Golola Moses is a Ugandan entertainer, world champion kickboxer, boxer, actor
Golola Moses is a Ugandan entertainer, world champion kickboxer, boxer, actor

Golola Moses is a Ugandan entertainer, world champion kickboxer, boxer, actor, philanthropist, self-made celebrity, businessman and investor known for building his brand.

Moses Golola is much known for his humorous personality and flamboyant showmanship, traits which have helped him popularise the sport kickboxing in Uganda and helped him to gain a large fan following.

He is the Kickboxing Champion of East and Central Africa has emerged winner in a controversial match against Hungarian Andras Nagy on 9 December 2011.

His actual accomplishments’ as a kickboxer, have been questioned by the media in Uganda with accusations ranging from rigged events to outright fraud.

Golola has, nevertheless, been credited with popularizing the sport kickboxing in Uganda, a sport that previously generated less support and interest in Uganda. And it’s because of him that today the sport has managed to build a large fan base and following in Uganda.

Golola’s 2011 fight against Abdul Qadir Rahim managed to attract the largest attendance in Uganda outside of Ugandan national football team matches, and Golola has perhaps the largest fan following in Uganda outside of the national football team.

Golola has one of the largest online fan bases of anyone in Uganda. His fans have created various memes associated with Golola and even their parody version of Downfall starring Golola.

As a result of his fame, Golola was given the lead role in the Uganda movie Christmas in Kampala, Uganda’s Capital City.

Golola’s early life

Golola was born on 22 May 1980 to Mr Dan Ssenoga and Ms Mary Nakandi. He’s a Muganda who grew up in Kawempe a Kampala City suburb.

Golola is the third born to a family of six (6) that’s three (3) boys and three (3) girls and these include; Nanteza, Michael, Pr. Mayambala, Golola, Nakimuli and Solome.

Ever since his childhood, he was a scare craw. He never accepted defeat from any child, however, he was an obedient child to his parents and his elder siblings.

He could do housework activities right from garden work, washing utensils and cooking. This explains the reason why Golola loves food and cooking because he knows how to cook it. 

He says his mother told him that he was dangerous right from the womb, “I saw that you boy you would be dangerous even the way you kicked me in the womb.”

golola moses meets president museveni
World champion kickboxer Golola meets President Museveni as part of his career achievement


Moses Golola says he attended Jinja Kaloli Girls, and the Headmistress of the time was Sister Benna. “Girls there used to like me because I was nice looking, they referred to me as “Gowa” but today Kickboxing has deformed my noise and entire body.”

He never attended higher institutions of learning, because his parents were financially unable to push him to that level.

“My siblings managed to go back to school after they started working, but I said to myself that I will never go back to school but will do mighty things and feature in news and indeed many have read about me in news and all social media platforms.”

Golola Moses jokes and quotes

  • I am the only man who can just look at a woman and she gets pregnant.
  • Golola Moses the only man with a PHD in pain.
  • Golola is the only man who can pocket while naked.
  • Golola hangs his closes on the MTN line.
  • When Golola gets annoyed, he kicks the MTN ZONE to zero.
  • When Golola was born, he left his mum in the labour ward and went to announce the news to his father.
  • Tempering the hot temper.
  • One man’s army.
  • I am the reason why the Sahara Desert exists – I kicked all the trees in the Sahara Desert do you know that?
  • I did not cry at birth as the other children do when I was born I kicked the nurse and the nurse cried instead and the entire ward was frightened. And I immediately started taking porridge, I did not breastfeed.
  • This is Golola Moses of the New Testament, the one I told you whom I also fear that is coming! Who can swim in the grass? He’s not a joking subject.
  • I am the King of the Jungle. I have to make sure that I keep ruling the Jungle though there are other animals which are there, they have to know that the King of the Jungle is still there for the next 10 years.
  • I came and told you that if Tugume escapes my right hand he will not escape my left and you said I was joking. I told you I will beat him and he forgets the army number when I beat him he said an affair instead of unfair.
  • I am the only Uganda Cranes you have now.
  • I am worried about my legs they are kicking trees. There are not normal.
  • I am the only man who eats nails.  

Golola’s strength and words

Golola Moses says the words he speaks is a blessing from God and also, he believes in himself and always reach out for what he wants.

It’s his nature and a personal trait, that’s how Golola was created; “I hate boring moods, I don’t want to be quiet, that’s why when I was young they could say you, boy, you are stubborn, I wasn’t stubborn but I was active.”

Today Golola is thankful to God for what he has become. He says it’s because of his talkativeness that he’s famously known: Maybe if I wasn’t talkative I would not be famous today.”

He’s as well grateful to all his promoters, coaches, fans and sponsors’ right from Patrick Kanyomozi, he says they made him become who he is today.

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Secondary, Kickboxing needed proper marketing because it was known to only a few people in Uganda, with minimal funs. So, he had to find ways of popularising the sport and himself as well.

He speaks what he feels and want.

Golola popularises Kickboxing

Many times Golola approached rich People in the City Kampala looking for funding, talked to them about the game and his upcoming fights, but no one understood what kickboxing was all about.

Does he say they could ask him what is kickboxing? And he could spend a lot of time explaining the sport to them.

Golola says Patrick Kanyomozi was his first promoter. One day he told him that I see you with a huge following on Facebook, I want to host you on my Radio show. They were the first people to host me.

After he told me that he has investors who want to invest in his talent, they want to set up a sports centre here in the country.

But these investors took long to arrive, then he told Kanyomozi that you have a Radio platform can’t we organise a fight? He said yes!

Then I said what can we do then? Let’s go and look for a venue, I have the fighter and the promoter I have been working with all this long. Then we went first to the Hotel Africana and they gave us the venue. Then I asked him what should we do next? He said the Radio will sponsor you, he made it in his way and I was sponsored.”

At that time everyone he approached did not know who Golola was and what Kickboxing was all about. But after Kanyomozi began promoting me I started speaking words (his jokes) to promote the sport and his name.

Golola believes that one has to reach out for everything he/she sees or wants in this world. You have to fight for it he says for you to succeed, and it depends on how you fight. He says every successful man out there has a story.

Golola is so thankful to God! he says he asked God to bless him such that whatever, he touches becomes a blessing, and indeed he has blessed him! The whole world has known him.

“I spent eight (8) years praying and I told God that if at all you don’t help me I will doubt your presence. So, God has blessed me indeed! I can sing, I can do comedy, I can go boxing, I can broadcast, I can do anything.”

Golola started Kickboxing in the Amateur Club and rose to fame the time he went to Tanzania. That’s where he started playing professional Kickboxing.

“We went to Tanzania, there was a team called Alpha, they received an invitation from another team in Zanzibar to have a match. So, I had a friend who informed me that Alpha is going to Tanzania, let us go as well! They may include us.”

But unfortunately, the team rejected Golola saying he’s still an amateur, they only want professionals’ and took his friend.

I pleaded! But they said no we are taking Ssemalongo (Golola’s friend) because he’s professional, then if you say he’s professional and he’s the one you want to take, let us have a friendly match with him first before you decide. I just want you to accept me. Then there you are making it a challenge! They replied. I said no it’s not a challenge, you said you are not taking me but rather him, let’s just fight though you are not taking me. But at the end of the argument, they included me miraculously.

I didn’t have money, so, I came with a Jeri can of water and Ssemalongo game me four (4) pancakes that’s what I ate on my way until we arrived in Tanzania. It was in 2005 and we used a bus.

But when we arrived Zanzibar, we had a player who was going to have the fight named Mbogo! He was going to fight Jafesi Kasemba, who at the time was Intercontinental player. But when I looked at him, he looked as if he was not prepared for the game! I approached him and asked him why don’t you give me that fight? He asked will you manage? I said yes! I can. Then he told me if you can go because I am having a stomach ache.

“We went and told the guy that Mbogo is not feeling well, so I want to fight on his behalf. They said no you just encourage him, then we said how can we yet he has said that he’s not well! He’s feeling stomach ache. They asked me how many kilos do you have? I said 73kg, then they said those people have 85kg you can’t manage him.”

“I said now that is the main event what can we do then? They said okay you will have the game. I got excited and prayed to God to help me beat him! Indeed, I beat him and got onto the floor and he got surprised because no one could beat him at the time and in all games he had, he never had a challenge like the one I gave him. He was ever beating players knockouts.”

“I persuaded Mbogo to give me the game because I wasn’t seeing the excitement in him, I expected him to be excited and show Tanzania that we are powerful.”

“I fought him but he won me by two points that’s where my fame started from. I took him five rounds, and all Zanzibar and Tanzanian fought, quarrelled because a Ugandan defeated their man.”

Golola was paid 200.000TZSh. he says, later on, Kasemba became his friend and promoted his career the most. He loved me, we kept communicating and even visited him in Tanzania.

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Kasemba was a celebrity and his house was so beautiful, with a gym and that was the first time I saw a punching bag for kickboxing, I had never seen it before.

I stayed at his house, took me out his friends and began sourcing fights for me and told me never to accept a Tanzanian to beat me because they feeling bad blaming me for promoting a Ugandan. 

Golola splits with his first promoter Patrick Kanyomozi

Golola says he worked with Kanyomozi for some time and he failed to pay him his money that’s why they had to part. But one day I said God! you blessed me with hands and legs and I said no! let me move forward.”

Golola beats Mugula
Golola beats Mugula. File Photo

Golola admits that Kanyomozi helped him a lot to achieve what he has achieved today.

But he says sometimes if you don’t accept someone to take advantage of you, you may not reach your destination. Most times that person who takes advantage of you stops on that, but you continue moving.”


Moses Golola has two children but single. He separated with the mother of his children sometime back.

Golola says he intends to marry shortly after he retires from Kickboxing and after it reaches the climax and thereafter setting up a home.

He wants to settle first because women need concentration; “like now I wake up at 3 am to do my load work and she might say that why are living me alone.”

Golola considers himself to be the King. That’s why he says he’s supposed to get a queen.

“I have never seen a queen trying to answer back a king. She’s always humble, submissive and listening. I believe I’m a humble man but it’s hard to break me. So, I love a woman who will discuss with my proposals, someone who will build me and manage me such that our children are well in life.”

A woman who is beautiful inside, someone who can cook, take care of him, because he’s a responsible man not like other men out there.

Religious affiliation

Moses Golola is a Born Again Christian and a prayerful man.


Golola Moses wants to set up an academy to train Kickboxers. “I want to take Kickboxing to another level, I believe with experience, the fights, whatever I have gone through, all the wisdom I have used to do marketing of the sport. I want to see it on another level in Uganda.”

After retirement, Golola says he wants to push the academy he plans to set up through massive advertisement to see that it makes it to East African standards.

He says currently there isn’t any specific training arena for Kickboxing. “I train at Kavumba that’s where my camp is, so the reason I want to set up a training camp for kickboxers at Lugoba, Kawempe is because I want Uganda to have a training centre specifically for Kickboxing and that’s where my office will be.”

He has already started on the project;

“I bought the land and a tractor has already levelled the ground. They are now constructing toilets because it’s the first thing to do in any construction project.”

Golola says he wants to look different from the former kickboxing champions of Uganda who contributed nothing to the sport’s development for instance; Kassim Ouma, Juuko, Mayor Nyakana he says at least for him, he constructed a corporate gymnasium.

He wants to set up this academy and make it accessible to all classes of people such that he leaves a legacy behind. Golola says some people don’t have the opportunity to access those corporate gymnasiums.

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After retiring from Kickboxing, he says he wants to retire soon because he has achieved his dream of becoming the world champion, Golola’s next activity will be Boxing.

Golola believes no one can beat him but you can win him

I have a belief that no one can defeat me in this game. You can win Golola but you cannot beat Golola no! because winning is in various ways, beating is when someone hits you on the ground. Naggy beat me and he went and died, “I told you I am not a joking subject.

I told you I am going to beat Naggy and be treated in the labour ward and you denied. Do you know that for real I beat Naggy and he was operated?

The German man guy I beat is now out there making chapatis.

I always say I don’t want to fight with Ugandans because I am afraid of beating them.


Golola loves praying and worshipping God. Golola loves respect and honour.

He enjoys being in the forest to look at the trees, relax, practice whatever, he has been seeing and doing, watch over the Monkeys and other world animals. “A forest is very quiet with different weather conditions, another world with all kinds of wild animals’ voices.”

Golola likes doing his wish, what he thinks and what makes him feel good. “One time I said I want to go and train abroad and God blessed me and I went and trained in Thailand. I went with my coach Ssenyange. Another day I said I want to go and train in the hills that’s why one time you saw me in Kabale.”

He likes training in the hills and mountains because it makes him feel relaxed when under those hills and mountains. “That’s why the Bible says God dwells in mountains and waters.”

Golola is patriotic. He loves his country so much as well as Kickboxing as a sport; “I know where kickboxing came from, and how we suffered.”

He’s a calm man, He doesn’t take alcohol, He likes eating porridge, He likes stories but not outgoing.

He likes associating with his funs.

“I fill good when I meet my fans, they invite me to gatherings and I meet them, I feel happy because they made me so I ask myself how can I make them happy in return to keep their support for me burning.”   

Golola in Navio’s song 

Golola says Navio is his friend! So, one day they were together in the studio, Navio had gone to record his music. “But as he was recording he asked me Golola what are your jokes? I replied which one exactly Hot Temper then he said exactly that one.”

“He asked me to come and rap it, I went rapped my jokes, I saw the producer mixing it well then I said what? Then I continued rapping once more.”

Golola Moses says he was not prepared for the rap. He says if at all he was prepared he would make something better than what he presented.

Golola acting in X-Mass in Kampala movie

“I acted in X-Mass in Kampala, then people wondered and told me that do you know that you are a movie star? And the man beyond the camera said Golola Moses this is not praise but do you know that you have made a good film?”

Why he loses some of the fights

It’s because most times he gets disorganised, people disorganise him “that’s why Naggy won me. I fight with all my strength. So when I realised that I get disorganised I started concentrating on my match by avoiding people when the time for the fight approaches. You get disorganised when people start telling you stories.”

However, Golola Moses says when he’s beaten he doesn’t lose hope and strength because he knows that inside him he did not lose, but it happened because he got distracted at the time of the game. “But there’s no way I can explain to people because people don’t want explanation when you lose go home because they can get mad at you.”

Golola’s Day

Golola Moses wakes up at 3:30 am, thank God and makes his prayers then starts jogging on the roadside. By 6 am he’s done and already in his house.

After he sleeps on the floor to stretch up his measles, after some time he wakes up, take a bucket of porridge and sleeps again. “After I go and punch the punching bag and then take a rest, if I have a meeting then I go for it, I don’t move anyhow, I am always at my house. I also move out when invited for a public appearance and get paid.”


Golola likes eating Porridge. Any mixture of porridge provided it’s mixed with milk without milk no! 2 litres in the morning and 2 litres in the evening.

He likes chicken, goat meat, ‘enkwale’ from the bush. He says he eats almost everything, “my body doesn’t isolate anything food I eat according to appetite.”