Frank Walusimbi, Joyce Bagala and Faridah Nakazibwe among best Luganda news anchors in Uganda (2019)
As we round up 2019, It’s that time we look at the best Luganda TV news anchors of 2019. Photo/Flash Uganda Media

Frank Walusimbi, Joyce Bagala and Faridah Nakazibwe among best Luganda news anchors in Uganda (2019)

The foundation that was laid by veteran news anchors who graced TV stations in the past years on different stations like Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), WBS and NTV Uganda has started bearing fruits due to the increased number of news anchors most especially Luganda news anchors on different TV stations.

Luganda is the official language of Buganda Kingdom which is spoken by millions of Ugandans in all regions of the country most especially the central, Eastern and Western part of the country. 

Tens of Luganda TV stations have been established and filled with Luganda speaking news anchors.

As we round up 2019, It’s that time we look at the best Luganda TV news anchors of 2019

Believe it or not, Luganda is the most respected, recognized, adopted and spoken a language in Uganda and that is the major reason why almost all Ugandan stations like NTV Uganda, NBS Television, Salt TV, BBS Terefayina among several others have been established and Luganda programs unveiled.

The TV business has seen several Luganda news anchors rising from rugs to riches. From NTV’s Frank Walusimbi, Faridah Nakazibwe, Mukasa Kazaalabwana, to Joyce Bagaala, Zambaali Burasio Mukasa, Teera Kaaya, Robinah Mweruka and several others.

Today, Flash Uganda Media unleashes a list of the top ten Luganda TV news anchors who have dominated the anchoring business in the country.

#1. Frank Walusimbi

Who is Frank Walusimbi
Working with NTV since its inception, Walusimbi has been a fixture on Ugandan television for the past six years

One of the biggest contributors and household Luganda TV news anchors in the country is Frank Walusimbi.

For years now, the soft-voiced simple fella has attracted masses both in the urban cities and villages to watch NTV Akawungeezi which is a leading news bulletin program in Uganda and it airs on NTV Uganda every day at 7 PM. 

From a humble background, Walusimbi has turned his early struggles into a successful media career and he has inspired hundreds of journalists to join the media industry.

Walusimbi also hosts a popular show NTV Tuwaye every Sunday evening to discuss issues and to celebrate different individuals who have contributed to the growth of this nation in different sectors. By default, Frank Walusimbi is the leading Luganda news anchor in Uganda.

#2. Joyce Bagala 

You cannot talk about news anchoring in Uganda and ignore the contribution of NBS Television’s Joyce Bagala. Joyce Bagala started as a reporter and started rising as a household news anchor who has won the hearts of many Ugandans.

Like NTV Akawungeezi, NBS TV’s Amasengejje is aired at 7 PM and tackles issues of the day. The news bulletin focuses on political, financial and social affairs and at many times is the driver and main anchor of this bulletin.

Therefore, her appearance on this list of Luganda news anchors isn’t a mistake but instead an appreciation for the good work. Joyce Bagala is a true definition of consistency and hard work.

#3. Faridah Nakazibwe

The Success Story Of NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe
Faridah Nakazibwe of NTV Uganda

Like Frank Walusimbi, the s*xy Faridah Nakazibwe is an employee at NTV Uganda who is popularly known for her Mwasuze Mutya morning show aired on Spark TV and NTV Uganda.

For years now, Faridah Nakazibwe has been a lead Luganda news anchor on NTV Akawungezi a news bulletin program which brings the latest news around Uganda and the world at large.

Nakazibwe’s success as a news anchor is attributed to her decent dress code, accurate grammar and the way she tackles issues.

However much she has been involved in several relationship scandals, Faridah Nakazibwe has remained everyone’s darling Luganda news anchor and that is the major reason why thousands of Ugandans never miss NTV Akawungezi which is the leading news program in Uganda for years now.

#4. Sanyu Robinah Mweruka

For ten years now, the controversial Sanyu Robinah Mweruka has remained as one of the talented and versatile TV presenters and News anchor in Uganda. Today when you talk about Agataliiko nfuufu or Omuntu wabantu on Bukedde Television, the name Robinah Mweruka comes straight to your mind.

She has hosted several influential people in all sectors. She has also made several viral stories on Agataliiko Nfuufu which is one of the most-watched news shows. Agataliiko nfuufu tackles social issues and dominates especially in slums, villages and its originality and uniqueness have given the news program an edge over other shows.

Robinah Mweruka became more popular after her s*x tape with media personality Kasumaali leaked on social media, but credit should be given to Mweruka that even after the sex tape scandal she continued dominating the airwaves and it’s no surprise that she appears on this list of best Luganda news anchors in 2019.

#5. Zambaali Bulasio Mukasa

Bulasio Zambaali Mukasa Luganda news anchor
Bulasio Zambaali Mukasa of NBS TV

Allow me also talk about the newcomer Bulasio Zambaali Mukasa. Mukasa became a popular news anchor a few years ago on CBS Fm and later on BBS Terefayina. Mukasa dominated radio news due to his vocal ability, age element and his versatility capability.

However a few months ago Bulasio Zambaali Mukasa shifted to Kamwokya based station NBS TV as a Luganda news anchor on NBS Amasengejje.

Despite his talent and capabilities hasn’t yet settled in at NBS but I believe that if given time, he will be able to perform with the assistance of other senior news anchors and producers at NBS Television.

#6. Patrick Mukasa Kazaalabwana

The disappearance of Faridah Nakazibwe and Frank Walusimbi from the news anchoring business would make Patrick Mukasa the biggest and most outstanding Luganda news anchor in Uganda.

Mukasa first became the centre of discussion during his days at Bukedde TV’s Agataaliko Nfuufu. His outstanding performance forced NTV Uganda to employ the big-voiced news anchor.

His long stay at NTV Uganda has enabled him to attract millions of Ugandans to watch his program. With the assistance of professional reporters like Julius Ssenkandwa and Solomon Kaweesa among others has enabled Mukasa and other anchors at NTV Akawungeezi to exhibit their talents.

Being hardworking, consistency, talent and an extraordinary voice has forced us to include the awesome Patrick Mukasa Kazaalabwana of this list. Kudos Patrick Mukasa!

#7. Hatma Nalugwa Sekaaya

Believe it or not, NTV Uganda has mastered the art of spotting the best Luganda news anchors in the country even though there are high levels of poaching. NTV Uganda has been the victim in the increasing rate of poaching and latest recruit at NBS TV is the awesome Hatma Nalugwa Sekaaya

Nalugwa who had been a news anchor at NTV Akawungeezi for years recently crossed to NBS TV in the money-motivated move. However much it was a disappointment to her fans, we are sure that Sekaaya will be in a position to deliver to the expectations of her bosses and fans all over the country.

It is expected that Hatma Nalugwa Sekaya will accompany news anchors at NBS like Bagaala, Mukasa and Ismael Sembaatya to make Amasengejje great again.

Her move to NBS TV should not also discredit Ssekaaya as one of the well informed and talented anchors we have in the country. 

#8. Namuyanja Christine

We cannot conclude why ignoring the contribution of BBS Terefayina’s Christine Namuyanja who has been in the news anchoring business in the past years. Namuyanja joined Buganda owned TV station months and has been recognized as one of the pillars and big named female news anchors at the station.

Her exceptionally dress code, style of presentation, differentiated audience and her ability to report on different issues have left many of her followers craving for her video clips on social media and Youtube.

Among the stories that made Namuyanja a household news anchor was when she reported at the Kavumba Recreation grounds, a zoo-like area in Wakiso district.

Christine Namuyanja is seen as one of the promising Luganda news anchors to raise the bar and to replace the ageing and retiring news anchors in Uganda.

#9. Jocelyne Nakibuule

Luganda news anchors Jocelyne Nakibuule
Jocelyne Nakibuule of Agafa Eyo

Maybe you have spent months now without any news program on Spark TV, this might be basically because nobody has recommended any must-watch news.

Months ago, Jocelyne Nakibuule joined Spark as a female news anchor on Agafa Eyo a news program that airs from Monday to Friday at exactly 3:50 PM. Agafa Eyo oversees issues like land struggles, financial issues, social and political affairs.

As Spark TV has started gaining momentum, Agafa Eyo has also started picking up and this is attributed to its timing and analysis of its presenters.

Who said newcomers cannot make it to this list of best Luganda news anchors in 2019? Welcome on board Jocelyne Nakibuule.

#10. Waguma Kisuule

Whoever spotted Salt TV, the amazing Waguma Kisuule must have done a very credible and great job. Waguma was most only for his programs on Bukoto based Radio station Radio Ssimba and his appearance on the Engule Yomwaka. 

Kisuule joined the TV business a few months working with Pastor Bugingo on Salt Media as a news anchor and has won the hearts of many news lovers to shift and join Salt TV.

Kisuule’s appearance on the screen has shifted the cards in favour of Salt Media and has slowly but steadily started winning them a loyal audience.