Rema Ssebunya marriage Rema dumped long-time lover Eddy Kenzo for Dr Hamza Sebunya
Rema dumped long-time lover Eddy Kenzo for Dr Hamza Sebunya

Dr Hamza Sebunya Rema’s new fiancée to face the Allied Health Professionals Council disciplinary Committee over professional and ethical misconduct

Singer Rema’s new fiancée Hamza Sebunya, a Gynaecologist based in Mulago National Referral Hospital has been dragged to the Allied Health Professionals Council (AHPC), a disciplinary committee to answer charges of Professional and Ethical misconduct.

AHPC is a body that regulates Medical Practitioners in Uganda.

Dr Sebunya is the man who has snatched Rema away from Eddy Kenzo.

It’s reported that the two now live together in a rented house in Munyonyo, and Rema is pregnant for Sebunya’s child.

Early this month, it was reported that Rema and Sebunya held a secret Islamic marriage ceremony (NICA) months back, after Rema unveiled his new fiancée and husband to be in end August this year, with pictures of them all over social media plus a stated date for their introduction ceremony due in November 1st 2019.

However, the news of Rema’s intended marriage to Sebunya were not friendly to Kenzo’s ears. People close to him say that Kenzo was heartbroken until today, he’s not well over the shocking stories of his fiancée Rema.

Upon receiving the news of his fiancée’s marriage to Dr Sebunya, whom he had lived with him for five years and together they have a child Aamaal Musuuza, Kenzo wrote a long letter which he posted on his social media in response to Rema’s decision of moving on to another relationship and later on released a song “Bibawo”.

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Ever since the day Rema Publicised his next event, preparations for the introduction ceremony have been ongoing. 

However, yesterday a man named Ashraf Ssentongo through his lawyers of Nalukola, Kakeeto Advocates & Solicitors wrote a letter addressed to Allied Health Professionals Council (AHPC) over unethical conduct of Dr Sebunya after he fell in love with his patient.

In medical professional code of conduct, it’s unlawful for a doctor to relate with his patient intimately.

Now basing on this, Mr Sentongo has written to the AHPC to take action on Dr Sebunya’s unethical behaviours, when he made love to his client Rema as the law states.

Sentongo’s letter to AHPC states that;

“As a fervent believer in the rule of law, our client has drawn our attention to the fact that he has learnt through Social Media and the press that during the subsistence of MR. EDRISA MUSUUZA a.k.a EDDIE KENZO and MS REMA NAMAKULA’s relationship, the person who was a doctor to REMA NAMAKULA one Dr SEBUNYA HAMZA has contracted marriage with her which our client believes constitutes professional and ethical conduct. We have since advised our client that your body which is a creature of the statute has powers and mandate to inquire into and investigate the matter,” the letter stated.

“Upon kind instructions of our clients, we do hereby invite the disciplinary committee to invoke its powers under Section38 (1)(2) and (4) of the Allied Health Professional Act Cap. 268 of the laws of Uganda,” the letter further added.

In Sentongo’s request he’s seeking investigation into the conduct of Dr Sebunya with his ‘patient’ Rema, to find out whether it’s professionally and ethical for a doc to marry his patient whom the world knows has been another man’s woman, and out of the blue her doctor wakes up that he’s going to marry her.

“When was their courtship? When did he befriend Rema? Has he been seeing her whenever she goes to seek medical services? We shall investigate and get to the bottom of this matter. I am not related to Kenzo, but I am an activist who is very much concerned on anybody regardless of any social status,” Sentongo said. 

AHPC, when contacted, confirmed the reception of the letter and said they are going to take action against his conduct in the disciplinary committee, on the 23 Sept 2019.

“The letter is very clear! We have the professional code of conduct, we have the public standing orders, they all stipulate the professional misconduct.”

It was also reported that one of Dr Sebunya’s ex-wives is behind the move with a hidden motive of distracting Rema and Sebunya’s intended introduction ceremony.

“The intention of all these is to tarnish our clients’ name, our client is a responsible man, respected person, and what I know everything will end up in courts of law,” Sebunya’s lawyer said.

But if Sebunya is found guilty in this matter, he will be subjected to serious legal consequences that include revocation of his practising license.

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And his marriage to Rema may be nullified if at all the case is proceeded to courts of law, for breach of professional code of conduct.