tourist activities around Lemala Wild Waters Lodge

There are a number of tourist activities surrounding Lemala Wild Waters Lodge that you must take part in if you are interested in going.

The breathtakingly gorgeous Lemala Wild Waters Lodge is located in the middle of Uganda’s mighty River Nile. It’s in a lush jungle on its island. 

Tourists can only access it by boat, something that makes it an adventurous place to visit.

At the lodge are private decks with magnificent free-standing baths and washbasins attached to the traditionally thatched apartments.

 You may unwind in comfort on this island paradise while listening to the thunder of the Nile rapids. Or, you could do something else that makes your blood boil.

Lemala Wild Waters Lodge offers tourists a buffet of activities to participate in when they visit. Some of them are straightforward and don’t require any experience while others do. 

In this article, we share the tourist activities around Lemala Wild waters Lodge that you must try out. Are you ready to discover what they are? Let’s get straight into them.

Tourist Activities around Lemala Wild waters Lodge 

Bungee jumping

At Lemala Wild Waters Lodge, bungee jumping is one of the most thrilling and highly loved tourist activities. How does it work? Simple. This type of jumping entails leaping from a platform with two linked legs attached to a bungee cord. 

It is not necessary to have prior experience to participate in the activity, but one should still mentally prepare before doing so.

Two types of ties are used to bind the participants: a whole-body tie that allows them to flutter like butterflies and an ankle tie that pulls their faces down. Before you lift off, the instructor counts from 1 to 3 and then says, “Bungee.”

What sets bungee jumping apart? One of the most breathtaking sights possible can be seen by diving down a tower and touching the Nile. 

The most exhilarating part of falling freely and softly rebounding repeatedly until you eventually touch the water. 

White Water Rafting 

Lemala Wild Waters Lodge white water rafting

It wouldn’t be a complete safari if you visited Lemala Wild Waters Lodge and didn’t go white water rafting. It’s considered the ultimate adventure activity, especially for those that love the thrill. 

There are several rafting packages to choose from. The first one is, Grade 5 extreme rafting, Grade 3 full day raft, and Grade 2 family float.

White water rafting on the Nile River is the kind of activity that will keep your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping. As you raft on the waves, you can expect a bunch of surprises like getting in the water. 

Everything is of course handled with extreme caution and for the safety of the participants.

Bird Viewing

This is a paradise for bird lovers. From turacos and cuckoos to hawks and eagles, Lemala Wild Waters Lodge is a great place to see some of the more than 1000 bird species that Uganda is known for. 


Fishing at lemala lodge

From the lodge, tourists can go fishing and cast their line into the River Nile to catch the fantastic and abundant Nile Perch.

First-time fishers could also use this as a learning opportunity or perfect their skills.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding at Lemala Wild Waters Lodge

Horse Riding is a leisure activity that allows tourists to gain insight into the origins of the Nile River’s banks—the longest river in Africa. On this journey, tourists will enjoy the surroundings. It is incredibly fascinating and enchanting.

Horse riding at Lemala Wild waters Lodge does not require skills and experience. A safari team at the lodge offers basic skill training before starting the activity. This is especially for first-time riders.

Riders are trained on how to control the horse according to their pace. It’s because horses are sensitive creatures that will want to understand what you want them to do. It also creates a safe and calm ride experience.

Kayaking or Hammock Kayaking

On the flat water portion of the renowned White Nile, choose to go kayaking. Better yet, you may utilize a stand-up paddle board to explore the jungle and tropical islets. 

This activity is both easy and fun. It doesn’t require one to be experienced at all. So, both adults and children can enjoy whatever age.

A guide could amuse you with local stories and share his expertise on the fauna that inhabits this sanctuary. You could also choose to relax and appreciate mother nature free from any interferences.

Quad Biking

Quad Biking is among the tourist activities around Lemala Wild waters Lodge that is good for friends and family.

It’s another activity perfect for adrenaline junkies. You can feel the rush go through your entire body.

This activity involves one riding off-road or on muddy roads using quad bikes. It’s not age restrictive meaning anyone can participate.

While quad biking, tourists can see the source of the Nile from a whole other perspective plus the lush greenery that surrounds the location.

Before the biking happens, a set of rules is given to all participants. For example no overspeeding or steering off to the wrong tracks. All this for safety reasons of course.

Nile Cruise

Countless activities happen on the Nile. We have already mentioned most of them. The likes of kayaking, rafting, and bungee jumping

However, for those who prefer to sit back, relax and cruise around the Nile, the Nile Cruise option is also available.

While on this boat cruise, tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery and watch birds and other animals that come to drink. It’s also an opportunity to recognize and admire the humble nature of the Nile. 

Food and refreshments are also served on the cruise to add more fun to the party. Isn’t this an activity worth participating in? We think it is!


And those are the tourist activities around Lemala Wild Waters Lodge. You must try at least one or all of them to have an unforgettable experience.

For tourists planning to visit, it’s important to keep time. Due to the nature of the river, tourists must be there before 5 pm for safety purposes.

All crossings are strictly private and aren’t shared with any other person apart from the acting general manager at Lemala Wildwaters Lodge.

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