The Semuliki Safari Lodge

You may not know where to stay while on safari in Semuliki National Park, so let’s explore the best lodges for accommodation around the park.

We’ll show you the best lodges for accommodation around Semuliki National Park in case you’re not sure where to stay during your safari in Semuliki National Park.

There’s no need to worry though because there are many lodges for accommodation around Semuliki National Park. To have a successful Ugandan safari, you should check out these lodges that we are about to share. 

Some of them can be found inside while others are outside the park.

Among the ones, we’ll be talking about include Nyati Game Lodge, Semuliki Safari Lodge, Hotel Vanilla, and a few others. By the end of this article, you’ll know where you want to stay because we try to share the most important details about each of the lodges and the perks that make them recommendable. 

Let’s dive straight into the best lodges for accommodation around Semuliki National Park.

lodges in semuliki national park

Semuliki National Park Accommodation: 6 of the Best Lodges for Tourists

Semuliki Safari Lodge

The Semuliki Safari Lodge is a top-notch luxury lodge next to the Tooro Semuliki Game Reserve. You’ll notice that this lodge is built in the traditional African style with thatched cottages. It’s really beautiful to see. 

They have an amazing administration and staff that take care of every guest in the most professional and friendly manner. Also, their meals are nicely prepared. They have cozy tents that are all very welcoming and comfortable for any stay. 

The maximum number of guests that Semuliki Safari Lodge can accommodate and provide an authentic wilderness experience is 18. 

For visitors on a romantic journey, you’ll enjoy sleeping under canvas, especially in lodges’ golden-hued tents with shining hardwood flooring. They’re simply the best.

The tents are additionally covered by a substantial thatch roof and come with en-suite bathrooms with running water, flush toilets, and hot showers. 

They like to make morning deliveries of tea or coffee for all their guests. Imagine sipping a cup of nicely made tea as you sit on your balcony while taking in the view. 

accommodation in semuliki national park

The lodge has a private pool, a lounge, and a restaurant, including a bar that is fully equipped with all sorts of drinks. During your stay at this lodge, you may go bird watching in the Semuliki Forest, or visit the Sempaya Hot Springs.

Nyati Game Lodge

Nyati Game Lodge semuliki

In the Semuliki wildlife reserve, close to Lake Albert’s shoreline, lies the Nyati Game Lodge. This is the best place for travelers searching for a posh tented camp. Nyati Game Lodge offers nothing short of that. 

The lodge features an exciting array of stone canvas exteriors, lovely wooden floors, and windows that let in cool breezes. We can’t even begin to explain the stunning views of Lake Albert from this lodge. Everything about it is designed in the style of African architecture. 

About their food, the lodge offers bush dinners and bush breakfasts to ensure that you have an incredible experience during your visit to Semuliki National Park. It is the best place to unwind before and after your safari experience.

The Nyati Game Lodge also has a cafĂ© with a full bar that is equipped with a variety of alcoholic beverages. They also feature 5 luxury tents that are ideal for honeymooners, adventurers, and those who love the great outdoors. 

They feature cozy bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, free coffee or tea, and toiletries. You will see many primates, numerous bird species, forest elephants, leopards, buffaloes, and crocodiles while staying at Nyati Game Lodge. You will also enjoy the lovely views of the savannah.

Hotel Vanilla – Semuliki National Park

Hotel Vanilla is located in the village of Bundibugyo district. We highly recommend it for visitors looking for affordable lodging around Semuliki National Park. 

It features 7 spotless rooms with showers, nearby restaurants with nicely prepared food, and a bar with a wide selection of drinks.

Here, tourists have a good opportunity of seeing a variety of bird species, primates like olive baboons, red-tailed monkeys, and black and white monkeys, as well as visit the Sempaya hot springs, while staying at hotel Vanilla.

UWA Bandas and Cottages Semuliki

Most Semuliki National Park visitors prefer starting their journey by exploring the Semuliki forest. Others would rather kick it off with the nature walk to Sempaya Hot Springs. For all this, the Uganda Wildlife Authority offers campgrounds and Bandas at Bumaga. They are 2.5 kilometers away from the Sempaya tourism hub. 

For tourists interested in camping specifically, Semuliki National Park has enough space, however, you must transport your camping supplies. If this is your choice, you may place orders for meals to be prepared at this lodge. They can also rent out cooking equipment.

For guests staying at the UWA Bandas, you have a good possibility of seeing primates including red-tailed monkeys, vervet monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, and baboons, as well as animals like forest elephants and several bird species.

Ntoroko Game Lodge

Ntoroko Game Lodge semuliki

The Ntoroko Game Lodge offers mid-range accommodation for visitors. It can be found in the Semuliki Wildlife Reserve. The lodge’s luxurious tent accommodations are close to Lake Albert’s stunning, undeveloped sand beaches. 

Visitors who want seclusion and are on a honeymoon should stay at Ntoroko Game Lodge. The lodge boasts lovely timber flooring and fashionable stone exteriors with fantastic views of Lake Albert. 

There are single and double rooms with fans, safes, heaters, and private balconies. It’s among the best lodges for accommodation around Semuliki National Park.

Kirimia Guest House

Kirimia Guest House semuliki park

100 meters from the Kirimia Trail Head, in the Kirimia Village, lies the budget-friendly and simple Kirimia Guest House. It’s located along the road leading to Bundibugyo town, 10 kilometers from Sempaya. It provides a close experience with the Semliki National Park.

The guesthouse is well-liked by tourists since it provides reasonably priced but high-quality rooms. On request, meals can be served in completely self-contained rooms. 

Visitors to this guesthouse can utilize it as a starting point to go on game drives, go bird watching, and view primates like chimpanzees and Colobus monkeys because it is built close to the Kirimia Head Trail (for birding) and the park headquarters in Ntandi.

How to get to Semuliki National Park

Semuliki National Park may be reached by road by two roads in the Bundibugyo district of southwest Uganda; 4WD vehicles are recommended for both routes, especially if you’re traveling from Kampala.

The quickest route travels about 180 kilometers and takes about 4-5 hours. That is the Kampala-Fort Portal through the Mubende route.

The second route is Kampala-Masaka through Mbarara and Kasese. It takes 7-8 hours and 465 kilometers. Although it’s longer than the first route, you have the opportunity to stop at additional locations along the way, such as Lake Mburo and Queen Elizabeth national parks.


These are the best lodges for accommodation around Semuliki National Park. After this, you may visit other western tourist destinations in Uganda. 

Some of those can be Queen Elizabeth National Park for wildlife viewing, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park for mountain gorilla trekking, and Kibale Forest National Park for chimpanzee tracking. 

There’s also Mgahinga Gorilla National Park where you may spot the rare golden monkey when you go tracking. There are so many places to visit when you come to Uganda. We hope you choose the best lodges for accommodation around Semuliki National Park.