UCC summons Top TV management over 'Cocktail' show
UCC suspends Cocktail show, summons Top TV management

UCC summons Top TV management after ‘Cocktail’ presenter’s attack on Miss Uganda

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has summoned the management of Top TV on allegations that one of its prominent programme regarded as “Cocktail show” particularly aired on 20 April 2020 at 8:00 AM was in breach of the Minimum Broadcasting Standards.

According to UCC, the Cocktail show moderator acted in a manner that was disrespectful towards Miss Uganda, Oliver Nakakande, who was the show’s guest on that day.

UCC says that during the show, the programme moderator, Joan Nakintu Lule on notable occasions attacked the Miss Uganda in a manner that was widely perceived by many viewers as unprofessional.

Relatively, UCC also says that video footage for that day’s show has also been circulating on different social media platforms giving a clear image of what portrayed that day.

As a result, the Commission wrote to Top Television on 22 April 2020, indicating that one member from the general public issued a complaint towards the station for broadcasting unbalanced programmes.

In the same letter, UCC says that the complainant also stated that most Top TV show moderators are unprofessional in particular citing the “Cocktail” programme that aired on 20 April 2020 at 8 am as an example.

“The complainant alleges that during the broadcast of the show “Cocktail”, the presenter or host was unprofessional, failed to meet journalistic principles or ethics, and thus breached the broadcasting standards,” the UCC Ag. Executive Director Irene Kaggwa 

Sewankambo mentioned in a letter to Top TV dated 22 April 2020.

It added: “The complainant further alleges that during the show, Ms Nakintu Joan Lule as a host of the program was unfair, lacked objectivity and impartiality required of a presenter.”

UCC investigates Cocktail show host Nakintu Joan Lule
UCC investigates Cocktail show host Nakintu Joan Lule over attacks on Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande

Meanwhile, UCC has in response to these allegations started investigations into the conduct of Top Television, invoking sections 5(1) (b), (x), (j), 31,45 and 41of the Uganda Communications Act 2013.

UCC, therefore, calls on the Top TV to avail and submit a recording of the said programme, alongside the programme script indicating the theme and topic of discussion that was covered. 

As well, the station must also provide proof of requisite qualifications and registration of the producer, programmes director and host of the programme as required under Sections 5 and 27 of the Press and Journalist Act.

However, for the meantime, UCC has directed the Cocktail show or programme to be suspended until proper investigations into the matter are all finalised.

With Top TV required to provide an insight into the matter within five days, the station has already moved to repair the damage caused by its broadcast.

In particular, the Cocktail show host and moderator issued an apology this week.

Besides, the station has also issued an apology through a press statement in which it admitted that their presenter had “exhibited unprofessional conduct”.