Bobi-Wine People Power movement -at-Magere
Don't use People Power movement as a stepping stone, Bobi Wine warns opposition politicians. Photo/Facebook

Bobi Wine warns politicians affiliated to People Power Movement against using it as a stepping stone to gain their political ambitions

At a function held at Kamwokya close to FireBase Studios on Sunday 1st of September, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine the Kyadondo East legislator, Proprietor Fire Base Crew and the People Power leader warned politicians against using People Power Movement as a platform for them to achieve heights in their political ambitions.

Bobi Wine in his message as he officially launched the red beret as an official attire for People Power Pressure Group, asked politicians affiliated to People Power to stop pretending to be on the movement yet, in reality, they are promoting their own party goals.

“If you show people that People power is the only way to get out of the problems they have but trying to promote your party or group, people will know,” Bobi Wine said.

Bobi Wine adds that People Power Movement is a group unifying all groups and classes of people who are tired of the regime purposely to bring change in the country, but rather not to be used as a stepping stone by politicians who seek to revive their political careers and parties.

“We come from various political parties, tribes and religions but this is not the opportunity to build your party or political futures. This is a chance to liberate Uganda.”

“Don’t vulgarise this. We give each other’s political party, tribe or religion respect but while coming here (to join people), these affiliations should be left in your houses. We have one mission here and that’s to be free. If Uganda is liberated, your party will also be liberated,” Bobi Wine further said.

Bobi Wine’s remarks come at a time when almost every politician from all political parties in Uganda claims to be part and in support of the c, because of its popularity.

Related to Bobi Wine’s remarks, Frank Gashumba, a motivational speaker in Uganda recently mentioned that People Power Pressure Group is being used by some ambitious politicians as a ladder to meet their political goals, but not truly in support of Bobi Wine’s mission.

Gashumba said those politicians’ who closely associate with Bobi Wine are hypocrites, they don’t love him in reality but rather want to use what he has to achieve what they want.

According to him, he’s the only person who truly loves Bobi Wine, because he doesn’t have any political goal like them.

“Those people you see with Bobi Wine and those who go to his home in Magere, don’t think they love him no! they move with him because he’s famous and has a ladder to tally them to parliament, they are opportunists, they will even stop picking his phone calls after reaching in parliament.