Top tourist destinations in Jinja uganda
The Source of the Nile Bridge, also New Jinja Bridge

Located on the eastern border of Uganda, near Lake Victoria, Jinja offers a variety of tourist attractions out of this world.

The tourist attractions in Jinja are unimaginable. Jinja is located on the eastern border of Uganda, near the shores of Lake Victoria.

Almost every tourist that has visited Uganda has been there.

 The location offers visitors a variety of thrilling activities that they can participate in.  

In Uganda, Jinja is like the Disney land of tourists. The region has a wide range of lakes, bridges, waterfalls, and dams. All these provide tourists with numerous chances for sightseeing and adventure.

Need more proof? In this article, we share with you the top 10 tourist attractions in Jinja.

Owen Falls dam

owen falls dam jinja uganda

Owen Falls Dam is a place you can never forget after a visit. It’s also known as Nalubaale Power Station. The close connection between the dam and Victoria Lake is the reason behind the name.

The Nalubaale Power station was constructed to generate electricity for Uganda and its neighboring country Kenya. It’s such a visually satisfying area. You’ll see it once you get there.

The dam offers spots for bird watching, admiring the waterfalls, picnic spots, and listening to nature’s calming sounds.

Source of the River Nile

The source of the Nile jinja

The River Nile is the world’s longest river. Wondering where you can find its source? Simply visit Jinja! But do you know where this river’s source is? 

This gorgeous waterway’s source offers guests amazing possibilities to appreciate nature. You can see birds fly about freely, listen to captivating water noises, and experience wild water waves. It’s an experience like no other.

While there tourists can participate in a variety of entertaining activities, all at the Niles source. 

Some of these activities include kayaking on the lake, going for a boat cruise, crafting, fishing, sightseeing rare birds, bungee jumping, and quad biking.

These activities can be done every day from 8:30 am to 6 pm

Kyabazinga Royal Palace

Kyabazinga Royal Palace Igenge

Enjoy your tour to the magnificent Kyabazinga Royal Palace and experience what it’s like to be royalty.

The roots of the kingdom are still present in Uganda’s contemporary culture.

This palace, which is located in Jinja’s Igenge district, attracts the interest of every other traveler.

Nile Discovery Resort

If you’re looking for a unique place to stay while in Jinja, we have one in mind. Nile Discovery Resort, located on Kayunga Road is our recommendation among the best tourist attractions in Jinja to visit.

This resort is one of a kind because of the setting, the surroundings, and the ambiance. It’s a classy place to stay at.

Additionally, this resort’s grounds are large enough to accommodate any desired outdoor activity.

The resort is surrounded by the Source of the Nile, Speke Memorial Monument, and the Victoria Nile. There are also bars and pubs nearby including an amazing beach.

Jinja Central Market

Jinja Central Market tourist attractions in Jinja

You can’t possibly travel to Jinja and return empty-handed. Jinja Central Market offers avenues for you to do some shopping.

You may expect to find unique art or souvenir speciality stores in Jinja, particularly if you are traveling there from outside of Uganda, to meet your needs.

There are tens of thousands of different vendors at Jinja Central Market.

You would only need to visit Jinja Central Market because they have everything. They include apparel, sports equipment, traditional goods, and arts and crafts, among other things 

Bujagali Falls 

Bujagali Falls are an important stop when visiting Jinja because they are a part of the Nile River.

Visitors from all across Jinja and Uganda will love Bujagali Falls because of the excitement it brings. It also has a lovely dam in addition to the impressive waterfall. 

Most people flock there to take pleasure in the waters’ mysterious nature. Bujagali offers perfect grounds for a picnic with family and friends. 

Aside from the waterfalls, it has soothing greenery and opportunity for recreational opportunities.

Speke Memorial Monument

In the Jinja city of Bukaya, there is a cultural and historical landmark called the Speke Memorial Monument. 

The local community places a high value on the fact that the river is named after John Hanning Speke. He identified the River Nile’s source.

It holds a great deal of attraction for people who are interested in historic buildings and customs. The location is intended to provide visitors from all around Uganda with a variety of activities in addition to its historical value.

While you are crossing the gorgeous bridge to Jinja, you cannot help but notice the magnificent view of Speke Memorial Monument.

Itanda falls

itanda falls tourist attractions eastern uganda

Among the top 10 tourist attractions in Jinja is Itanda Falls. You’re bound to fall in love with this place. It’s only about 27 kilometers from Jinja. 

And, like most places in Jinja, it is more than just a waterfall.

Tourists can expect a lot when they visit Itanda Falls. They can go water rafting or kayaking, participate in traditional dances with the locals, or play a sport.

Most visitors enjoy this extraordinary voyage of the waterfalls. Some people even prefer going to Itanda Falls to any other place. 

This is because there’s a variety of activities to participate in. Remember, it’s a Disney land for tourists.

Ripon falls

Ripon Falls is another fascinating destination in Jinja.

The breathtaking Ripon Falls can be found towards the end of Lake Victoria while you are moving away from the Nile’s source in the north.

Due to its massive water flow and similarities to Victoria Lake, it was once thought to be the source of the River Nile. Visitors are perplexed by the breathtaking views of water falling from great heights.

You would be forced to consider how powerful Uganda’s natural resources are by the enormous water flow.

Mabira Forest 

Mabira Forest is one of Uganda’s largest remaining tropical rainforests. 

Unfortunately, because of urbanization and human activity, a substantial portion of it has been destroyed. Although it has shrunk from its former extent, those who enjoy the outdoors can still engage in thrilling adventures there. 

Right between Mukono and Jinja, in the Buikwe district, is the Mabira forest. Camping, bird viewing, and nature walks are the major activities to do in Mabira Forest.

Jinja Nile Bridge 

tourist attractions in Jinja

The new and iconic cable-stayed bridge at the source of the Nile in Jinja is such a picturesque location. 

It has 72 harp-like white cables that connect the bridge deck to the two 69-meter tall inverted-Y pylon towers. In East Africa, it is the second of its sort after Tanzania’s 680-meter-long Kigamboni Bridge.

Everything about the Source of the Nile Bridge, also New Jinja Bridge is enormous. It’s a structure like no other in Uganda.

This 525-meter-long bridge was commissioned by Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni on October 17, 2018. 

It serves as a busy import-export route for Uganda through Kenya. This, as a result, gives Uganda’s economy a safety net especially being a landlocked country.


Jinja is a place for people that love the thrill. It’s a place that’s guaranteed to make anyone that loves nature come alive. 

All the tourist attractions in Jinja we’ve shared offer a range of activities. It’s up to you to decide which ones best suit you. Otherwise, you’ll enjoy your time in Jinja as a tourist destination.