiveness, including the leader of People Power, Robert Kyagulanyi which was a good inspiration.

However, Malende says politics is more challenging but worth it. 

“But one thing I have learnt is that political space means you are now for the people and that the people are your bosses, you are their servant. There is also a lot of danger, because you don’t have privacy and life is risky. Sometimes people follow your moves, threaten you with phone calls but all you do is keeping in your lane.”

Before joining politics, Malende used to do a lot of free legal services for people ‘pro-bono’. So, one time she was contacted by parents for some boda boda guys who had been arrested for demonstrating and were members of People Power Movement

By then Malende had not joined the movement. She went to court to represent them but did not know they were part of the People Power group. And it happens to be the same time Hon. Kyagulanyi had come for a certain case. 

This was the time People Power noticed Malende. At the end of the court session, Chairman Nyanzi talked to her and was pleased with how she represented their people, the sacrifice she offered yet she wasn’t the party of the team. “He (Nyanzi) told Bobi about my potential.”

Nyanzi informed Bobi Wine about the lady he met and Malende was invited to their office. She was introduced and asked if it was okay for her to join the People Power legal team and she agreed. 

Malende was then unveiled to the head of legal team Benjamin Katana and then after some time, she was appointed as deputy to Katana and also doubles as the head of legal for People Power Women League.  

Today, Malende serves on the People Power/NUP legal team and also helps to represent the oppressed Ugandans ‘pro bono’. 

Malende says she chose to do political advocacy because she always wanted to fight against injustices in society. However, on whether she gets the office of Kampala City Woman legislator or not she will continue to pursue the cause for justice for the people of Uganda. 

Other considerations

Shamim Malende engages in charitable activities under a charity organization, Salam Charity which she subscribes to. They conduct activities like reach outs to the unprivileged, including widows and orphans, youth and women. 

shamim malende contestant Kampala City Woman seat
She is also a contestant Kampala City Woman Representative in the 2021 Uganda Parliamentary elections under NUP ticket.

Leisure time activities

Shamim Malende visits her parents in her free time. Spend time alone for self-evaluation, watch movies, reading books and listen to music particularly local music.

She as well spends her free time doing community sensitization, attending religious gatherings.

Favorite local artistes

Family and Relationships

Shamim Malende is single

However, on the qualities she needs in a man include; reality, honesty and transparency. “The challenges you have gone through don’t matter, but being open is the best. I don’t care about your mansions or the looks. I think it is basically the things that eyes can’t see.”

Malende allocates time for work and family and doesn’t let one overwhelm the other.

“The most important thing is to manage and keep time for home, work politics, parents and family. I allocate time. I don’t carry politics home unless I am seeking guidance or advice,” Malende says.


Shamim Malende is not an outgoing person. She’s too decisive and independent, “I most of the time don’t ask for help even when I need it.”

Malende is solution-oriented like a man; when she gets an issue, she will solve it immediately rather than crying for a week.

Best moment 

Shamim Malende has countless moments; however, emerging as one of the best students in her A-Level exams in the country and then studying law under government scholarship, graduating and pursuing LDC which is not easy and getting her practice is her best moment.