Who is Oliver Nakakande, Miss Uganda 2019?
Oliver Nakakande is 2019-2020 crowned miss Uganda.

Oliver Nakakande is 2019-2020 crowned miss Uganda. The beauty queen is a 24-year-old woman, she is a Muganda born in Wakiso District, Kawempe Tula, a Kampala city neighbourhood.

The reigning crowned miss Uganda, Oliver Nakakande is the last born to a family of six (6) from her mother and father, but there are many children from different mothers.

She has two (2) brothers and three (3) sisters from her father that makeup six children altogether.

She lost her mother at the age of 18 and remained under the care of her father and her other close relatives who raised and guided her, while Nakakande’s father is Mr David Vuuma, an administrator.

Who is Oliver Nakakande, Miss Uganda
Oliver Nakakande, Miss Uganda 2019 is a Muganda by tribe. File Photo


Nakakande’s early school life was at Kawempe Church of Uganda Primary School where she obtained her Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) result, after she joined Helm Senior School near Mukono, for her O-Level certificate.

She then moved to Faiha Senior Secondary School Gayaza where she attained her Advanced Level of education (A-Level) certificate.

After completing her high school level, Oliver Nakakande joined UMCAT School of Journalism and started studying Journalism, but unfortunately, she never graduated after encountering some challenges that could not let her finish up her course.

She says her passion was to be a TV Star. She liked talking and she believed that people would like listening to her, but unfortunately, she never made it.

However, she later went back to school and is now pursuing a degree in Marketing in UAE, Dubai based University, and in her second year of study.

Work and Experience

Nakakande started working during her Senior Six vacation at her Uncles Photo Studio. Her uncle helped her learn photography and she started helping him in taking pictures and other related activities at the store.

And out of the money she earned, Oliver Nakakande managed to acquire the necessities of life.

How Oliver Nakakande got the interest in taking up the Miss Uganda contest

Nakakande’s interest in Beauty Contests started way back in her High School times.

Her first-time contest was in her S.4 class for the Mr & Miss S.4 contest, and she emerged the winner.

Then also at UMCAT School of Journalism, she contested for Miss UMCAT and she was crowned.

She also says the time she joined Social Media Platforms, the first things she looked out was the Beauty pages.

Who is Oliver Nakakande, Miss Uganda
Oliver Nakakande is 2019-2020 crowned miss Uganda. File Photo

She was interested in Beauty Organisations, Beauty Pageants and other related activities. However, out of her search, she came across Miss Uganda page, there and then she started following.

Looking out for what they do, Miss Ugandans who have been, watching auditions, picking registration forms but she couldn’t return them, because she wasn’t confident and she was nervous always, for four (4) years.

“I could tell myself don’t go now! You will go next year. I could see them on Social Media then I tell myself wait for next year even next year like that. So, this year when I saw the registration forms, I said I will not extend the period, I am going to pick up the forms, register and take up the auditions today and now.”

But again Oliver Nakakande was so nervous even though she had comforted herself to sign up for the challenge.

“I picked up the registration form at the Sheraton Hotel and then returned it at the Sheraton Hotel. And after some time, they called us for auditions.”

“And when we turned up for auditions, there were very many beautiful girls over 100 of them. I got scared and asked myself do I have a chance here? Again I told myself I wish I waited for next year! But then I said no I will do it this year.”

On the first auditions, Nakakande was so nervous before the judges. She says the panel of Judges consisted of powerful and great Individuals the ones she admires.

“I told them I was so nervous! Then our Maama Miss Nanyonjo (former Miss Uganda) asked the DJ to play a song for us to dance and get off the nervousness. We danced but still, I was nervous, but I managed to make it until the last 22 girls needed in this competition.”

“I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t hold it because I was the last person to be announced, No: 22. And then after, we had to go to the camp for three-week training.”

Nakakande the reigning Miss Uganda who took on the crown after Quiin Abenakyo, says her family has been so supportive ever since she unveiled her dream to contest for miss Uganda until the last day she was crowned. 

She says all of them appeared on the last event that happened on the 25 of July 2019 at Sheraton Hotel Kampala including her father who was far but in one way or the other he managed to turn up for the event.

And they were so happy to see her take up the crown of Miss Uganda.

The event was officiated by Miss World Africa, Quiin Abenakyo and Miss World, Vanessa Ponce Deleon who as well handed Nakakande a Toyota Wish car.

In her message after taking up the crown of Miss Uganda, Nakakande thanked Brenda Nanyonjo, the Miss Uganda Foundation CEO for instilling the principles of Beauty with a purpose in the girls.

While Quiin Abenakyo wished Nakakande good luck and above all good health as she works towards her dreams.

Oliver Nakakande on camp experience

Nakakande says the three weeks stay at the camp training, was an exciting moment where you get to know each other, different cultures because girls had different origins, cultures and languages.

“How to speak to people, how to treat each other, how to seat like a queen, how to present yourself when you meet someone… because we didn’t know anything. So, they brought to us many speakers to teach us many things, and to everyone who attended the camp session they are so different from who they were before the camp.”

While at the Camp, Nakakande says the official communication language is English, but they keep learning each other’s languages as well! because at the camp we lived as family and friends.

“We could eat, drink well as family and friends, workout as well to achieve a good body shape including learning new things.”

Oliver Nakakande on ambitions

“I will add onto what the other Queens have done,” Nakakande said. Work hard and build on Quin Abenakyo’s legacy, the reigning Miss World Africa Quiin.

Girl child education, “Girls fear God and study! Don’t drop out of school. Because you learn a lot from school and obey your parents. Maybe if I didn’t study I would have not achieved what I have achieved today.”


Nakakande enjoys Gospel Music particularly Judith Babirye and Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s music.

She loves Beyonce and John Legend’s music that’s from the western world while in Uganda Nakakande’s favourite musicians is Cindy, she likes her performances. 

Nakakande as well likes Bobi Wine’s music and Fresh Kid. She says she likes Fresh Kid because he believes in himself and he knows that he can deliver.


Nakakande doesn’t have any political dream.

The things she loves about Uganda

Nature and Wildlife

Food and Drinks

Nakakande’s favourite meal is Beans, Posho and of course water