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Who is Vampino?

Who is Vampino? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, early life, Age, music, movie career and family of Elvis Kirya, the former Benon and Vamposs singing duo.

Vampino is a reggae and dancehall artist from Uganda formerly of Benon and Vamposs a popular singing duo that rocked Uganda’s music industry from the early 2000s up to 2008 when the two decided to go solo. 

Vampino is also an actor and he debuts his career in a movie of Nana Kagga called The life. Vampino is also a brother to a popular musician called Maurice Kirya

He was once signed to Swangz Avenue at the beginning of the record label but he later left the label and decided to start a solo music career.

Early life and education 

Vampino birth name Elvis Kirya is a Ugandan reggae and dancehall artist who was born in 1980 and he is a brother to a soul musician Maurice Kirya. Vampino comes from the family of five where most of them are musicians including Saba Saba and their mother’s name is the late Sophia Baguma.

Elvis attended Shimoni primary school for his elementary education and after his primary, he joined Namasagali secondary school in eastern Uganda for his secondary education. 

This is a school that nurtured most of the musicians in Uganda’s music industry today. Celebrities that went to this school with Vampino include Benon, Juliana, Iryn Namubiru, and many more.  

After his secondary education Vampino joined APTEC were he attained a Diploma in Computer Networking and Maintenance.

Elvis says he got his stage name Vamposs while still in school. he says he was stubborn and he could escape from school and at times hide in the ceiling so his friends nicknamed him Vampire so when he started singing he adopted the name and twisted it to Vamposs.

Vampino comes from a musical family
Vampino comes from a musical family and according to him, his mother put them into music at an early age.

Music career 

Vampino comes from a musical family and according to him, his mother put them into music at an early age which inspired him to start singing when he grew up. His mother could gather them around fire whenever power was off and could teach them folk songs and other traditional songs. 

Kirya’s genre of music is from the Caribbean that’s mostly from Jamaica and fused with Luganda.

Vampino first made his name while still under a music duo called Benon and Vamposs. The duo started singing in the 2000s and they both meant at Namasagali during their secondary school life. 

This singing duo had songs like Mumulete, I know, my lady, Nsazewo and more hits. The duo was close to a legendary producer Steve Jean and he produced most of their hit singles and he ended up inspiring Benon to join the production world. 

The video called Mumulete of Benon and Vamposs made it to the top ten on MTV chart in the UK in 2007 which was a plus in their music career. 

After returning from a tour in 2008 Vamposs opted for a solo career and he rebranded his name from vamposs to Vampino while his singing partner Benon concentrated on music production and he started a studio called Swangz Avenue which later turned out to among Uganda’s biggest record labels in the country.

Vampino changed his style of music after starting a solo career and he officially became a reggae and dancehall artist. He has had a successful music career with dancehall singles such as Kwekunyakunya featuring Juliana, Cindy Sanyu, and Tell it featuring Radio and Weasel and he has also collaborated with an RnB singer Nick Nola. 

Vampino runs a group called Kiwundo but in early 2008 he was signed to Swangz Avenue before starting his label.

Film career 

Vampino joined the film industry and became an actor. Like his brother Maurice Kirya, Vampino has also featured in various movies but the latest and the most trending one was ‘the Life’ which was released in 2012 and he featured as smokey Luciano. 

vampino brother Maurice-Kirya
He is also a brother to a popular musician called Maurice Kirya.


  • Kisima music awards, best video, 2006
  • Hipipo music awards, best stage performer, 2013
  • Pearl of Africa music awards, best upcoming artists, 2003


  • Zzina awards, best dancehall song, best dancehall artist 2018
  • Club music awards, best video, best special effects 2013
  • Uganda entertainment awards, the song of the year 2017
  • Hipipo music awards, best afro song, 2012

Vampino Songs 

  • Nsazewo ft Benon, 2004
  • I know ft Benon, 2008
  • Smart wire, 2018
  • My lady ft Benon, 2005
  • Amabanja, 2015
  • Tell it, Radio and Weasel, 2010
  • Mumulete ft Benon, 2006
  • Njera, 2015
  • Feelings ft Benon, 2008
  • Kwekunyakunya, 2011
  • Love to dance, 2011
  • Kuwaako
  • Linda, 2017
  • A wah do dem, 2018
  • Come wine, 2016
  • Reality love, 2016
  • Wanji, 2017
  • Tombowa
  • Buka
  • Smile
  • We rule
Vampino was beaten by Chameleon
In 2011 Vampino was beaten by Chameleon while in a bar but later the two buried their beef.


Vampino is a father of two kids and he was once in a relationship with Suzan Owori who gave birth to a baby boy and they named him Kirya Jacob Zion. 

But later he separated with Suzan Owori however in 2019 Vampino was introduced to the parents of his wife called Lydia Namakula who is a nurse in Sweden. The two had known each other for 13 years.


In 2011 Vampino was beaten by Chameleon while in a bar. The rift developed between the artists and Vampino said he was to retaliate of what had happened to him and Vampino said he was to redo all chameleon dancehall songs to show how talented he was but they both settled their differences and made.

Vampino this year was embroiled in child custody with his ex-lover Suzan Owori who was among the common Kampala socialites. 

Vampino says he has been playing both roles of a mother and father for the last six years. He adds that Owori is a bad influence on the child since she walks around the house naked and exposes the child to erotic stuff. 

Vampino went to Katwe police and opened up a case against child abuse and the Katwe police spokesperson confirmed the case and they had referred the case to court.

The two had involved in a similar fight in 2012 and the DNA test was done which showed that Vampino was not the rightful father. The DNA showed that the African American pop star was the biological father and he accepted to take responsibility but Vampino regrets meeting Suzan Owori.