Uganda measures for Opening Arcades
Minister Amelia Kyambadde meeting with arcade owners and landlords ahead of opening. FILE PHOTO

Uganda government and City landlords reach agreement on opening arcades, set tough measures for traders and this includes 3 occupants per shop.

Uganda sets tough measures for opening Arcades: Arcades are among the sectors that remained closed when the President eased down on the measures of COVID-19. After more than 80 days without operating the government has come up with tough measures to be followed before the opening of the arcades.

In a meeting between the arcade owners and the Minister of Trade and Industry Amelia Kyambadde yesterday it was agreed that the arcades should observe the following measures before they open.

Arcades should reduce the number of occupants to three in a shop. This in the way will help in implementing the social distancing measure of two meters and cutting off the spread of the pandemic according to Kyambadde.

The measure also means that traders are no longer allowed to carry out business in the staircase, corridors and temporary structures.

“Demarcate and mark points were buyers will stand while being attended to and serve one customer at ago,” the Trade Minister said.

The minister told the arcade owners to increase the number of guards manning the entry and exit points and also to provide temperature guns, sanitizers, washing of hands and cleaning of floors and gates regularly.

No hawkers and food vendors will be allowed in the arcades as it has been the practice before the coming of the Covid-19 pandemic. Customers and tenants are to wear face masks and sanitize as a measure of cutting off the spread of the pandemic.

People carrying luggage shall not be allowed to use arcades as a way through from one street to another.

The Minister also urged the arcade owners to allow tenants to start operating as they discuss on a case by case basis on how to clear the rent due.

In the meeting, the arcade owners and the landlords were represented by Kirumira Godfrey, Hamis Kiggundu, Ntaganda Ephraim, Ssemambo Rashid, Ruparelia Sudhir and Dr Margret Ssekidde.

Uganda measures for Opening Arcades
Minister Amelia Kyambadde meeting with arcade owners and landlords ahead of opening. FILE PHOTO

Last the week the trade Minister while appearing at a press conference she gave the difference between arcades and malls. Ugandans had failed to differentiate between the two and the Minister gave the following differences.

The Trade Minister said malls have spacious outlets while arcades have comparatively smaller outlets.

The minister also added that it’s very had to control traffic within arcades due to their over multitudinous but it’s very easy to manage traffic within a mall.

Kyambadde also said that malls have ample parking space, while arcades are congested and lack convenient parking space, she also says malls have two major entrances and one emergency exit while arcades have multiple entries and exits.