MTN Kabode Supa Smartphone (1)

MTN Uganda introduced the Kabode Supa smartphone as part of their “pay Mpola Mpola” device financing program, which enables consumers to buy their smart phones over time. 

The Kabode Supa smartphone was introduced by MTN Uganda, the country’s largest telecom provider, as part of their “pay Mpola Mpola” device financing programme, which enables consumers to pay for their smartphones over time. 

MTN introduced the “pay Mpola Mpola” program to advance digital inclusion in the nation at a cost that is both reasonable and manageable.

A smartphone with internet access, the MTN Kabode Supa has a 5-inch screen, 3GB RAM, 8GB of storage, a 2 Megapixel (MP) front camera, an 8 Megapixel (MP) back camera, and a strong 5000 mAh battery. 

Only UGX 99,000 for the MTN Kabode phone

After making a little initial deposit of just UGX 99,000, MTN permits the consumer to leave with the Kabode Supa Smartphone. 

The customer will then need to make deposits of as little as UGX 833 a day for six months. 

Additionally, the Kabode Supa smartphone includes 2GB of MTN data included for free each month for the following seven months after purchase. Additionally, all data bundles bought in the first three months get a 100% bonus.

Purchasing the MTN Kabode Supa

Buying an MTN Kabode (1)

To fully own the phone, visit any MTN store nearby and make payment after first determining whether you qualify for the “Pay Mpola Mpola” program.

Verify Your Eligibility

Not every MTN customer qualifies to purchase the Kabode Supa Smartphone. Dial *165*5*2#, choose option 1, Check Eligibility, and then enter your MTN mobile money pin to see if you qualify for the smartphone. 

Go to any MTN store

To purchase the smartphone, visit the nearby MTN store or service location in your area. 

The customer service representative will request the first deposit of UGX 99,000 from you and inform you of the ongoing payments that you must make for the next six months. 

You will instantly be given a brand-new MTN Kabode Smartphone.

Make your payments

You will need to make daily, weekly, or monthly payments for the following six months after making the initial deposit.

You can pay a daily Installment of UGX 833 or a weekly instalment of UGX 6,250. Alternatively, you can also pay a monthly Installment of 25,000. 

To pay, simply add funds to your MoMo wallet equal to the amount of the instalment you wish to pay.

Press *165*5*2# and choose the second option (Pay Installment). Choose whether to pay for yourself or to pay for another number. 

Then, chose a suitable payment option and enter your MTN mobile money pin.

By dialling *165*5*2#, you can also check your loan status and mini-statement.

Total Cost of the Kabode Supa Smartphone

To fully purchase the MTN Kabode Supa Smartphone, you will need to pay a total of UGX 249,000

Therefore, buying the MTN Kabode Supa smartphone will be a good move if you urgently need a smartphone but cannot afford to pay the full amount at once.