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Suuna's style of mixing music using BPM (Beat Per Minute) that he named 'Ebinyanyanyanya' is what made him famous in Uganda. FILE PHOTO

Who is Suuna Ben? Flash Uganda Media looks at the biography, early life, age, education, work and experience, radio presenter on Bukedde, mixtape Deejay, relationship with Mbazira Tonny, Lovis Nabiyonga Mujuuka and family of Owebinyanyanya.

Suuna Ben aka Owebinyanyanya is a Ugandan renowned mixtape Deejay, celebrated Radio and TV Presenter, media personality, EMCEE, and Radio and Television show host at Bukedde, a brand of Vision Group. 

Suuna has a unique style of mixing music using BPM (Beat Per Minute) that he named ‘Ebinyanyanyanya’ that propelled him to fame in Uganda.

Early Life and Education

Suuna Ben a Muganda by ethnicity was born in Masaka District, Kimanya Village to the late Kayondo John, who died when Suuna Ben was in primary three and Namata Proscovia his mother, who still lives. He’s the second born to a family of seven. 

He attended Kimanya Nursery School, Kimanya primary school and then later Kijabwene primary school following the death of his father while in P.3. This was the school her mother could afford, till he completed P.7.

Suuna Ben later joined Masaka Technical Institute to study motor vehicle mechanics because her mother could not afford secondary school fees, but this attempt failed because her mother could not sustain his stay at school. 

Also, according to Suuna Ben, he had no passion for mechanics. So, he had to find odd jobs to make a living, he began selling music tapes using some of his father’s musical instruments.

Later, he began DJ work at functions just like his father who was a DJ.

After three years of hustling, Suuna Ben returned to school after attaining a scholarship at Drumbeat, a music and dance group. His musical talent attained him a scholarship, today Suuna Ben can play every musical instrument because of the Drumbeat.

Suuna Ben got admitted to Exodus Vocational School, Nyendo since he had a passion to become an electrical engineer. The school was both secondary and vocational school.

He skipped S.1 and began studying in S.2 because he thought he was too big to study S.1. However, in S.3, Suuna Ben missed the end of year exams because they had travelled to Sweden for a performance with his group, the Drumbeat.

And as a result, he had to repeat S.3 something he disliked. He decided to change the school without the knowledge of his sponsor, the head of Drumbeat who was sponsoring his education to join Stella Marris School, where he was offered a scholarship. 

After learning about Suuna Ben’s decision, his sponsor demanded an apology and he refused to apologize. This irritated his sponsor and decided to recall his scholarship but stayed with a drumbeat and received payment. 

Suuna Ben studied at Stella Marris and attained both his O’ & A’ Level certificates.

While at Stella Marris, Suuna Ben joined Karaoke at Club Idols, High Way Restaurant in Masaka, and then Club Topicano from where he attained money that sustained his studies. 

Then after senior six, he joined High Way Restaurant where he worked as a coordinator between waiters and cooks co-currently with his Karaoke work at Topicano.

Thereafter, Suuna Ben left the Karaoke job and joined Radio Equator after being spotted by one of the Karaoke attendants Dickson Sengonzi (RIP), and then later picked up by Buddu FM. 

He says he has never applied for any radio work in his life, stations just spot his talent.

Suuna Ben ever since secondary school dreamt of becoming an Electrical Engineer, but unfortunately his dream did not come to pass. He instead went into DJ work which gained him fame.

Suuna Ben and Mbazira Tonny own Streamline Avenue
Suuna Ben and Mbazira Tonny own Streamline Avenue together.

Work and Experience

Suuna Ben is a presenter and Dejeey on Bukedde Radio and Television, a brand of Vision Group owned by the government of the Republic of Uganda. 

He hosts programs like Bukedde Butya which airs on Bukedde FM from 6 am to 10 am on weekdays and ‘Oluyimba Lwo’ which airs on Bukedde TV 1, a lunchtime request.

His rise to fame began the time he got hired to host a programme on Bukedde stations.

He has made successful concerts in the five years he has been in Kampala includes; a concert held at Joogies Recreation Centre Bulenga that featured him and his friend, a radio presenter Mbazira Tonny with whom they managed to collect huge crowds, and at Fireboy’s maiden concert that happened in April 2022 at Cricket Oval in Kampala. 

Fireboy is a Nigerian Superstar and Guinness Pan African Black Shrine’s brightest influencer.

As a result, Suuna Ben became a household name in Uganda.

Other Responsibilities

Suuna Ben co-owns Streamline Avenue with his partner Mbazira Tonny. He as well runs a Salon Business

Net Worth

Unofficial reports claim that Suuna Ben has a net worth of UGX 132 million and a yearly income of UGX 27 million in 2021, the highest-earning year of his radio career.