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causes of TikTok ban
It is true that you can be banned from TikTok and depending on the severity of the violation, TikTok may suspend or ban your account from performing some platform-based activities.

A TikTok ban may also be applied to a device in order to prevent subsequent accounts from being created. This article describes the different causes of TikTok bans and tips for avoiding them.

If you receive a TikTok ban, you should know that it is real and TikTok may suspend or ban your account permanently on its platform based on the severity of the violation you have committed.

TikTok will tell you if your account is temporarily prevented from uploading a video, commenting, sending direct messages, editing your profile, and starting a LIVE stream. 

On occasion, TikTok may restrict your account to a read-only state (typically between 72 hours and one week). During this period, your account cannot post, send direct messages, or interact with any content on the platform.

TikTok will tell you after multiple offences that your account may be permanently banned. This means that the account will be permanently banned from TikTok if the activity persists. 

Violating TikTok’s zero-tolerance policy, such as posting anything depicting child sexual abuse, can result in the permanent suspension of your account. 

TikTok may also block a device to prevent the creation of subsequent accounts. This article contains the different causes of a TikTok ban.

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Misinformation, impersonation, and spam

Your TikTok account is at risk of suspension if you engage in any sort of spam or fraudulent engagement. 

Sharing anything that encourages fraudulent involvement, such as the purchase or sale of views, likes, follows, shares, or comments, is also prohibited by TikTok’s community guidelines. 

Impersonation, or creating a TikTok account using someone else’s information with the goal to deceive others, is also grounds for expulsion. 

You could also be banned from TikTok if you spread false information that could harm an individual or a community.

Intimidating Threats

Blackmailing someone by threatening to hack their account is another way to get your TikTok account deleted. 

You can also be banned from TikTok if you share content that threatens to disclose the personal information of another user.

Posting Content That Encourages Illegal Conduct

If you post or stream films that advocate illegal acts, you risk being removed from TikTok. This includes posts depicting acts of bodily harm, human exploitation, illicit wildlife trading, or any other violation of the law.

You may not additionally post anything that teaches others how to engage in criminal activity. 

Sharing content that repeatedly promotes the use of firearms, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco can also result in a ban from TikTok.

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If you spread false information that harms an individual or a community, you may also be banned from TikTok. PHOTO/COURTESY

Sharing Violent or Sexual Material

TikTok prohibits the posting or streaming of content that is “gratuitously shocking” or “glorifies extreme violence or suffering.” 

If you’re a fan of horror movie clips, you may not like this, but TikTok prohibits the posting or streaming of content that is “gratuitously shocking” or “glorifies extreme violence or suffering.” 

This includes the publishing of graphic movies depicting accidents and injuries.

This is entirely understandable given the platform’s high youth engagement. There is the removal of content that portrays harm being inflicted on humans or animals, and the eventual permanent ban of users who repeatedly publish violent content.

The act of posting content that depicts or glorifies self-harm is prohibited

TikTok prohibits anything that portrays or promotes self-harm in any way. Suicide, self-harm, and eating disorders-promoting content can result in expulsion from the platform.

In the same way, it is against TikTok’s community guidelines to publish content that encourages participation in harmful behaviours in a “non-professional context.” 

Repeatedly sharing content that promotes amateur stunts and other potentially dangerous games might result in a TikTok suspension.

Sexually Explicit Content Distribution

Posting content that portrays or promotes sexual exploitation or nudity, in general, may result in a TikTok ban. 

Content that celebrates grooming and other sorts of harmful activities involving kids is in violation of TikTok’s community guidelines and can result in account termination.

Distributing Content That Endangers Public Safety

If you intend to use TikTok, you must refrain from uploading content that incites or advocates violence on the application. 

Advocating, directing, or encouraging others to commit acts of violence is grounds for account termination on TikTok.

Repeatedly uploading content that promotes violence or terrorist attacks results in a ban.