Supreme Court Mabirizi appeal Kabaka
Supreme Court to start hearing of Mabirizi appeal against Kabaka. File Photo

Supreme Court ready to hear Mabirizi’s appeal case against the Kabaka of Buganda

Mabirizi appeal against Kabaka set for AprilSupreme Court has constituted a five-member panel to hear City Lawyer, Kassim Male Mabirizi appeal case in which he contested the judgment that overturned the ruling mandating the Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi 11 to provide all bank statements indicating financial transactions made by the Buganda Land Board.

In this case, Mabirizi was challenging the collection of land fares ‘Busuulu’ from people occupying the Buganda Land.

According to Mabirizi, it’s a violation of people’s rights and freedoms to property.

The charges were between shs100.000 and shs600.000 which was compulsory registration fee for every Buganda Land occupant.

But court cancelled Mabirizi’s appeal indicating that it was illegal because Mabirizi did not prove to the court that his actions were a representation of people whose rights have been violated by the Kabaka.

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As a result, Mabirizi filed an appeal to the Supreme Court against the ruling, where he submitted 44 grounds among them include; failure by the Court of Appeal Justices to give dates on which their respective rulings were written thereby leaving blank spaces, which according to Mabirizi was illegal.

Mabirizi appeal against Kabaka
Mabirizi court appeal against Kabaka of Buganda set for April

In his argument, Mabirizi clearly stated the judges were meant to indicate when the judgment was issued. Instead, Mabirizi says the Court of Appeal Judges decided to act their way contrary to what was adduced quoted before them initially.

Mabirizi now demands that the Kabaka avails all details of people occupying the Kabaka land including records of all money collected since 1993 from the occupants.

The panel of Justices to hear Mabirizi’s cast is led by Justice Faith Mwondha, Opio Aweri, Professor Lillian Tibatemwa, Paul Mugamba and Richard Buteera.

Mwondha the lead justice, in this case, announced the panel during a meeting held on Monday afternoon 10th, 03, 2020 in Kampala. It’s from where Mwondha ordered Mabirizi to file his written submission before March 10, 2020.

Mwondha as well directed Sarah Kisubi and Charlotte Nalumansi, Kabaka’s legal representatives to file their response by March 18, 2020. And for any rejoinders, Mwondha says should be made before March 23, 2020.

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Hearing of the case will be on April 9, 2020.

In October 2018, lawyer Mabirizi filed an appeal to the Supreme Court challenging the ruling issued by the judges led by Egonda Ntende after they nullified the High Court ruling issued by Judge Patricia Basaza.

Basaza had directed Buganda Land Board to avail bank statements, registers detailing all people living on Kabaka’s land from 1993.