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Faridah Nampiima Uganda police traffic report for April 10th (1)
Faridah Nampiima the spokesperson of the Police’s Traffic Directorate

In the Uganda police traffic report for April 10th-18th, a total of 342 accidents occurred.

The latest Uganda police traffic report has outlined that a total of 342 accidents occurred between April 10th and 18th.

According to Faridah Nampiima the spokesperson of the Police’s Traffic Directorate, of the total accidents, 64 were fatal, 167 were serious while 111 were minor.

She said there were 309 accident victims during this period and out of these 72 people died and 237 sustained injuries.

“A total of 108 accidents occurred in these two days and out of these 24 accidents were fatal, 57 were serious and 27 were minor. There were 104 accident victims during these two days and out of these 29 people died and 75 sustained injuries,” Nampiima said.

She revealed that a total of 9,278 traffic offenders were also arrested and issued with EPS tickets on various traffic offences at various check points in the whole country from 10th to 18th April 2022.

“Among these reckless driving 1,868, DMCs 1,869, invalid driving license 820, speeding 343, Not wearing seat belts 751, Riding m/c without wearing a crash helmet 520, carrying more than one passenger on the motor cycle 142 among others.”

Nampiima however, called for traffic discipline, she urged individuals more so those who are using private vehicles including drones to offer public transport to stop the act with immediate effect.

In addition, she also appealed to all road users to observe the necessary and required traffic rules including observing speed limits set at different junctions, not driving under the influence of alcohol and driving only cars that are in good mechanical conditions.

“All those operating private vehicles and station wagon [drones] to offer public transport without license must stop it immediately. As you are aware section 105[1] of the traffic and Road Safety Act 1998 [as amended 2020] makes it an offence to use a vehicle for the carriage of passengers or goods for hire or reward when not licensed to do so or in breach of license and on conviction a fine of not less than fifteen currency points [ 300,000/=] and not exceeding one hundred currency points [2,000,000/=] or imprisonment not exceeding year or both.”

“We continue to appeal to all drivers and road users on the roads to drive with discipline on the road. The public can report traffic violation on our Toll free number Tel: 0800199099,” Nampiima added.