2020 Zzina Awards nomination categories
The 2020 Zzina Awards nomination categories unveiled by 100.2 Galaxy FM. File Photo

The 2020 Zzina Awards nomination categories unveiled by official organizers 100.2 Galaxy FM

As they have always been sponsored by the Kansanga based radio station 100.2 Galaxy FM, returns for 2020 Zzina Awards Edition to reward Ugandan talents grounding on their work output.

This year’s event will have a special touch according to Galaxy FM 100.2 because they are making 7 years with Zzina Awards celebrations.

This current edition of the Zzina awards was officially and publicly released on Monday, 17th February 2020 and all publications were made via their official social media accounts which included Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

All nominations are open and a free run-through to the public for two weeks meanwhile the final nominees’ list should be anticipated for soonest.

The chief event of awarding the outstanding Ugandan Talents will take place on Friday, 27th March 2020 at the MTN Warehouse just a walkable distance from Toyota Uganda along Jinja Road.

2020 Zzina Awards nomination categories
The 2020 Zzina Awards nomination categories unveiled by 100.2 Galaxy FM. File Photo

Bringing to you the full list of 2020 Zzina Awards Categories below.

  1. Dancehall artist of the year
  2. Dancehall song of the year
  3. Luga/Rap song of the year
  4. Luga/Rap artist of the year
  5. Contemporary Urban Artist of the year
  6. Contemporary Urban song of the year 
  7. Collaboration of the year
  8. Songwriter of the year
  9. Afro-beat song of the year
  10. Producer of the year
  11. Breakthrough artist of the year
  12. Comedian of the year
  13. Song of the year
  14. Female artist of the year
  15. Male artist of the year
  16. Inspirational song of the year
  17. Artist of the year
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As a notification to the community, among the listed categories above, two specific categories will not be subjected to voting mentioning them,

  1. Sports Personality of the year
  2. The Zzina Legend Award

For a flashback, Galaxy FM 100.2’s sixth edition of the Zzina Awards was held on 22 March 2019 at theatre La Bonita in Kampala-Uganda. Among the nominees in the dancehall category Producer and singer Daddy Andre with John Blaq were the outstanding Ugandan talents who won three awards each.

Daddy Andre was the most nominated artist with seven nominations as the Best songwriter of the year, Best song of the year, Best Dancehall song of the year, Best producer of the year, Best collaboration of the year where he was nominated twice and lastly Best Dancehall artist of the year.

Following Daddy Andre was singer Spice Diana and John Blaq; these received six and four nominations respectively.

And for the female singer, the vote was for Spice Diana real name Diana Hajara Namukwaya who won only on the Best Female singer nominations of the year 2019.

Flash Uganda Media will keep you posted.