late Maria Nagirinya’s father
Nagirinya murder: President Museveni Sends Shs10m Condolence to Family of Woman Killed. file photo

President Museveni vows to apprehend Nagirinya’s murders, offers 10m shillings as a condolence to the family

In a telephone call to the late Maria Nagirinya’s father, Mr Francis Lubowa President Museveni promised to apprehend the suspected murders.

He said that he has already commanded the police to deal with killers accordingly.

Mr Lubowa during a requiem mass at St Peters Church, Nsambya on Sunday said that post mortem tests carried out at Nsambya Hospital indicated multiple fractures in the skull because her head was seriously beaten like a thief, away his daughter did not deserve to die.

“The president expressed dismay and told me he directed his security commanders to quickly apprehend the killers. He has also promised to send Shs10m as condolences,” Lubowa informed mourners while at St Peters Church Nsambya.

The mourners who had attended the requiem mass in huge numbers, tearfully expressed their grief as they waved fliers with Nagirinya’s picture.

Mr Fulugensio Jjuko, Executive Director of Community Integrated Development Initiative (CIDI) said that Nagirinya was a diligent servant who was ever ready to take up any task allocated to her.

Nagirinya aged 28 together with her driver Ronald Kitayimbwa was abducted from her gate in Lungujja Busega Community Zone, a Kampala suburb on Wednesday night as she waited for her sister to open the gate for her.

Her Sister says as she opened the gate, she saw a man pushing Nagirinya towards the back seat of the car as she cried out for help. She tried to follow up the car as she screamed but she couldn’t help her sister at the moment because the car highly speeded up.

Two days’ later, police recovered the body of Nagirinya and her driver Kitayimbwa on Friday 30th of August lying in a swamp at Nakitutuli Nama Sub-County, six kilometres from Mukono Town along Kayunga Road.

Their Bodies were covered up with dry grass and had bruises all-over the head and other parts of the body.

Nagirinya was a project manager for Lubaga and Nakawa water programs at Community Integrated Development Initiative (CIDI), a Non- Governmental Organisation based in Muyenga a Kampala City suburb.

But before her body was recovered, police found her Spacio registration number UBA570v dumped at Kitooro Zone in Nateete, Rubaga Division.

However, police have one suspect already detained at the Central Police Station in Kampala, concerning the murder of Nagirinya and Kitayimbwa. But the intention of the murder is not yet established.