The Success Story Of NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe

Who is Faridah Nakazibwe? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, early life, education and family of the Mwasuze Mutya morning show host at NTV Uganda.

You will agree with me that Faridah Nakazibwe is one of the most successful TV personality in Uganda, this is in relation to her work style, she has managed to remain on the top of the game for over 10 years.

Uganda is one of the African countries with most talented and hardworking TV personalities who understood and mastered the media business in Uganda and one of them is the amazing Faridah Nakazibwe of the popular Mwasuze Mutya morning show at NTV Uganda and a news anchor on the same station.

It’s unfortunate that her works haven’t been appreciated and amplified by the different media outlets, but like Flash Uganda Media we keep you posted.

First and foremost Faridah Nakazibwe is a Ugandan media executive, talk show host at Nations Media Group, Business woman, wife and a mother.

She is best known for her NTV program, NTV Kusawa Emu formerly NTV Akawungezi the best Luganda news hour of its kind in Uganda and her morning show Mwasuze Mutya on NTV and Spark TV, NTV’s sister Television. Statistics show that both these programs are one of the most viewed TV programs in Uganda.

Faridah Nakazibwe is rated among the best Luganda news Anchors in the country, in her soft spoken and kind voice yet perfect. She is also one of most influential women among media personalities in Uganda.

Faridah Nakazibwe is one of the most admired news anchors and TV show hosts in Uganda and a motivator and a role model to many.

The Success Story Of NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe
Faridah Nakazibwe in her leisure time

Faridah Nakazibwe – Early life and education

Nakazibwe was born on August 18, 1984, to the late Haji Shakib Ssenyonjo (father) and Hajat Sarah Ssenyonjo (mother), in Masaka District present-day Ssembabule district, after Masaka was divided into more districts.

She’s the second born in a family of seven and the first girl in the family. Growing up in Ssembabule, Nakazibwe in her early school times attended Kisozi Boarding Primary School, in Kisozi Gomba district.

And then moved to Bwala Primary School in Masaka town, after President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni acquired the land that hosted their school Kisozi Boarding P/S. Which he turned into Kisozi cattle farm.

Faridah Nakazibwe studied in Bwala Primary school and that’s where she obtained her Primary leaving certificate.

After her primary school, Faridah Nakazibwe joined Taibah High School in Kawempe Ttula, a City neighbourhood where she obtained her High School Certificate.

But before completion of her UACE, Nakazibwe says studied Luganda for only four terms at HSC, “I wasn’t good at one of my subjects and so I opted to study Luganda. I picked it up so fast.”

After Taibah High School, Nakazibwe joined Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU), Mbale Campus in Eastern Uganda for her higher Education where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.

Despite the strictness of rules and regulations at IUIU, Nakazibwe says it wasn’t difficult for her, as it applies to other girls.

“The strictness wasn’t an issue for me. I wasn’t used to hyper life. I didn’t go dancing at university. It was class, library and my room.”

Growing up as a young girl in Ssembabule, Nakazibwe says her early life rotated around school and home, and being the second born and first girl in the family of seven her parents were very protective of her and her siblings.

Even at University her parents would check on her always. But when her father died while she was still at University the strictness and protectiveness ended.

“My mother was a disciplinarian who would at times use a cane but Dad was softer to the extent that teachers and Children nicknamed him inspector. He used to travel to different regions depending on the season and he would pass by school and bring food and other eatables for almost everyone at school.”

Faridah Nakazibwe says at 18yrs after her senior six, that’s when she begun leaving home alone without her parent’s escort and doing things on her own.

The Success Story Of NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe
Faridah Nakazibwe at Serena Hotel

Work and experience

Before 2006, TV presentation wasn’t Nakazibwe’s thought career. At first her parent’s thought she would be a fashion artist or anything relating to that simply because she loved good clothes and beautifying her body.

But destiny landed her into Journalism. “I looked at all the options in journalism and the times we tried out the camera at University. I realised that I felt free in front of it then someone commented that camera is good on you.”

After University, Nakazibwe started working as a waitress for a period of one month. And later joined WBS Television in 2006, which no longer exist.

Nakazibwe says her first time broadcast on TV, was a difficult experience because she was told her voice was not a TV material, that she had to do much to qualify.

So, she focused on news reporting for a period of two years at WBS TV.

“My first shot was at WBS TV and I was at University. I was disappointed when they told me my voice wasn’t too good for TV. They said I still had long way to go but “we shall give you an opportunity.”

But after recounting this bad time experience, Nakazibwe now encourages people who may find the same, on their way to always stand strong and “don’t give up on your dream.”

And when NTV launched its operation in Uganda, Nakazibwe applied as a news reporter and editor. But during her interview session, the panel of interviewers asked her to read a written document and she emerged the best of all.

She was then recruited as a news anchor at NTV and her contract was signed in September 2006. December 2006, Nakazibwe started working at NTV Uganda until today.

She now hosts ‘Mwasuze Mutya program both on NTV and Spark. She drafted the program but it took her three years to convince management to initiate it.

Nakazibwe says Working at NTV helped her to grow, learn and make self-discoveries that would be hard to prove to the world that she can actually perform.

Faridah Nakazibwe – Life outside her career boundaries

In real life, Nakazibwe is soft spoken, humble, kind and beautiful as she appears on TV.

She is a businesswoman dealing in body fragrances called Faridah body mist. She unveiled the project sometime back on her social media platforms saying that; she has finally come up with own body mist products and they are now on sale.

Faridah Nakazibwe introduced Faridah Body Mist

She says they are imported products from UK, and manufactured by JK Taylor which cost only ugx 60k.

Faridah Nakazibwe – Dress code

Nakazibwe’s body looks are natural, a true definition of dark beauty, with popping eyes, a curved body and her dress code and style make her attractive. Decent in her body-hugging dresses that cause out her curves.

And during Ramadhan, she veils up her head and wears clothes that cover her whole body. Nakazibwe says she chooses her own clothes, doesn’t have a fashion artist.

Nakazibwe talks about her appearance

“I think I am one of the most unfit Ugandan women. I went to the gym for two weeks and when I missed one day, I never went back. I also used to go for Zumba but the timing of the classes wasn’t favourable for me.”

“The class was between 6pm and 8pm yet that is when we are busiest here at NTV. I think it’s God who should be thanked for how I look. Also my mother is 51 and even with the seven children she’s also a beautiful woman. I remember the plantation workers who used to come home used to call her Chaka Chaka.”

Faridah’s mother was a full time house wife until her children attained school going age and then joined her husband’s business of coffee processing.

Her good skin

According to Nakazibwe, she says she wasn’t particular about what she applied on her skin, until she travelled to Dubai just of recent and picked up Lancome skin products she currently uses, which improved her body texture.


Nakazibwe is not a politician, actually, she hates politics as she says but likes politician Dr Kiiza Besigye, the former presidential contestant and former FDC president.

Kind of foods Nakazibwe enjoys

She states that: “With this show (Mwasuze Mutya), I have learnt so much. I used to take a lot of junk but when Rosemary Nankabirwa passed away, I started thinking a lot about cancer. I hosted doctors on the show and I am now concentrating on traditional foods.”

Kind of music Nakazibwe loves

She says: “I love shows by the likes of Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and the Brandy’s. I also love Iryn Namubiru, Juliana and Rema.”

Family – Faridah Nakazibwe

Nakazibwe has two beautiful daughters with Dan Nankunda NTV’s station Engineer who stay with their mother most of the days and spends time with their Dad only during end weeks.

Dan was her first love who turned out to be the father of her two daughters. The two met at WBS where they formerly worked.

Nakazibwe states that she moved out of this relationship after noticing that it was based on what she calls ‘blind love’.

“There are things I wouldn’t have done if my dad was still living. Like being in a relationship with a non-Muslim or moving in with someone without my family’s approval” she said.

She proceeded to say that, it was the same issue with politician Hajji Mosses Kigongo. Her mother did not like the relationship, so she had to let go, what she says is one of the most awful state in her life.

Today Faridah Nakazibwe is currently happily married to Dr Omar Ssali.

The Success Story Of NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe
Faridah Nakazibwe and husband (Dr Omar Ssali)

And besides her job as a TV personality, Nakazibwe recently started dealing in perfumes where she unveiled personalised perfumes for her fans and fashion lovers in Uganda which have currently received a positive attitude from the customers. The brand name of her perfumes is Faridah body mist

In conclusion, you can’t talk about news anchoring and morning shows and ignore Nakazibwe who has hosted almost all prominent personalities like Juliana Kanyomozi, Bobi wine, Eddy Kenzo, Rema Namakula, Geosteady, Barbie and many others.

Like earlier mentioned, Faridah Nakazibwe is one of the most successful female TV presenters to ever appear on any TV stations ten years. In her journey from WBS TV to one of the biggest stations in East Africa, this success has been attributed to several factors.

Let’s discuss a few of the many factors that have enabled Nakazibwe to make it to the top;

  • Professionalism.

We shouldn’t be discussing Nakazibwe’s journey as a TV presenter if she wasn’t a well behaved and professional star. Unlike some other ‘beautiful’ Female TV personalities who tend to disrespect workmates, fans and the people around them, Nakazibwe treats most of her visitors at Mwasuze Mutya with respect and love. I should mention the incident when Nakazibwe hosted an 18 year old Chosen Becky who partially dominated the last part of 2018 with her Bankuza tune. Being a teenager, some people would treat her as a kid but Nakazibwe did the opposite. Professionalism is one of the pillars that have enabled different individuals to rise to the helm of their careers.

  • Dress Code

Faridah Nakazibwe is popular among the Muslims (her religion) and among the Christians partly because of her decent and honourable dress code. Her sense of fashion, style of dresses has enabled her attracted many followers most especially people in the corporate world and this has worked as an inspiration to other personalities like Rema Namakula, Barbie Itungo among others and we adore this. This might be the reason why several individuals have resorted to buying her perfumes. Kudos Faridah.

  • Calmness

What do you call being calm? Is Nakazibwe a calm person to you? To the many that have worked and associated themselves with NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe describes her as a very calm, polite and down to earth person and this has triggered more support for her in return. Like the saying goes, you lose nothing but gain everything when you remain calm.

  • NTV Uganda being a big station

We should also not undermine the role that NTV Uganda has played to enable Faridah Nakazibwe obtain all this fame and popularity no wonder she was less known during her stay at WBS TV. Having been offered one of the biggest and most watched shows, NTV Akawungeezi and Mwasuze Mutya, Nakazibwe with her talent and vocal strength has been able to exploit these opportunities. The audience NTV Uganda has given Faridah for all these years should also be appreciated and credited for the success of the Mwasuze mutya queen.

  • Her team and workmates

Who will talk about the amazing Cameramen, producers, management and workmates with Faridah Nakazibwe if not us? The fact is behind every successful TV personality, there is a creative and hardworking producer who struggles to put the content on the table well positioned on a daily basis. Nakazibwe’s success is a combined effort from the makeup artists, fashion designers, cameramen and so much.

  • Experience and persistence

Since 2006 Faridah Nakazibwe has been to different stations struggling to improve her vocal abilities, gestures and so much more. Like any career, success in the TV business is worked for and I believe that the 13 year old experience and persistence has contributed to her success.

There several other factors like the peak hours of her shows, respect, discipline, active and well updated social media handles, ability to win arguments and scandals among other factors.

  • Beauty and Physical Appearance.

Like it or not Faridah Nakazibwe is a beautiful woman, very confident and she has good appearance while on TV. Beauty and looks are necessities for people who present on TVs because they attract people to watch such programs. For Faridah Nakazibwe, her beauty and appearance are not a subject of debate.

Therefore it’s not a mistake to brand Nakazibwe a huge success.

At Flash Uganda Media, we celebrate you Faridah and the achievements you have earned ever since you started TV presenting in 2006.


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