Andrew Felix Kaweesi murder suspects
Uganda Law Society Condemns re-arrest of Andrew Felix Kaweesi’s murder suspects. File Photo

Uganda’s judiciary condemns continuous interference of security agencies in the administration of justice

Andrew Felix Kaweesi murder suspects: The judiciary has condemned security agencies continued interference in the administration of justice in Uganda.

Judiciary says brutal re-arrest of Andrew Felix Kaweesi murder suspects within the court premises was unlawful.

Deputy Chief Justice, Alfonso Owiny Dollo says the way security handled the re-arrest of the individuals released by the court is a direct attack on the rule of law in the country.

He, however, called upon security agencies to stop acting outlaw and instead have criminal prosecuted.

Owiny Dollo says this kind of behaviours creates a rift between judiciary and Ugandan because they will lose faith and trust in courts of law, which in turn cause them to take the law into their own hands.

Owiny Dollo’s remarks follow Uganda Law Society (ULS) threats to have the security operatives who intruded court and conducted the re-arrest of the released person’s identified and face the law. 

“As Uganda Law Society we are willing to take action against these individuals and we have asked the public to help us identify all those individuals involved in this act,” Simon Peter Kinobe, President Uganda Law Society said.

UPDF Spokesperson, Brigadier Richard Karemire said that security operatives were doing their work, so they should not be blamed or rather be interrupted.

Even if they are acting out of the law, because anything they do out of the law, is for the good of the people and the nation in particular.

“The Security forces, let us give them space to do their work. Okay! There’s a reason why they acted the way they did, okay,” Brig Karemire said.

However, when asked to reveal the reason why the released persons were rearrested, Karemire refrained from commenting, saying it will threaten their work.

“No that’s going to jeopardise their work. All they are doing is in the security interest of our country and our people. Now there’s no reason to doubt their judgement.”

Chairperson Uganda Human Right Commission, Medi Kagwa in his view said that the actions portrayed by the security operatives should be dealt with by Uganda’s laws and the Constitution.

“My interest is in Human Rights, we have no objection to arresting a criminal or suspect, but the mode they use is very critical. Because the Constitution is very clear! Somebody is innocent until proven guilty by a competent court. Now if you treat a person in such a manner, then it means you are already judging that person,” Kagwa said.

In his further remarks, Kagwa says that security operatives’ actions threw a bad image to the outside world, yet, the country is working hard to boost its tourism industry. 

He says this alone is tarnishing the image of the country and scaring away potential tourists who would have the interest of visiting the country. 

“We as a country we are fighting for tourism, who would like to come to a country, where they see people being bundled in that manner? and people are not in uniforms, yes! they may be doing their work in civilian clothes, but why is it that way?” Kagwa wondered. 

Kagwa adds that the government is aware of the possible effects of this kind of actions by security operatives, where they accessed court premises with guns because it’s contrary to the rule of law.

He, however, asked security operatives to go on with their work, but professionally! Not harming the State or rather its citizens.

“How will you distinguish such a person and the other day someone who kidnaps a person? How would you distinguish them?” Kagwa said. 

The swift turn of the event comes after men dressed in civilian clothes holding guns brutally re-arrested Andrew Felix Kaweesi murder suspects and their lawyer, James Mubiru.

The re-arrested were discharged by the Registrar of the International Crimes Division of High Court based in Kololo, Esther Nasambu following their bail release by Justice, Lydia Mugambe. 

Within the court’s premises and right in front of counter-terrorism police guarding the premises.

They include; Yusuf Nyanzi, Jibril Kalyango, Joshua Kyabadde and Yusuf Mugerwa.