Kwagalana group to fund Rema and Ssebunya’s marriage
Godfrey Kirumira, Chairperson Kwagalana group confirmed that Kwagalana group will be funding Rema and Ssebunya’s marriage. File Photo

Godfrey Kirumira, Chairperson Kwagalana group confirmed that Kwagalana group will be funding Rema and Ssebunya’s marriage.

Singer Rema and Ssebunya’s marriage ceremony is still the talk of the city. After Rema Namakula confirmed her marriage to Dr Hamza Ssebunya, at an introduction ceremony she had gone to perform, preparations for the ceremony are proceeding well.

And many public figures have blessed and given her a go-ahead including Muslim Sheikhs.

In their opinion, Rema is free to marry whomever she wants, the same applies to Dr Ssebunya.

According to Sheikh Muttsin Burhan Kiti, people who are criticising Rema have more complicated issues in their marriage and relationship than what Rema is facing, and since they are not in the limelight, the public doesn’t get to know them.

In his further remarks, Kiti says people should, first of all, settle their issues before looking into Rema, Kenzo and Ssebunya’s relationship issues.

He adds that God knows why Rema and Kenzo’s relationship turned up that’s the way.

“Let Kenzo stay quiet, and Rema should not send irritating messages to Kenzo. One day! one time, Kenzo will get married to someone legally.”

Rema was not wrong in her decision to marry Ssebunya because in the first place she was not legally married to Kenzo, neither did they hold the ‘Nicah’ an Islamic marriage ceremony.

And the two had separated way back because Kenzo left Rema in the House for two good years.

He, however, asked Kenzo to be patient, because this is not the beginning and the end.

Whatever happened, has ever happened before in this world.

“To all those this has ever happened to, should pray for Kenzo, because this is not the end of life.”

Rema and Dr Ssebunya’s introduction ceremony will happen on 14th November 2019 at Nabingo along Masaka road.

The ground where the introduction ceremony will be held in someone’s house, specifically built to host such occasions and other related ceremonies.

This house which is under renovation in preparation for Rema’s ceremony will be the same house used by Rema the bride to change her dressing before she appears before her guests and Sengas who will be attending to her.

It’s enclosed with a tall wall fence, in that someone outside cannot see what happens inside and the same applies to the person inside.

It has a large compound that can accommodate a numbery of people. It has an emergency door for escape in case of anything dangerous to people’s lives.

And later on, on the 14th of November, the two will exchange their vows in the Mosque, since they belong to the Islamic faith.

Kwagalana Group to fund Rema’s wedding

Godfrey Kirumira, Chairperson Kwagalana group confirmed that Kwagalana group will be funding Rema and Ssebunya’s marriage.

The group includes; Hamis Kigundu, of Ham Towers and other city tycoons who will all be around on that day.

He says Kwagalana is funding the ceremony because Kwagalana is Ssebunya’s home.

Kirumira disclosed that Dr Ssebunya who is a gynaecologist based in Mulago hospital was a son to the late Muhammed Kibirige who was a member in the Kwagalana group and a chairperson, Dubai traders.

Kirumira says it happens in life and he argued Kenzo to move on, saying he will find a better person than whom he has lost.

And to Rema and Ssebunya, Kirumira urged them to go forward, love each other and avoid repeating their past mistakes.

He then wished them a blessed, Godly and marriage full of love. Kirumira adds that Rema has got an educated, outgoing, loving, rich and well off man who will never let her lack anything she yearns for in life.

Commenting on the story that went viral on social media, indicating Kirumira, Ham and Ssebunya in a boat sealing. Kirumira says the boat was offered to him by Ham, so in that way, they had to go and enjoy life on it.

However, in Kirumira’s further remarks he says Rema and Ssebunya’s marriage put him on the crossroads because Ssebunya is his real son while Kenzo he takes him to be his son because he has been funding his music career for long now.

Hamza Ssebunya who is still quite ever since his intended marriage to Rema rocked the media, is a gynaecologist based in Mulago Hospital and a businessman just like his late father Kibirige, trading in medical equipment’s.

Today Rema and Ssebunya live together in Ssebunya’s own house in Kyaliwajala not rented as it was rumoured in the media.

Ssebunya’s house is a bungalow with tiled roofing. It’s a big house having a small compound.

However, it has security cameras all around, four in all corners of the house, one at the gate and another in the living room, all of them for security reasons.

But when we compare it to Kenzo’s house in Seguku, it’s flat with roof tiles, big compound and the house is bigger than Ssebunya’s house.

Here are some of the reasons why Rema left Kenzo for Ssebunya.

He is a prayerful man who fulfils all the five prayers expected by any Muslim believer each day.

He worked had to turn Rema into a prayerful woman, and made sure she attends all the five prayers each day.

He as well encouraged Rema to dress like a Muslim woman whenever he appeared anywhere with her which wasn’t the case with Kenzo.

Ssebunya introduced Rema to his relatives and family. He loved and cared for Rema something thing she yearned for all along.

Prominent persons in the country have already received their invitation cards of the ceremony and confirmed their attendance including Maama Sylvia Naginda Nabagereka and Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga.