Fame Lounge announced MC Kats
Fame Lounge welcomes MC Kats again months after partying ways due to misunderstandings. File Photo

Fame Lounge welcomes MC Kats again months after partying ways due to misunderstandings

Fame Lounge has announced that MC Kats real name Edwin Katamba has commenced doing business with them months after partying ways due to misunderstandings.

Earlier in September this year, the NBS Television‘s After 5 show host was fired from the lounge following a series of misunderstands.

Kats who used to host a weekly celebrity night dubbed ‘Meet Your Celebrity’ and also did other things including marketing of the lounge’s brand was sacked in September after an agreement between both parties was shuttered.

“He has always belittled management with phrases like ‘I fear Only God’, worse still, he went on and belittled patrons on the microphone whenever he is on stage yet the patrons are the reason we exist” part of Fame Lounge’s statement read in September.

The bar Management also stated that Kats were being paid Shs1.5M every Wednesday but on top of that, he drank alcohol and ate food for free and promised to pay the debt but never paid any single coin.

Following Lounge’s statement then, Kats also came out to clear the air stating that sacking him is not new because he has worked for 15 years in very many bars.

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“I have done theme nights in bars for close to 15 years and no one has never fired me, I have worked with Sway, Rouge, Nexus, Guvnor” Kats replied to Lounge’s adding that he does not come from a poor family but he chose to do the business out of love.

“I found the bar making Shs400K a month but because of his influence, Lounge has was making Shs8-10M,” MC Kat’s replied to Lounge.

However, he now returns to work with the Acacia Avenue based Lounge on a three months contract after reconciliation between the two parties.

Meanwhile, the management of FAME Lounge confirmed his return and assured fans that Kats has been welcomed back on good terms despite their confrontation earlier.

Appropriately, Kats confirmed his return in a statement,

“I am back. I told you that I am a business, man. I make people money. I am a business. My things are in God’s hands. I don’t know what God said to them but well, here we are.”

He will be hosting the ‘Meet your Celebrity night every Wednesday at the Lounge, a night where fans get a chance to meet and greet their celebrities.

By John Dalton Kigozi