Eddy Kenzo Uganda meeting President Museveni
Uganda is not doing badly as a country says Eddy Kenzo after meeting President. Photo/Agency

Uganda as a country is progressing very well, says Eddy Kenzo after meeting President Museveni

Singer Edrisa Musuuza also commonly known as Eddy Kenzo has claimed that the situation in Uganda is not the worst as compared to that in some countries he has visited. 

“I thought Uganda was the worst because it was what I was seeing. But when I went to countries like Chad, Malai and Burkina Faso I realised that Uganda has bad things but has so many good things as well.”

Recently Kenzo released his new song titled ‘Volongoto’, in the song, the singer claims that the situation in Uganda coupled with high levels of corruption and unemployment is a very big worry.

However, the musician says that it was his first thought since he had not got the chance to visit so many other countries but after enough exposure, he has learnt that so many bad things happening in other countries happening in other countries cannot happen in Uganda.

“When I finished singing in Chad, the red carpet I used was stolen while I was still on stage and bullets were all over. I have seen America (USA), and South Africans. Uganda has the best security, certain things that happen in other countries cannot happen here.

The musician, however, pinpointed that Uganda’s biggest problem over the years has been abandoning the youth in the ghetto but at least they are also living peacefully without killing each other like in other countries.

“The Ghetto people are doing so bad, but the good thing is that they have security and are not killing each other. This is not the same in certain countries I have seen,’’ Kenzo implied adding.

‘’We can do anything we want here in Uganda, we drink from morning till evening. It is hard to find food but we still find it without any problems.”

Following his recent wrangles with Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata that involved exchange of words between the two after the latter told the former to go and marry his mother and also referred to him as a ‘gay’ because of his ear pin, Kenzo has called on the government to consider providing him with security as a Ugandan musician because since then he has received scaring comments from many people that he does not know.

“I am asking for security to protect me. I went to meet mzee (President Museveni) and people said they will kill me because of that meeting,” Kenzo said before adding.

 “I have received very many threats from many people who want to harm me. I call them the mafias. If you people see how those on social media were fanning negative comments about me, then I am not secure.” 

By John Dalton Kigozi