Who is Chairman Nyanzi Fred?
Who is Chairman Nyanzi Fred?

Who is Chairman Nyanzi Fred?¬†Flash Uganda Media¬†looks at his biography, age, family, politics, early life and education of Bobi Wine’s brother.

Nyanzi Fred commonly known as Chairman Nyanzi is a Ugandan politician, businessman, entrepreneur and a leader of the informal sector in the National Unity Platform commonly known as NUP. 

He was once a chairman LC 1 and LC 2 of Kamwokya division and because of his exceptional leadership, he was nicknamed chairman wattu. 

He is a brother to Eddy Yawe another musician in the Ugandan industry and also a brother to the Kyadondo East Member of parliament Robert kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias bob wine. 

He is also an aspiring member of parliament for Kampala central and he is on the National unity platform card.

Early life and education

Nyanzi Fred alias Chairman Nyanzi was born in 1971 in Gomba and he comes from the family of J . W Sentamu who is the father and Margret Nalunkuma was the mother and she was a nurse by profession. 

Nyanzi says he grew up in Buwaama and this was around 1975. 

Nyanzi is among the firstborn of J.W Sentamu who has other children that are ruling Uganda’s music industry including Bob wine, Eddy Yawe, Mickie wine, Banjo man, Daxx vibes and many more.  

His father was a veterinary officer and the owner of Bulaaya ranches which he lost when the 1980 liberation war started and his father opted to join the NRA in Luweero. 

Nyanzi attended various schools and this was because of the political instability that existed in the country at the time. 

He started his education journey from Kanoni primary then joined Kasaka, he then joined Bukalagi primary and he still joined another school known as st. Herman in Nkozi where he finished his primary five from. 

Fred later came to Kampala and started staying with his mother and it’s during this time that he joined city primary school where he finished his primary and he again changed and joined a school in kyotera known as Bikira demonstration school where he finished his primary seven from. 

After his primary, he joined Kololo high school where he joined a boxing team but didn’t pursue it because of the accident he got and later he journey Mitiyana SS where he finished his senior four from. 

After his O level, he joined Kololo high again where he finished his A-level from before joining Makerere University where he pursued a degree in Social sciences. 

His mother passed on in 1997 but she had made an establishment of in Kamwokya and had started a clinic in Kamwokya and that’s how he entered Kamwokya.  

Nyanzi said he did all kind of jobs to take care of the young ones and he recalls paying tuition for Bobi wine and Eddy Yawe at the university. They also had a business with Bobi wine which could deal in scrap and other small, mechanize. 

Nyanzi also had a music band that he used in promoting and singing but he says he made a lot of losses which made him quit the industry and gave the instruments to his young brother Eddy Yawe.

chairman nyanzi fred biography
Nyanzi has been criticized for his poor English and it came to notice during this campaign trail where he is a contesting as a Kampala member of parliament.

Work and experience 

#Political journey 

Nyanzi comes from a political family his grandfather Walakiira was among the leaders in the Democratic Party which are Uganda’s oldest party and was killed by the UPC government over his constant criticism to the government. 

His father J. W Sentamu was the chairman of the Democratic Party in Gomba district and at one time he was captured by the UPC government for being a rebel. Upon seeing this background this justifies why Nyanzi ended up in politics. 

He started as a chairman LC 1 in Kamwokya where he contested for two terms under the NRM party and he later went ahead to contest as an LC 2 chairman still in Kamwokya. 

After these two elective positions, Nyanzi decided to expand his political journey and he is going to contest as a Kampala member of parliament and he will tussling it out with the incumbent Mohammed Nserenko. 

While still a chairman Nyanzi is remembered for the development he put into Kamwokya and he left a big development in the area.

#Private life

Chairman Nyanzi Fred is a married man and this year she married his hubby Majorine Namukisa Katumba who they had spent the last 18 years together. 

The marriage took place in his home village and the party made the opposition big wigs to attend including his young brother kyagulanyi Sentamu. On the same party¬†Kampala‚Äės socialite Sipapa¬†also turned up and he gave the couple a million shillings which later caused a controversy.


Nyanzi has been accused of being corrupt when it came to the issue of giving out the NUP cards and various people especially Bajjo came out and accused him of asking money from candidates to receive the NUP cards yet the process was supposed to be free. 

He was also accused of s#x abuse and rumour had it that he had abused party female candidates to help them receive cards. In response, Nyanzi said these where allegations brought up to taint his image badly.

chairman nyanzi speaks english
Chairman Nyanzi with NUP Spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi.

Nyanzi has been criticized for his poor English and it came to notice during this campaign trail where he is a contesting as a Kampala member of parliament. 

The outstanding moment was when he was doing a debate on NXT radio and he failed to articulate issues which left most of the people wondering how he executes the duties of a legislator yet he can’t articulate issues in English.  

Nyanzi will be not the first politician to be elected into an elective position yet he can’t speak good English case in point the current parliament has Kato Lubwama who replaced Lukyamuzi in Lubaga south.

Kato has come out publicly and said that he cannot speak good English but also criticized those that speak good English saying if there slapped on the cheek they cry in the local languages and no wonder Kato has been among the worst performers in this parliament.