TikTok views in Uganda (1)
The following are our tips for getting more Tiktok views after posting a video in Uganda and beyond.

The key to getting more Tiktok views is to make sure your video is high quality, and interesting, use hashtags and trending topics, post at peak times, and promote it on social media. 

Here is our guide to being successful on Tiktok in Uganda and beyond.

Getting started

With over two million active users, TikTok is one of Uganda’s fastest-growing social networks that allows users to post short videos of themselves.

As TikTok becomes increasingly popular in Uganda, making videos about mom pranks or doughnut cereal is only the first step toward establishing a successful presence.

For some essential tips on increasing TikTok views, continue reading. 

Incorporate hashtags into your videos

Hashtags are an extremely effective tool in your TikTok arsenal. It’s how TikTok’s all-powerful algorithm determines what you’re posting about and who might be interested in watching it.

Hashtags are also important for assisting users in finding your content via search. One approach is to go niche with specific hashtags relevant to your audience and topic.

Keep it brief and to the point

Though TikTok videos can now be up to three minutes long, videos that are less than 30 seconds long are more likely to end up on the FYP (“For You” page). 

It’s also more likely that someone will watch something fast-paced a second or third time.

Hashtags aren’t the only TikTok feature with their own trend cycle. TikTok Sounds’ popularity ebbs and flows as well

Keep your eyes (well, ears—the auditory system’s eyes, if you will!) peeled for recurring sound clips that you may be able to riff on as well.

Determine your target audience

There’s a TikTok sub-genre for everyone, from the oh-so-literary BookTok to a thriving rug-tufting community. 

Determine who you want to hang out with, and then observe popular accounts in those communities to see what hashtags, formats, and references they may be used to inspire your own related content.

Consider watching a how-to video

TikTok’s educational content performs exceptionally well, so get into know-it-all mode and share your knowledge with the world.

How-to videos are especially popular, but even answering a frequently asked question or shedding light on an unexpected aspect of your industry, job, or product can be a refreshing break from the never-ending danceathon.

Try out some duets

TikTok’s Duets feature is an excellent way to capitalise on an already popular video in order to increase your own views.

Duets allow you to share a split-screen with another user’s video to sing along, make a funny dialogue, or give your opinion and piggyback on some tried-and-true content to amass your own sweet, sweet views.

Work with an influencer or a special guest

Bringing in some outside voices into your TikTok videos is an easy way to access a new audience, whether you’ve hired an influencer or celebrity guest star or teamed up with another brand for a cross-over opportunity.

Distribute your TikTok videos on other social media platforms

TikTok is probably part of your larger social media strategy, and you’re probably active on a few other platforms as well. 

Share video teasers on other platforms to entice people to visit your TikTok.

getting more TikTok views in Uganda (1)
Post your video on Tiktok at peak times, use hashtags, use trending topics, and promote your video on social media to get more views in Uganda.

Maintain their interests

While it is true that users only need to watch a fraction of a second of your video to earn a “view,” it is critical to keep them watching until the end.

This is due to the TikTok algorithm prioritising videos with a high completion rate. It aspires to provide high-quality content as For You Page recommendations.

Don’t forget to include a caption

Although you only have 150 characters to work within your TikTok caption, they can be very useful. 

Your caption is an opportunity to tell viewers why they should watch your video (hopefully all the way to the end — see above!) or to start a conversation in the comments.

Sign up for TikTok Creator or TikTok Business

TikTok’s pro accounts will not give you an advantage in the FYP, but both the Creator and Business accounts will provide you with metrics and insights that will help you better understand and analyse your audience.

It’s simple to switch to a TikTok Business or Creator profile. Simply navigate to “Manage Account” and choose “Switch to Business Account.” Choose the most appropriate category, and you’re ready to delve into the data!

Post your video at the appropriate time

If you post when no one is using the app, you will almost certainly not get the views you desire. 

Check your account analytics to see when your followers are active, so you can post your latest video at the perfect time for maximum exposure.

Make several videos per day

Things move quickly in the TikTokaverse. Don’t be concerned about oversaturating your followers: just get creative and produce quality content. 

TikTok actually recommends posting 1-4 times per day.

Make high-quality videos

If you’re not going to say it, we’ll say it for you: duh.

People will be more likely to watch your videos if they look good (good lighting and sound quality, some catchy edits).

TikTok also prioritises high-quality videos on the FYP, so you’ll want to give them the best. Shoot in vertical format, with sound and effects.