60,000 sign petition to drag President Museveni to ICC
Uganda opposition party FDC collects 60,000 signatures to drag President Museveni to ICC. File Photo

FDC Party and People’s Government have collected 60,000 signatures in a petition to drag President Museveni to ICC for alleged crimes against humanity

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party and the People’s Government, the lead group who filed the petition to have President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and some top government officials prosecuted at the International Court of Justice (ICC) for alleged crimes against humanity have so far collected over 60,000 signatures from Ugandans.

FDC and People’s Government state that they want Justice Fatou Bensouda, prosecutor at ICC to prosecute President Museveni and his allies in the government for crimes against humanity in the country.

Ingrid Turinawe, the FDC Secretary for Mobilisation said that they have collected over 60,000 signatures from Ugandans on hard copy forms, and still more are willing to sign.

Turinawe says more forms have been distributed to different districts in the country and so far, 130 districts and municipalities have received the petition forms. She adds that 3,595 Ugandans also signed on the online displayed petition.

Turinawe revealed that several copies of the petition form were as well sent to the FDC diaspora chapter offices for signing through the People’s Government ambassadors.

“So far the response has been overwhelming. We may close the exercise earlier than anticipated and we are likely to get more than two million signatures,” Turinawe revealed.

FDC petition mobilising team says since Friday last week, Police and other security agencies have been intimidating and scaring people from signing the petition.

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According to FDC, Police deployed drones both at Najanankumbi and Katonga Road offices which have been monitoring their work.

But Turinawe says this will not scare them away from conducting the project, neither can it scare away people from signing, because for now, many people are still coming up to sign despite the intimidation.

“The process has been smooth except this deployment of the drones. They have been here since we started signing the petition, but this will not scare away the public, because many are still signing,” Turinawe added.

Reports from district coordinators indicate that many people countrywide are very excited about the project.

Abdullah Magambo, Mbale District Coordinator People Government said that besides the hard copy, he is also using his WhatsApp to link up with those who want to sign online.

While Caleb Musimenta, Rukungiri District Coordinator FDC party said that they aim to register 50,000 signatures from the district, and so far everything is going on well because the forms they had got finished and ordered for more forms.

“Our target is 50.000 from the 16 sub-counties. We have got 15.000 signatures.”